Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Butt Out, Bob!’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Bobby Ewing, Clayton Farlow, Dallas, Howard Keel, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Miss Ellie Ewing, Pam Ewing, Patrick Duffy, Sue Ellen Ewing, Victoria Principal, Wedding

All in the family

In “The Wedding,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. and Clayton (Larry Hagman, Howard Keel) pour drinks in the Southfork living room.

CLAYTON: What do you think of the season, so far?

J.R.: Which one, football or hunting?

CLAYTON: Football!

J.R.: Oh, well, I’m not too thrilled with their draft choices this year, that’s for sure. You know they could have picked up that backfield. [Chooses an appetizer from a servant’s plate] They should’ve done it years ago.

On the other side of the room, Pam (Victoria Principal) chats with Miss Ellie and Sue Ellen (Barbara Bel Geddes, Linda Gray).

PAM: You know, I don’t care what anyone wears to exercise class, but this girl showed up today wearing a string bikini, the size of a stamp.

ELLIE: Did you say anything?

PAM: Well, no.

Bobby (Patrick Duffy) storms into the room, tosses his briefcase onto the sofa and exclaims, “J.R.!”

J.R.: [To Clayton] I tell you, I don’t think they have a chance. They’re out in the cold.

BOBBY: Here. [Hands a folder to J.R.]

J.R.: What’s that?

BOBBY: Reports from our geologists and our accountants. Read them if you have the nerve.

J.R.: [Sets down his drink, looks through the folder] I don’t have to read this stuff.

BOBBY: Well, I think you’d better. You can’t pretend that everything is normal anymore. Every one of those men think that what you’re trying to do is going to ruin the future of Ewing Oil.

ELLIE: Bobby, I’d like it better if you discussed this with J.R. in private.

BOBBY: I have tried, Mother. And I know how you feel about all this too: “Let’s not argue about business in front of the family.” But don’t you understand that when we’re quiet about things like this, it plays right into his hands? It becomes a cover-up for J.R. I’m not going to do it anymore. I want everything out in the open!

J.R.: I don’t care what the geologists say. Or the accountants. And I certainly don’t need any advice from you on how to run an oil company.

PAM: Well, maybe this is one time that you do need some.

SUE ELLEN: Pam, why don’t we let our men settle the business problems?

PAM: Sue Ellen, can’t you see what J.R.’s trying to do?

SUE ELLEN: Yes. He’s protecting what’s rightfully his.

PAM: [Angrily] Well, what about what’s rightfully Bobby’s?

J.R.: I’m simply trying to carry out the terms of Daddy’s will.

BOBBY: Daddy never thought that you’d try and use that will to destroy Ewing Oil.

J.R.: Butt out, Bob!

BOBBY: Butt out of a business — ?

Clayton steps between the brothers, followed by Ellie.

ELLIE: All right, now that’s enough. Stop it! Tomorrow, there’s going to be a wedding in this house. Tonight we were supposed to have a quiet family dinner together.

J.R.: Mama, that’s exactly what I wanted.

ELLIE: J.R., I’m very pleased that you and Sue Ellen and John Ross will be reunited under this roof. But I am not pleased to stand by and see this family torn apart because of the terms of Jock’s will.

J.R.: Daddy’s will is crystal clear. And because of that will, the chips will have to fall where they may.


  1. This is why did I did not like Bobby all that much. He liked to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat.

    • And the new series has written Christopher the same way.

    • I see your point about Bobby, LBF22, but I can’t help but love him. He gets a little less high-and-mighty as the series progresses, doesn’t he?

      • Yes he a little more bearable much later on. I get that he was supposed to be the hero of the series but it was hard for me to root for him at times.

        Yes the high and mighty stuff did lesson somewhat which was a good thing.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Yes Bobby did fly of the handle at times, but not this time. It built over a couple weeks and he had people like Punk and Jordan egging him on. Finally he was forced to do some research and find the depth of the disturbing things JR was doing. And Bobby is right, the rest of the family was trying to stick their heads in the sand whenever JR would quickly change the subject.

  2. If JR is talking about the Cowboys, I know that they had Tony Dorsett, Ron Springs, and Timmy Newsome in their backfield in ’82.


  1. […] end of the hour, Clayton is stepping between J.R. and Bobby to keep them from scuffling during a rowdy Southfork cocktail hour and standing at Ellie’s side as she greets the wedding guests. These are things Jock once did, […]

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