Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You are a Cocky, Snotty Little Kid’

Caribbean Connection, Dallas, Donna Krebbs, Mickey Trotter, Susan Howard, Timothy Patrick Murphy

Ouch, Donna

In “Caribbean Connection,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Mickey (Timothy Patrick Murphy) enters the Krebbs home as Donna (Susan Howard) stands at the kitchen counter, writing on a notepad.

DONNA: Hello, Mickey.

MICKEY: Hi. Is Ray here?

DONNA: [Looks up] No.

MICKEY: Well, I guess he’ll be here any minute, huh? We’re supposed to go someplace together.

DONNA: Well, if you’re gonna wait, why don’t you make yourself a cup of coffee?

MICKEY: Yeah. [Pours himself a cup while Donna moves to the sofa, which is strewn with papers] Boy, I’ll tell you, it’s amazing. [Sips]

DONNA: [Looking at files] What’s amazing?

MICKEY: Well, that people as rich as you and Ray live in a house like this?

DONNA: [Smiles] You don’t approve of the way that we live?

MICKEY: This place? I don’t know. I guess it’s all right for a ranch hand. I tell you, I’ve seen better looking tract houses.

DONNA: [Puts down the file] You know, Mickey, Ray built this house with his own two hands.

MICKEY: [Smiles] Yeah, I built a doghouse once with my own two hands. Doesn’t mean I’d live in it. [She looks away.] Sorry. It was just a joke. I tell you one thing, though. If I came into one-tenth the kind of money you two have, I’d get me a house that showed it. Something like Southfork. [Sits on the arm of the chair near her] Now you have to admit, that’s a fine looking house.

DONNA: Yes, it’s quite a house. Full of loving and warm, tender people. [Mickey chuckles.] Money means a lot to you, doesn’t it?

MICKEY: I wouldn’t mind having a little.

DONNA: Is that why you’re so interested in Lucy?

MICKEY: No. You’re real wrong about that.


MICKEY: [Gets up, walks away] You know, I really want to know something. What is it that you have against me? What did I ever do to you? [Silence] Come on, really. I mean, is it because once I got in trouble in Kansas? Because Ray had to bail me out. What?

DONNA: No, no. It isn’t that. I happen to think that everybody is entitled to a few mistakes.

MICKEY: Then what? I wanna know.

DONNA: [Stands, raises her voice] All right, I’m going to tell you: because you are a cocky, snotty little kid. And Ray happens to think the world of you. He has a great big emotional investment in you and you know, I just keep thinking that one of these days, you are going to let him down with a great big thud.

MICKEY: [Softly] I won’t let Ray down. Look, yes, I screwed up in the past but I’m really trying to straighten myself out.

DONNA: Maybe you are. Maybe I’m the one who’s wrong. I hope so.

MICKEY: I wouldn’t hurt Ray. Not if I can help it.

DONNA: I hope not.

Ray (Steve Kanaly) enters. He seems rushed.

RAY: Sorry I’m late.

MICKEY: No, that’s all right. I just got here.

RAY: Well, you ready to go?

MICKEY: Yeah, sorry. [Donna takes his coffee mug. Mickey walks past Ray and exits.]

RAY: You OK, honey?

DONNA: [Smiles] I’m fine.

RAY: [Smiles, gives her an air kiss] Bye.


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