Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Who the Hell Were You in Bed With?’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Hell Hath No Fury, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal

What a stud

In “Hell Hath No Fury,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) awakens in her hotel bed and finds Bobby (Patrick Duffy) getting dressed.

BOBBY: [Sits on the bed] Good morning.

PAM: Good morning. [They kiss.]

BOBBY: Did you, uh, sleep well?

PAM: [Giggles] I sure did.

BOBBY: I love you.

PAM: You know, I’ve missed hearing that in the morning.

BOBBY: Well, you can hear it a lot more from now on. [Rises] I’m going to send a couple of the boys in from Southfork to help you pack.

PAM: [Grabs her robe] Pack?

BOBBY: Sure. Oh, honey, it’ll be a lot easier for you that way. [Pours himself a cup of coffee] You don’t realize it, but you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff here between your own things and Christopher’s.

PAM: [Now out of bed, facing him] Bobby, I’m not coming back to Southfork.

BOBBY: Well, what was last night all about?

PAM: I love you, but sex hasn’t changed anything.

BOBBY: Oh, come on, honey. [Sets down coffee cup] This separation of ours is silly. It’s obvious that we both want each other. [Holds her arms]

PAM: Well, of course I want you. Step out of Ewing Oil and I’ll come home with you right now.

BOBBY: Honey, I would do almost anything for you but I can’t do that.

PAM: That is what’s tearing us apart. As long as you’re obsessed with winning the company, you’ll never be the Bobby Ewing I fell in love with.

BOBBY: [Walks away] Honey, if I start giving up on the things that I try and do now, the Bobby Ewing you knew is going to cease to exist anyway.

PAM: He ceased to exist a long time ago!

BOBBY: [Facing her] Then who the hell were you in bed with last night?

PAM: Bobby, that was just a moment.

BOBBY: A moment? Is that what our marriage is to you now, a moment? You make me feel like I should give you a bill for services rendered.

He grabs his jacket and heads for the door, opening it to reveal Mark (John Beck) standing there with flowers.

MARK: Oh, my timing’s terrific again. Bobby?

Bobby brushes past him.


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