This Weekend, Let’s Honor Larry Hagman

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT


To honor Larry Hagman on his birthday weekend, I’m inviting my fellow fans to join me in sharing favorite memories of him on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Let’s use the hashtag #HonorLarryHagman in all of our messages so everyone can find them easily. (To get his name “trending,” you can use #LarryHagman too.)

I believe our goal should be to pay tribute to Mr. Hagman, who was born September 21, 1931, and gave us so many wonderful performances as J.R. Ewing, Major Nelson and in his many other roles. Use this opportunity to talk about what Mr. Hagman has meant to you — the scenes where he made you laugh, the moments he made you cry, your memories of watching him, et cetera. Hopefully, our messages will remind the world how beloved he remains, almost one year after his death.

We’re all disappointed Mr. Hagman will be excluded from the special tributes during CBS’s Primetime Emmys broadcast on Sunday, but I encourage everyone to keep their messages positive. Please refrain from denigrating the other Emmy honorees. Let’s focus on celebrating Mr. Hagman’s career.

Our hero is no longer with us, so now it’s up to us to keep his memory alive — this weekend and beyond. Let’s make him proud.


  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    Happy birthday in Heaven to the best JR Ewing/Major Nelson, Larry Martin Hagman! You will forever be loved and missed!!

  2. I enjoyed the film “Mother, Juggs, and Speed” Larry Hagman as John Murdoch was not a large role in the film. It may be the first “bad guy” role Hagman had.

    I do not know many people, celebrities included, who can conduct themselves with an “unrestrained personality” as Larry Hagman did for so many years.

  3. Here’s Larry and his Mom having fun in the UK while his agent was busy renegotiating his fee after the “Who Shot JR?” cliffhanger …

  4. Barbara fan says:

    In loving memory of the one and only Larry Hagman and he should be honoured by the Emmy’s for his outstanding contribution to popular TV, JR Ewing was THEE TV icon of the 80s, and he left behind a wonderful legacy………..
    RIP Larry, loved ya!

  5. I’m with you! Great idea! I honestly don’t know how they could ignore Larry. Not only did he have an impressive career, but he was in a current TV show!

  6. I formally congratulate you on your efforts to honour Larry/brother J. R. this birthday weekend. Both you & Larry’s many adoring fans! Happy Birthday Buddy! You probably are sitting at the Lord’s right hand now as a very expensive paid consultant, Stetson, grin, & glass of bourbon & branch at the ready! Let me guess, a huge salary & a % of the take! I love it Larry!

  7. The comment I posted on Twitter wasn’t even about Dallas so much, but about his show “Orleans”. 🙂

    • Loved “Orleans”! In his book “Hello Darlin’,” Hagman wrote that he was kind of glad the show didn’t get picked up for a second season since it meant he would have had to film in Louisiana during the summertime. I got a good chuckle out of that.

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