Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘They’re Just Yesterday’s Memories’

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Never forget

In “The Letter,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is seated in Thanks-Giving Square when Pam (Victoria Principal) arrives and sits next to him.

PAM: Hi.


PAM: I haven’t been here in a long time.

BOBBY: Come to think of it, neither have I.

PAM: Liz and Jackie and I used to come here — sometimes — when I was still working at The Store.

BOBBY: I know. I used to meet you here too. Remember?

PAM: Seems like two lifetimes ago.

BOBBY: Yeah.

PAM: It’s amazing how different we are now, you and me. It’s odd how people change.

BOBBY: I don’t think people change so much, really, Pam. It’s feelings that change.

PAM: Bobby, I called you because I think we have to talk about our marriage.

BOBBY: Yes, we do.

PAM: You know the last couple months have been difficult. They’ve been hard for both of us. You know, as young as Christopher is, I know he’s felt it too. I’ve asked myself a thousand times if I was right to leave you — and what we should do about it now. But I could just never come to any decision. And then a couple days ago, my attorney called and reminded me that we had a court date coming up.

BOBBY:  Pam, don’t go on. I have something I want to say. Please let me say it.

PAM: All right.

BOBBY: Sometimes, when people fight so hard for something that means a whole lot to them, they seem to lose track of the truth. And ever since you’ve left me, I’ve done everything I can to try and get you to come back. I was ready to give up the ranch, Ewing Oil, anything. And then I realized that that’s just not something that can work.

PAM: Bobby —

BOBBY: No, let me go on. I’ve thought a lot about this, especially the last couple of days. I finally realized that what I’ve been fighting so hard to try and keep just doesn’t exist anymore. We have feelings for one another — wonderful feelings — but they’re just yesterday’s memories.

PAM: Yesterday’s memories?

BOBBY: That’s right. Just like the hours that we spent right here in this square.

PAM: No, they’re more than that.

BOBBY: All right, maybe. Maybe a little more. I don’t know. But I do know they’re not the same. And Pam, a lot has changed between us. So before you tell me what’s on your mind, I wanted to tell you that I … I’m letting you go. I won’t put pressure on you anymore. I won’t rush you anymore. I just don’t think it’s fair to either one of us.

PAM: Bobby —

BOBBY: It’s for the best, Pam. For both you and me. [Sighs] So I’ll call my lawyer in the morning and he’ll contact yours. I just think it’s better we both finally realize that it’s over.

She sits in silence, begins sobbing, rises and walks away. He begins crying, stands and watches her leave.


  1. Mary Ann says:

    I agree well acted and written. They truly love each other but things and people always get in the way. Bobby believing that Pam’s (because of the letter that witch Katherine wrote) feelings for him has changed and she no longer wants to be with him lets her go because he thinks that is what she wants. Pam stunned and confused believing Bobby’s feelings for her has changed and he no longer wants to be with her tearfully walks away without saying a word. Oh the art of miscommunication or non communication, such a sad scene, Kleenex please!!!

  2. PamelaPrincipal says:

    This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. Well written and great acting from both Patrick and Victoria. It was just heartbreaking. You really felt their love and pain like a real life couple you know. Truly a sad scene. They’ve been apart so long, and you were always hoping they’ll get back together. Instead it’s the end of Dallas’ love story. I just love how Pam walks away and Bobby looks on behind. Oh the pain on both their faces. Tissues please 😦

  3. Nicely stated. I agree. Thank you, PamelaPrincipal!


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