Who Should Be Dallas Decoder’s Person of the Year?

Brenda Strong, Cynthia Cidre, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Linda Gray, Michael M. Robin, Patrick Duffy

Who’ll it be?

It’s almost time to announce Dallas Decoder’s Person of the Year, a designation I give to the individual — or individuals — I feel made the most important contribution to the “Dallas” franchise during the past 12 months.

In 2012, I chose Larry Hagman for the inaugural honor in recognition of his work during TNT’s first season of “Dallas.” This year’s award may go to another actor or someone from behind the scenes, or it could go to a group of people. (It’s a lot like Time magazine’s version, although mine is much more prestigious, don’t you think?)

Contenders include the “Dallas” VIPs pictured above: Executive Producer Michael M. Robin, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe, Brenda Strong, Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre, Patrick Duffy, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo.

Before I reveal my selection, I want to hear your choices. Share them in the comments section below, post them on Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page or tweet them to @DallasDecoder.

I’ll reveal Dallas Decoder’s Person of the Year for 2013 during my next #DallasChat on Monday, December 16. I hope to see you there.


  1. I think Patrick Duffy due to his longing labor as Bobby Ewing in all the seasons aired of Dallas…besides he is the only icon left….after Larry Hagman as the main character of this series

  2. It’s Linda Gray’s year. She took the torch from larry Hagman and ran with it. Her Performance. Her Beauty. She is the thread that holds the old and new Dallas all together.

  3. It should be Linda. She really worked it out in season 2. Several of the season’s BEST moments included her.

  4. I say Linda Gray. I think that the other actors, and the people behind the cameras too, are doing a great job too, but to be honest – if it wasn’t for Linda I would not watch the show at all. She just owns every scene she is in!

  5. There was some fantastic work done by the cast and crew this season. I would nominAte Linda Gray for the award. Here is my reasoning:

    1. After serving as a severely underutilized character in season one… She BROUGHT it to every scene in season two and helped make Sue Ellen a must see part if the show. Kind if a repeat of what she did 30+ years ago on original Dallas. The writers gave her great material and she rocked it

    2. Her performance in ‘JR’s Masterpiece’ was truly wonderful and heartbreaking. Everyone delivered in a big way…. But her slowly, controlled loss of exposure through the episode was mesmerizing. That scene in JRs room and the graveside scene …. Wow… I have seen the episode multiple times and still am amazed at her work

    I also would like to give honorable mention to Cynthia Cidre for writing ‘JRs Masterpiece ‘. That is such a beautifully written piece of work. It stands as one of my all time favorite episodes of Dallas. It manages to subtlety remind you of many of the parts of JR’s personality … Good and bad. It reminded you of the scope of his influence in fictional Dallas by having some real life heavy hitters (still impressed that Cuban, Jones, and Rawlings came and spoke….that was cool). Plus it examines the impact of losing JR on the ones who loved him most and does it honestly and heartbreakingly. I could and still can feel the love Cidre has for the character of JR in this episode. She gets knocked a lot by some fans… But I admire her. I love the character of JR too. I am so appreciative of the care she gave the character when she wrote the episode. It was beautiful.

  6. I have to go with Linda Gray. She’s made me giggle & totally broken my heart again and again with her performances. She just rocks.

  7. It should be Josh Henderson and Julie Gonzalo for their machiavellian affair… But, THE ONE is Linda Gray. As she was perfect in the original show, she is perfect in the revival. She asked Sue Ellen not to be alcoholic in this show, but she accepted she relapses in alcohol after J.R.’s death. And her performance for J.R.’s burial… faultless. She made it perfectly. She should win !

  8. I have to say, without a doubt, Linda Gray. She stepped up and delivered amazing performances in season 2. In addition to being involved with just about every storyline, she brought the best out of guest stars, the new cast, and the old cast members. The Dallas Decoder interview really impressed me. Dallas on TNT Season 2 is, in my opinion, the best season of Dallas on TNT so far and Linda Gray had much to do with that. I am quite confident that Linda Gray put 100% into season 2. There is only one Sue Ellen and I would not want to think about how season 2 would have been without that character!!!

  9. Garnet McGee says:

    Behind the scenes it would have to be Cynthia Cidre. In front of the camera, Josh Henderson. His John Ross is now at the center of the ensemble. He is ably filling Hagman’s shoes. The couple of the year is certainly Pamela and John Ross.

  10. Why not give it to Ken Kercheval? Ken is the only Classic original besides Brother J. R. to have been a part of every single season of both versions of DALLAS! Not even Brother Bobby James has that honour C. B. since he sat out a year! Thank u!

    • Mr. Kercheval was a very strong contender for Person of the Year. I named him one of my five VIPs, but he could have just as easily claimed the top spot.

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