Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘There’s Been No One Since Jock’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Miss Ellie Ewing, Peter's Principles

Work it out, Mama

In “Peter’s Principles,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Donna (Susan Howard) sits on a weight bench and does leg lifts in the Southfork fitness room while Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) peddles on the exercise bike.

DONNA: I knew there was something missing.

ELLIE: What’s that?

DONNA: [Chuckles] Your engagement ring. You’re not wearing it.

ELLIE: Well, I thought I was going to do some gardening later, so I left it upstairs.

DONNA: Shoot, I don’t know. I think I’d rather give up gardening than take a rock like that off my finger.

ELLIE: [Chuckles] It is beautiful, isn’t it?

DONNA: Yes, it is. You know what? I am so excited about the prospects of you and Clayton getting married. You know, you really make a gorgeous couple.

ELLIE: [Sighs, stops peddling] Donna, I keep thinking I’m rushing things.

DONNA: Well, I don’t know how you figure that. I mean, you’ve been seeing each other for over a year and you have been together constantly for the past couple of months.

ELLIE: I know.

DONNA: And you obviously get along very well.

ELLIE: Clayton’s a wonderful man.

DONNA: What’s the matter, Miss Ellie?

ELLIE: I’m not sure. The problems we left behind when we went on our trip are very near now.

DONNA: Well, I can’t imagine there being a problem in the whole wide world that you and Clayton couldn’t work out together.

ELLIE: Well, there’s the problem of where we live. And, when Clayton and I marry, he doesn’t just get me, he gets the whole family.

DONNA: You mean your sons — J.R. in particular. [She lies on her belly and begins doing leg lifts]

ELLIE: [Smiles] Yes.

DONNA: Well, I have to tell you, if there’s anybody that can handle J.R., it’s Clayton Farlow.

ELLIE: Maybe.

DONNA: [Stops exercising] Miss Ellie, is there something else that you’re not telling me?

ELLIE: [Glances down] Not really. It’s just that when Clayton and I were away, even though we saw each other every day, we never had any real physical contact. You know, beyond a kiss and a hug.

DONNA: Yes, ma’am. I understand.

ELLIE: There’s been no one since Jock.

DONNA: [Nods] Miss Ellie, Clayton is a very understanding man. And whatever it is, I know you can work it out.


  1. […] wouldn’t be the most provocative moment in this episode. No, that distinction belongs to the wonderful exchange where Miss Ellie admits to Donna that she’s nervous about marrying Clayton because she hasn’t […]

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