Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Now Get Out’

Dallas, Linda Gray, Offshore Crude, Sue Ellen Ewing

… And stay out!

In “Offshore Crude,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) stands and looks out her bedroom window as J.R. (Larry Hagman) enters the room.

J.R.: Sue Ellen? Well, I expected to see you lying down with an ice pack on your head.

SUE ELLEN: [Turns to face him] What are you doing in my room?

J.R.: [Steps forward] Oh, well. They told me downstairs that you weren’t feeling well. [Slides his hands in his pockets]

SUE ELLEN: Are you suddenly concerned about my health?

J.R.: Well, of course I’m concerned, honey. I came up here to make sure you were resting comfortably and you’re not resting at all, are you?

SUE ELLEN: I will when you leave.

J.R.: Well, why aren’t you downstairs entertaining your young admirer? Acne’s not contagious, is it?

SUE ELLEN: You are really revolting. What do I have to do, put a lock on my door to keep you out of my room? [Turns toward the window]

J.R.: [Chuckles] It was just a joke.

SUE ELLEN: [Faces him] Well, your jokes aren’t funny. They are disgusting and boring.

J.R.: Well, I get the distinct impression I’m not wanted. Not even you can get me down, Sue Ellen. My life’s moving on just the way I like it to. [Walks toward the door]

SUE ELLEN: I’m very happy for you. Now get out.

He shakes his head as he exits, closing the door behind him.


  1. It seems like J.R. & Sue Ellen r at least talking here, if not connecting!


  1. […] “Dallas.” J.R. and Sue Ellen have a couple of good fight scenes, including one where he enters her bedroom and wonders if she’s avoiding Peter because she’s afraid his acne is contagious. I love how […]

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