More Flames in ‘Dallas’s’ Latest Promo

TNT released its latest “Dallas” promo today, and this one is longer (two minutes!) and even artier than the spots that surfaced earlier this month. If you’re no fan of spoilers or breathless speculation about what will happen during the show’s third season, stop reading now.

The new promo opens with quick shots of various characters staring into the camera, lighting matches and engaging in more of the slow-motion fight sequences we saw in the earlier spots. There’s also some narration: We hear John Ross (Josh Henderson) say, “Deep within the black-soil plains, I live in the shadow of my daddy’s name.” Bobby (Patrick Duffy) chimes in with a similar line, along with the standard references to “greed” and “secrets.” Both characters also share this line: “What bad things oil makes people do.”

Yes, it’s very high-falutin’.

From there, we transition into clips from the new season: John Ross, dressed in a suit and tie, tells someone, “I’m going to get that money we need.” Emma (Emma Bell) canoodles with John Ross and coos, “I enjoy the fringe benefits of working with you.” Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), behind bars, shouts, “Let me out of here!” Bobby approaches John Ross and says, “I stopped J.R. You’re not half the man your daddy was.”

We also see shots of Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) chugging from a flask; John Ross scuffling with Bo McCabe (Donny Boaz), Emma’s ranch hand boyfriend from Season 2; Christopher swinging an ax; and the Ewing Energies racecar. The promo also delivers our first glimpse of Nicolas Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who is shown asking, “Do I detect a hint of trouble in Ewing paradise?”

Like the earlier videos, this one also features an unmistakable fire motif: There are lots of shots of flames — even the TNT logo is ablaze — along with this voiceover: “February 24, the new season of ‘Dallas’ ignites.” Could this mean we’re going to see another Ewing inferno?

What do you think of “Dallas’s” latest promotional spots? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Loved, loved , loved it! It’s a great promo. It should grab some new fans. Very very optimistic for Season 3!

  2. Sarit aka SweetLee @Dallas_follower says:


    Thanks for posting & for your run-down of the image & narration details this promo is showing. I would miss some of it otherwise, cause it’s so quick.

    The narration of John Ross and Bobby and its rhyming quality makes me think of a Shakespearean tragedy. I guess an argument can be made that the in-fighting between the Ewing clan members is akin to and like a modern day Shakespearean tragedy.

    Seeing Sue Ellen taking a swig of liquor behind the wheel of a car takes me to the original series’ similar shot leading to a drunk and pregnant Sue Ellen losing control behind the wheel and driving into a lamp post sending her and her unborn child to intensive care. I’m more confident now that Cidre’s mid-season cliffhanger & homage to the original series will be a drunk Sue Ellen behind the wheel losing control. But I think this time she’ll hit something or someone other than a lamp post.

  3. Garnet McGee says:

    The poetry part was silly. My favorite Dallas episodes are those that have an epic quality because the writers exam what it means to be a Ewing and power and its uses. I’m riveted when the action serves to illustrate these epic ideas. I will be excited if we get something similar in season 3. I hope the pants being unzipped belong to someone other than John Ross. Someone else needs to get some this season. I also hope we see John Ross demonstrate a genuine tenderness and affection towards his wife that he doesn’t feel towards anyone else. Jordana looks great. I hope I can like her as much as I did in season 1.

  4. That promo was hot! 🙂 I liked that little poetry part “Deep within…”, and the whole lightening of matches-thing. Can’t wait fo the new season! I only wish I lived in the States and didn’t have to wait for it forever and ever and ever…:(

    • Marie, I’m sorry you’re not going to be able to watch the show along with everyone here in the United States. I really hope overseas viewers don’t have to wait long.

  5. Please don’t kill Christopher or John Ross off. I will never watch the show again.

  6. Please don’t kill Christopher or John Ross off. I will never watch the show again. I absolutely love the show but I will be so upset if either one gets killed off. Especially, John Ross.

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