Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Don’t Threaten Me, Honey’

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Katherine Wentworth, Larry Hagman, Morgan Brittany, Some Do ... Some Don't

Scandal sheet

In “Some Do … Some Don’t,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Katherine (Morgan Brittany) lies in bed, wrapped in a sheet, while J.R. (Larry Hagman) sits nearby, buttoning his shirt.

KATHERINE: I never thought this would happen. Ever since we met, it’s been like a game. And now, finally one of us won.

J.R.: Well, it wasn’t exactly the Olympics. Of course, they got four years of practice. [Chuckles]

KATHERINE: Don’t rush off. You know, you told me some time ago that you’d help break up Bobby and Jenna. Nothing’s happened.

J.R.: Now don’t tell me you made this ultimate sacrifice just to get my help.

KATHERINE: Well, this is what you wanted. Now what about what I want?

J.R.: Well, I have a little problem there.

KATHERINE: I thought that there were never any problems for you, J.R.

J.R.: Katherine, as much as I like you — and I like you a lot now — I think Bobby and Jenna are a match made in heaven.

KATHERINE: [Outraged] You what? Look, you promised me —

J.R.: I promised that if we went to bed I’d help you. I just wanted to find out how far you were willing to go to get Bobby, that’s all.

KATHERINE: Don’t even dream of double-crossing me.

J.R.: Well, Katherine, don’t threaten me, honey. You’re way of our your league. [Rises, walks to the dresser, begins tying his necktie] Besides, Bobby and Jenna belong together. After all, he is the father of her little girl.

KATHERINE: Now you don’t know that. Not for sure.

J.R.: [Turns toward her] Oh, yes I do. I’ve known for a long time. You see, I have a friend over in Rome who got me a copy of the birth certificate — years ago, I guess. I suppose that was the purpose of you going over there, wasn’t it? Oh, I wish I could have seen your face when you found out Bobby was the father.

KATHERINE: I don’t care if he is the father. I want him and I’ll get him.

J.R.: Hm. Maybe yes, maybe no. But you’ve just done something that’s going to keep you from getting Bobby for good. Did you ever meet a lady named Holly Harwood?

KATHERINE: Just once. She made a disgusting play for Bobby in my presence.

J.R.: I think Bobby might have liked her. But she made the same mistake that you did, honey. She slept with me. [Crosses the room, retrieves his jacket from the back of a chair] If she ever did have a chance with him, that knocked her right out of the box.

KATHERINE: Oh, I’m sure there were other reasons.

J.R.: [Walks back to the dresser, puts on his watch] Well, I wouldn’t put it to the test if I were you. No, you just do what I want, when I want and nobody will ever know about tonight.

KATHERINE: Not so fast, J.R. It is your word against mine. And why would Bobby possibly believe you?

J.R.: [Turns toward her] Oh, he might not believe me, but he will believe his own ears. [Holds up a tape recorder] He may have never heard you under these conditions, but you have a very distinctive voice, no matter what you’re saying. [Katherine looks stunned.] Would you like me to play this back for you?

KATHERINE: [Defeated] No.

J.R.: [Picks up his hat, exits] I’ll call you.


  1. I’d do Katherine if it weren’t for 1 thing, J.R. was inside her!


  1. […] scene where J.R. and Katherine sleep together for the first time is more wicked fun, and so is Pam’s confrontation with Marilee Stone. Pam is clearly out of line when she orders […]

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