Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Don’t Give Up on Her’

Dallas, Eye of the Beholder, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

To the rescue

In “Eye of the Beholder,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen and Clayton (Linda Gray, Howard Keel) walk through an outdoor plaza.

SUE ELLEN: Clayton, am I going to have to wait until we get to lunch to find out what’s troubling you?

CLAYTON: No, it’s just hard to talk about it, that’s all. I guess your dreams of my being your father-in-law are over.


CLAYTON: Ellie called off the marriage.

SUE ELLEN: No, she didn’t.

CLAYTON: Yes, she did. I’m thinking about moving back down to San Angelo. There’s a spread there I’d like to buy.

SUE ELLEN: Why did she do that?

CLAYTON: Oh, she gave a lot of reasons. I don’t really believe in any, though.

SUE ELLEN: But what did she say?

CLAYTON: Marriage would cause problems — problems with the boys, problems with Southfork.

SUE ELLEN: But you’ve been over that ground before. I thought you’d reached some kind of an understanding. [They reach a table at a sidewalk café and sit.] Besides, Bobby and Ray are no problem.

CLAYTON: I don’t believe any of the boys are a problem.

SUE ELLEN: You don’t think that J.R. has anything to do with it?

CLAYTON: No. Ellie sounded scared, and that’s not like her. Very little scares her, and certainly not J.R.

SUE ELLEN: Well, he could have made her feel guilty in some way.

CLAYTON: No, it has to do with me. I don’t know what it is.

SUE ELLEN: [Long pause] Clayton, how much has Miss Ellie told you about herself? About her life with Jock?

CLAYTON: I think I know most of it. We spent a lot of time together.

SUE ELLEN: But not as together as you would be if you were married.


SUE ELLEN: Then … don’t give up on her. I don’t think she’s told you everything.

CLAYTON: Sue Ellen, I do have my pride. The woman says she doesn’t want me, and I have to believe her.

SUE ELLEN: Talk to her again.

A waitress approaches and asks to take their order.

CLAYTON: No, no, no. Thank you. [The waitress leaves.] Would you mind if we skipped lunch? I’d like to spend some time with myself.

SUE ELLEN: Of course. I understand.

Clayton gets up and holds out the chair for Sue Ellen. They walk away.


  1. This understanding of Miss Texas of Clayton’s situation shows how great Linda Gray is. She cares fotr her mother-in-law & for her “potential stepfather-in-law” greatly. True class C.B. Almost a regal elegance.


  1. […] show’s history can also be felt in “Eye of the Beholder’s” third act, when Clayton tells Sue Ellen that Ellie has called off the wedding without telling him why. Sue Ellen gently quizzes Clayton […]

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