Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘It is Over. Through. Finished. Done.’

Christopher Atkins, Dallas, Linda Gray, Peter Richards, Sue Ellen Ewing, When the Bough Breaks

This is where I leave you

In “When the Bough Breaks,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Peter (Christopher Richards) is straightening his apartment when Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) knocks on the door.

PETER: Hi, come on in. [He takes her purse, sets it on the coffee table and directs her to the couch, where they sit.] Let me take that. Come sit right over here. Come on. These are for you. [Shows her a bouquet of flowers, hands her a card] I didn’t get a chance to see you at the hospital — except for once and you were sleeping. Oh, did you get the flowers I left you?

SUE ELLEN: Yes, yes, it was very sweet of you. And thank you for these, but you should have saved your money.

PETER: Oh, listen. You don’t know how I felt. I’ve never been so miserable.

SUE ELLEN: [Rises] Peter, I’m all right.

PETER: [Rises, follows her across the room] But you miscarried a baby. Our baby.

SUE ELLEN: What are you talking about, “our baby”?

PETER: I know we only made love once, but you told me you weren’t making love with your husband. It had to be our baby. All I could think of was how wonderful it would have been to have that baby together. Care for it. Watch it grow. I can’t believe all the things I felt.

SUE ELLEN: Peter, I don’t know that you were the father.

PETER: You told me that I was the only one. That you and J.R. —

SUE ELLEN: I know what I told you. It was almost true.

PETER: [Shouting] Almost? What the hell do you mean by “almost”? You made love to him?

SUE ELLEN: Yes. One night. It could have been either one of you.

PETER: I don’t believe it. [Screaming] You lied to me!

SUE ELLEN: Peter, what difference does it make? If that had been your child, do you actually picture us raising it together?

PETER: [Screaming] Yes!

SUE ELLEN: You expect me to leave Southfork, J.R., for you? To raise a child and live here with you?

PETER: [Turns away] I don’t know what I thought exactly.

SUE ELLEN: Then I guess I better tell you the truth, once and for all. Peter, I have very strong feelings for you. I think you’re a wonderful, pure boy. But if that accident hadn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have had that child anyway. I would have aborted it. The pregnancy was a mistake. Our relationship is a mistake. I told you before that I didn’t want to hurt you and I have. And I didn’t want to be hurt — and I am. [Grabs him, turns him toward her] So Peter, I am telling you something once and for all: It is over. Through. Finished. Done. And I don’t want to ever see you again. [Walks toward the door, grabs her purse, turns and faces him] Oh, I know the pain you must be going through right now because I’ve been there. But it passes. It always does. You just stay out of my life. [Walks out the door, closes it behind her]


  1. Sue Ellen would sooner sleep with Brother-In-Law Bobby James than waste her talents on this 3rd rate 2 year old boy in a college student’s body. I am glad she left him!


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