Drill Bits: Ready to Take a Shot of J.R.? His Bourbon is Here

Linda Gray and Andy

Linda Gray and Andy Harmon hit the red carpet

Drink up

Drink up

The stars of “Dallas” came together last night for a party to preview the third season’s first episode — along with the show’s new three-way split-screen title sequence — and to launch the J.R. Ewing Bourbon.

That’s right. You can now take a shot of J.R. (or better yet, a whole glassful).

The bourbon, inspired by Larry Hagman’s famous character, will come in bottles that feature a screen-printed image of Southfork and a wooden stopper. The bourbon will sell for about $34.95 a bottle and hit store shelves beginning in late March.

Initially, the bourbon will be sold in 14 states in the south and Midwest, including these markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Columbus, Little Rock, Atlanta, Denver and Phoenix.

Plans call for the bourbon to be available nationally by June and internationally by the end of the year.

Here’s how the Southfork Bottling Company, the new company behind the bourbon, describes the product in its news release:

“J.R. Ewing Bourbon is well balanced and possesses a maturity that adds to its complexity. The nose is classic and slightly fruity, with notes of vanilla, oak sweetness and a touch of orange. The taste profile is surprisingly mild, yet crisp, and exhibits a lightly spicy/honey taste that lingers on the palate.”

Sounds like J.R. has a product worthy of his name. In a statement, Andy Harmon, the bottling company’s co-founder, said the bourbon’s quality reflects “J.R.’s thirst for the best in life. … [T]he new brand really pays tribute to the character with whom everyone around the world is familiar.”

Among the bold-faced names attending the launch party: Emma Bell, Marlene Forte, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Julie Gonzalo, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe and Mitch Pileggi.

The Ewings Take Manhattan

Talk about an oil slick

Talk about an oil slick

While we’re waiting to fill up with J.R.’s bourbon, we can all head to New York City to fill up with the Ewings’ gasoline.

A real-life Ewing Energies gas station will open somewhere in Manhattan on Monday, February 24, the day “Dallas’s” third season begins. John Ross (Josh Henderson) will announce the precise location in a video that’ll be posted Monday morning on the show’s Facebook page.

The stunt comes courtesy of Grey New York, which handles marketing for the show. To tout the opening, there’ll be radio spots, billboards and branded oil trucks and a sweepstakes to win “Black Gold Card,” Advertising Age reports.

New Yorkers can expect the Ewings to undercut the competition, just like J.R. once did on the original show. How low will prices go? As the Wall Street Journal points out, the national average price for a gallon of gas this week is $3.38. This compares to 62 cents a gallon when the original “Dallas” debuted in 1978 and 86 cents in 1980, the year J.R. was shot.

Big D, Big Apple

Big D, Big Apple

J.R. Takes Manhattan Too

In case you missed it: The new J.R. Ewing action figure from Figures Toy Company was recently spotted around Manhattan, where he checked out the billboards for “Dallas’s” new season featuring sexy shots of Henderson, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Jesse Metcalfe.

Visit Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page to see more shots like the one shown here.

Special thanks to Dallas Decoder’s better half, Cook In/Dine Out maestro Andrew, for serving as the hand model for these pictures. Poor Andrew’s hands are still thawing out.

The Reviews Are In

The reviews for “Dallas’s” third-season premiere are beginning to roll in, but isn’t yesterday’s write-up from yours truly the only one that really matters? In case you missed it, be sure to also check out our interview this week with Charles Yusko, the show’s hairstylist.

“Drill Bits,” a roundup of news about TNT’s “Dallas,” is published regularly. Share your comments below.


  1. Jennifer Irons says:

    As far as the JR’s bourbon goes, I think that is a very clever idea but I just hope this does not encourage alcoholism. Also, I think I remember reading somewhere that Patrick Duffy is a teetotaler so I cannot imagine he would be drinking this. Can you confirm whether he is a non-drinker or not?

  2. Dallas TNT fans, listen up. We love our show & want it renewed for a Season 4 and beyond. Email your comment & requests for this to: info-tnt@turner.com. They want to hear from the fans. DALLAS TNT 4-EVER!


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