‘Dallas’s’ New Credits: Whose Split-Screen Do You Like Best?

Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Return, TNT

Triple threat

“Dallas” brought back its classic, three-way split-screen title sequence in “The Return,” this week’s third-season premiere. Visit Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page to see a composite of all the actors’ split-screens and to choose your favorite.

This is an example of the kind of content I plan to post more frequently to Facebook this year, so if you haven’t already “liked” Dallas Decoder’s page, please do so. Thanks!


  1. I like Dallas Decoder very much.

  2. Ann is certainly not my favorite character, but her split screen is the best. I like her little nod and smile. It reminds me of the classic Larry Hagman split screen nod and smile.

    I also liked that they brought back the ‘flying’ DALLAS’ title instead of the ‘scrolling’ title from seasons 1 and 2. This year, they also fittingly replaced Dallas’ Campbell Center (the old Barnes Wentworth) in the opening sequence with the Renaissance Tower (the former Ewing Building and new home of Ewing Global) – all good signs that someone is listening!

  3. Jennifer Irons says:

    I am so glad that Dallas TNT brought back the classic 3-way pics of the actors for the opening credits. Brings back great memories of the original “Dallas”. However, my only complaint is that the actors names are not in alphabetical order like in the original and I really liked it that way in the CBS version!

    • Brandon Childers says:

      I think the only reason it is not in alphabetical order, is because Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are more important to this shows cast, whereas they were all equal when it first started, and if the put them in alphabetical order, people might get mad that Emma is first

    • I like the alphabetical listing too, Jennifer. Seems “fairer,” doesn’t it?

  4. I miss show openings and am glad that Dallas has brought theirs back. I loved it.

  5. I like the Alexander Ovechkin intro on this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7xGvMwA9Bo

  6. I will go with Miss Texas. I think she’s happy 2 b in Larry’s slot as “and Linda Gray” since she was his bestie of 37 yrs.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Yeah I think that’s why they are not in alphabetical order, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray serve the “and Linda Gray” and “with Patrick Duffy

    • I prefer the alphabetical listing, but I like that Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray gets special billing now. Seems very fitting.

  7. Brandon Childers says:

    I liked Bobby’s, the middle screen was my favorite moment in dallas last season. I was really hoping Ken Kercheval would have had one though

  8. still miss the old font for the opening credits.


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