TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Trust Me’

AnnaLynne McCord, Dallas, Harris Ryland, Heather, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Julie Gonzalo, Linda Gray, Mitch Pileggi, Nicolas Trevino, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT, Trust Me

The crowd may have been smaller than in days gone by and no one got dunked in the pool, but there’s one area where this week’s Ewing Barbecue lived up to tradition: the clothing. The Southfork shindigs on the original “Dallas” always allowed the characters to dress a little more playfully than usual, and so did the barbecue in “Trust Me,” TNT’s latest episode.

My favorite look belonged to Linda Gray, who sported a nifty brown cowgirl hat that brought back memories of the hats Sue Ellen wore to the Southfork hoedowns of the 1980s. I also couldn’t help but smile when AnnaLynne McCord’s character, Heather, showed up at the party in that beautiful white dress; it reminded me of the simple, elegant dress Pam Ewing sported at “Dallas’s” first barbecue in 1978. I also loved how costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin paired Heather’s dress with weathered cowgirl boots; it was an ideal combination for McCord’s tomboyish character.

Juan Pablo Di Pace was the best-dressed man at the barbecue (although Jesse Metcalfe was a close second in that dark blue denim shirt). Nicolas, an out-of-town Latin American businessman, came to the party dressed just like we would expect him to: Instead of western garb, he wore a light-colored sport coat and trousers and an open-collared white shirt that strategically showcased the St. Christopher’s medal that’s so important to the character. I also loved Pamela’s blue blouse and dark pants and boots — and how gorgeous did Julie Gonzalo’s hair look under that Southfork sunshine? (Kudos, Charles Yusko!)

My other favorite wardrobe selection from “Trust Me”: the purple shirt Mitch Pileggi wore in the scene where Harris pulled a gun on Judith. Only Pileggi could make a paisley print look badass — and wasn’t it nice to finally see him in something other than the gray T-shirt he’s been wearing since the end of the second season?

What were your favorite looks in “Trust Me”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. I thought the dress that Sue Ellen wore at the barbecue was also really cool. Nice observation about Heather’s dress.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    I totally agree with your comments, especially about the purple shirt Mitch wore! He wore my favorite color so that is another reason for me to love him!! And Linda Gray ALWAYS looks fantastic no matter what she is wearing!

  3. My favorite was the Heather’ s white dress with the detail at the bottom. Second was Sue Ellen, she looked great, but thought the earrings too retro.

  4. garnet mcgee says:

    I didn’t like sue Ellen’s outfit. It looked too much like suede. Nicolas looked so good. Casual yet refined and restrained. Thankfully we only had a brief shot of Emma. I wish shiner bock was wealthy enough to pay them to drink shiners instead because that is what they would drink.

  5. I loved Juan Pablo’s open collar look with slight stubble when he & Elena are in the penthouse that Cliff Barnes gave him free use of plott ing & scheming C.B.

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