TNT’s Dallas Recap: ‘Lifting the Veil’

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If only she knew

Here’s what happened in “Lifting the Veil,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

John Ross blasted Emma. On the morning of his wedding to Pamela, John Ross (Josh Henderson) received a call from his secretary Candace (Jude Demorest), who told him Stanley Babcock, the railroad commissioner who denied his drilling permit, was willing to see him. John Ross dashed off to the meeting, but not before blasting Emma (Emma Bell) for spoiling Pamela’s plan to surprise him with sexy lingerie. “You may screw like a woman, but you act like an attention-starved little brat,” he said, leaving Emma seething.

Harris and John Ross cut a deal. When John Ross arrived for his meeting with Babcock, he was surprised to find Harris (Mitch Pileggi) waiting for him instead. Harris offered him a deal: If John Ross agreed to return the top-secret Ryland files, Harris said he would help John Ross get his permit from Babcock. After some haggling, John Ross agreed to return only one item from Harris’s files: a flash drive that Harris covets above all else. After John Ross met with Emma and sweet-talked her into agreeing to give up the flash drive, he was summoned by Harris to an upscale brothel, where Babcock (Currie Graham) was indulging in his kinky fetishes with a prostitute dressed like a dog. John Ross interrupted Babcock and persuaded the humiliated man to give him the drilling permit.

This left John Ross and Harris with nothing to do but wait around the brothel for Bum to retrieve the flash drive from Emma and bring it them. Harris killed the time by presenting John Ross with a wedding present: the “company” of two prostitutes who were all too eager to please John Ross. But before anything serious happened, Bum (Kevin Page) showed up with the flash drive and gave John Ross a stern look. “You’re flying mighty close to the sun with all this,” Bum said.

Sue Ellen clashed with Afton — and John Ross. Back at the ranch, the wedding guests began arriving, including Lucy and Ray (Charlene Tilton, Steve Kanaly), who couldn’t help but notice John Ross was nowhere to be seen. Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) noticed too and grew increasingly anxious, while Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), upset over her son’s infidelity, took a nip from her flask. The tension finally erupted when Afton (Audrey Landers) turned to Sue Ellen and snapped, “All the despicable things J.R. did to you through the years. You’d think you’d have taught your son better than this.” Sue Ellen’s cutting response: “Just so you know, Afton, the most despicable thing J.R. ever did was you.” Poor Ann (Brenda Strong) had to referee.

But the drama was just beginning. Once John Ross arrived, Sue Ellen finally confronted him over his affair with Emma, but he told his mother the relationship was his business. Sue Ellen refused to back down and threatened to tell Pamela everything, but John Ross pointed out how his mother’s breath smelled of liquor and said, “You have looked the other way your whole life, Mama. One more time’s not going to hurt.”

John Ross and Pamela exchanged vows. After Afton slapped John Ross on the back of his head for going AWOL, he urged Pamela to forgive him. “We are meant for each other. I know that with every cell of my being. OK? I’ll prove it to you. I just need you to give me the chance,” he said. She agreed and went through with the ceremony, but before the couple sped off in Ewing V for their honeymoon, John Ross let Bobby (Patrick Duffy) know that Babcock promised him the drilling permit. “I’ll give you credit, John Ross, you are more and more like your daddy every day. But he never drilled this ranch. And mark my words: neither will you,” Bobby said.

But Bobby wasn’t nearly as confident in private. After blasting Babcock over the phone, he turned to Sue Ellen and told her he doesn’t “have a move left” to stop John Ross from drilling. Sue Ellen’s response: “But I do.”

Christopher and Elena continued to move on. In Mexico, Drew (Kuno Becker) overheard Christopher’s conversation with Lucia (Angélica Celaya), who confirmed that Nicolas isn’t her husband’s real name but said he has nothing to hide. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) returned to Southfork and confronted Elena (Jordana Brewster), who said Nicolas is getting a divorce. “For someone who needed an annulment before marrying me, you seem pretty cavalier about playing around with a married man,” Christopher said. Elena’s response: “I’m not playing around. I’m playing him.”

Later, Christopher and Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) made love in the barn, while Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) assured a rattled Elena that his marriage is indeed over. But this turned out to be not so true: Lucia arrived in Dallas and blackmailed her estranged husband into reconciling with her. “The Ewings are determined to know who you really are. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell them what you owe and who you owe it to,” she said.

Harris and Judith schemed. Harris’s precious flash drive turned out to contain encrypted CIA files; once the drive was back in his possession, he was summoned to the office of the madam who runs the brothel, who turned out to be … Judith (Judith Light). When she asked how Harris planned to get the rest of the files from John Ross, Harris showed her pictures of the prostitutes trying to seduce John Ross and told his mother one of the young women is only 16. Harris suggested he was going to frame John Ross by making it look he actually had sex with the girl, but Judith couldn’t fathom how her son would accomplish that. This is when Harris introduced his mother to his secret weapon: Candace, John Ross’s secretary, who has been secretly working for Harris all along.

What did you think of “Lifting the Veil”? Share your comments below and look for Dallas Decoder’s critique later this week.


  1. Kelley Tyler says:

    Great write-up as usual. I like…”(Meanwhile), back at the ranch…” This is a great show!!

  2. This is a great critique as usual. I am still thinking about last nights episode. Will comment later!!

  3. The scene with Babcock and the prostitute dressed like a dog reminded so much of the scene from “The Shinning”

  4. Elizabete says:

    yesterday was Patrick Duffy’s birthday ! Congratulations, he is a great actor. Elizabete, from Brazil

  5. Brandon Childers says:

    My favorite line of the episode “Just so you know, Afton. The most despicable thing J.R. Ever did was you”

    Nice to see Drew back, guessing he doesn’t know about Elena and Nicolas’s scheme. In my eyes as of now Elena is unforgivable. Bobby never did anything to her, and she wants justice becuase J.R. Very indirectly is part of the possible reason her dad is dead. While Drew made the bomb that killed Christopher and Pamela’s babies.

    I keep hoping that Roy’s phone was bugged during this conversation.
    “Mr. Barnes, this is Roy Vickers, I work for Harris Ryland.
    “Is there a problem.”
    “We’ll sir, your daughters on board.”
    “Maybe she will leave before they do?”
    “They all came together, I take it that’s how they’ll leave.”
    “We need witnesses.”
    “But sir, She’s pregnant.”
    “Just do it.”

    That would tie Harris and Cliff to the explosion and help Drew get possible immunity.

  6. Brandon Childers says:

    I would also like to know more about Carlos Del Sol. He is clearly a friend of the family, but he is a real good friend for JR to trust him this much. I can’t think of anyone from the oridignal dallas other than Sly and family. jR would trust as much as he trusted Bum and Carlos

  7. The series is getting deeper and deeper. Poor John Ross….he’s going to get burned some way or another — by either his wife, the Rylands, Bobby or perhaps his own mother!

  8. So Judith is a cocaine-snorting madam? It only takes 20 minutes to get from downtown to the ranch? Ray didnt bring Bobby’s son to his cousin’s wedding? Does Southfork really have all those trees? Sue Ellen was running for governor last year, then terribly missing JR (which was really touching) and now she’s a JR-hating drunk again? *sigh*

    • Dan in WI says:

      The Sue Ellen hating JR again part is believable. Sure her attitude toward him softened considerably shortly before his death. That said JR’s cheating on her was a significant part of her life and played a bit role in shaping the person she is today. So seeing her son go down that same path easily has the ability to illicit some very strong knee-jerk reactions.

  9. Dan in WI says:

    John Ross is an idiot! He no more than walks out of the brothel’s spy room than gets himself into a situation where you know he’s going to get photographed/recorded himself. How can you not see that one coming? He may be a lot like his father in scruples but he is no near as careful. Then again, I guess we really don’t know what JR was like at the similar age. He might have started off reckless as well. Either way, for this move alone, John Ross deserves whatever he gets for this mistake.

    And speaking of the brothel, after seeing Judith enjoy her frisking and snorking the coke, is there anybody who was suprised to see her revealed as the madam? If all they are going to do this year is put her in shock value situations they are wasting a great actress.

    Afton was right. Pamela’s face is really long. I never really noticed it before but after she made the remark I can’t look at Pamela the same way. Just look at the screen shot Chris put at the top of this page. You suppose that line was some sort of on set joke that sneaked its way on camera?

  10. Is there any1 on this show who is honest? Than k God there isn’t, otherwise iw would be so Hagallicious C.B!


  1. […] Synopsis: John Ross blackmails a Texas land-use commissioner into giving him a permit to drill on Southfork, while Harris tells Judith he’s secretly working with Ewing Energies secretary Candice, who’s going to help Harris frame John Ross so he can blackmail him and reclaim his files. Sue Ellen confronts John Ross about his affair with Emma, but John Ross dismisses his mother’s concerns and exchanges vows with Pamela. Christopher returns from Mexico and warns Elena that Nicolas is married, but Nicolas assures Elena he’s getting a divorce. Later, Lucia arrives in Dallas and threatens to expose secrets from Nicolas’s past if he doesn’t reconcile with her, while Christopher and Heather make love. […]

  2. […] connection to Luis mean the cartel is the Treviño benefactor that Lucia (Angélica Celaya) referred to a few episodes […]

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