TNT’s Dallas Recap: ‘Like a Bad Penny’

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Welcome home, darlin’

Here’s what happened in “Like a Bad Penny,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

• Sue Ellen came home. Bobby and Ann (Patrick Duffy, Brenda Strong) found Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) in the sanitarium and tried to talk the physician in charge, Dr. Monkia Englert (Gail Cronauer), into releasing her into their custody. Englert reluctantly agreed to let Sue Ellen leave, but warned Bobby and Ann that “she needs to get her alcoholism under control. Otherwise, she will be a danger to herself.” When John Ross (Josh Henderson) ran into his mother at the ranch, he told her he acted in her best interest by having her committed, but she didn’t want to hear it, telling him, “You only did it to help yourself.”

• John Ross gambled … and lost. The final piece in John Ross’s plan to take Ewing Global public fell into place: He went to Las Vegas to meet Sheik Sharif Ali, with whom J.R. was planning to do business before he died. John Ross hoped to ask the sheik for money to finance his initial public offering in exchange for a piece of the Arctic lease deal; unfortunately, the sheik felt insulted because John Ross didn’t come to him sooner. To smooth things over, John Ross talked his way into the sheik’s high-stakes poker game and intentionally lost it, even though he bet his wristwatch and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) put up her emerald earrings as collateral. After the game, Pamela asked her husband why he threw it. “Sometimes the only way to win is to show the other person you’re not afraid to lose,” John Ross said.

• Or did he? Not long after Mr. and Mrs. Ewing returned to Southfork, the sheik’s son, Nasir (Pej Vahdat), arrived and told John Ross his father was impressed by the way he handled his loss in Las Vegas. Nasir returned the wristwatch and agreed to supply John Ross with the money he needed for his IPO, explaining, “When you gambled the watch, my father saw J.R. in you. You were humble enough to know you were wrong and brave enough to risk something you care deeply about to prove it.” Meanwhile, Bobby tapped banker Cal Hanna, an old college buddy, to underwrite the IPO; John Ross, not wanting to delay the Arctic deal, reluctantly agreed to go along with Bobby’s choice. Later, Cal asked Bobby, “You really think John Ross is going to come after me?” Bobby’s response: “Oh, I’m sure of it. And when he does, make him think he got you.”

• Emma uncovered Harris’s scheme. After John Ross fired Candace (Jude Demorest), he told Bum (Kevin Page) to investigate her. Perhaps John Ross should’ve hired Emma (Emma Bell) for the job instead. When Harris (Mitch Pileggi) told Candace her services were no longer required, Emma began snooping into Candace’s life and discovered Harris was trying to get Candace to frame John Ross for a sex crime. Emma got her hands on Candace’s blue dress instead and posed with it in front of her mirror, not long after Harris chastised his daughter for getting involved with John Ross. “Are you deluded enough into thinking that he’s going to leave his wife for you, or are you just content in being his little piece on the side?” Harris asked.

• Drew returned to Southfork. Drew (Kuno Becker), wracked with guilt over the Ewing rig explosion, returned to Dallas and tried to apologize to Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), who instead took out his rage on Drew and beat him up in a parking garage. After the fight, Christopher turned to Heather (AnnaLynne McCord), which infuriated Bo (Donny Boaz), while Drew retreated to Elena’s cottage on Southfork. While there, he stumbled across their father’s old land deed and angrily confronted Elena (Jordana Brewster), asking how long she had known J.R. switched the records. Elena told Drew she and Nicolas have a plan to take down the Ewings, but Drew was too upset by the discovery that J.R. had swindled their papi. “He wasted his life on a dream that was already taken from him — and I wasted mine, hating myself for not being able to save him. Everything that’s happened is because of J.R.’s betrayal. Their greed took everything from our family,” Drew said before running into the night.

• Nicolas got down to business, part 1. Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) assured Elena he would find Drew and protect him; little did she know her lover had his own business to take care of. Nicolas had a midnight meeting with two secret partners: Hunter McKay (Fran Kranz), Carter’s grandson, who wants to take down the Ewings; and Luis (Antonio Jaramillo), the Mexican drug dealer who cut a deal with Judith at the beginning of the season. Their scheme: Hunter is setting up a series of shell corporations to buy up the Ewing Global stock when it hits the market; Luis will then use the shares to gain a controlling interest in the company. As Nicolas told Luis, “By the time the Ewings and Cliff Barnes realize what happened, you’ll be in control of the company, free to launder billions of drug profits for years to come.”

• Nicolas got down to business, part 2. Luis threatened Nicolas’s children if their arrangement doesn’t pan out, but Nicolas didn’t seem fazed and even asked the drug lord for help with his next task: finding Drew. So much for keeping his promise to Elena to protect her brother, huh? But this wasn’t the first time Nicolas betrayed Elena in this episode. After she told him she couldn’t bring herself to show Pamela the video of John Ross and Emma, Nicolas got his hands on a copy of the video and forwarded it to Pamela’s phone, which was on her nightstand as she and John Ross made love.

What did you think of “Like a Bad Penny”? Share your comments below and look for Dallas Decoder’s critique later this week.


  1. Luke Pegues says:

    Love the show but not having enough money to buy in the game. When your conglemerate owns Vegas casinos, sits on 2 billion barrels of oil. That I know is trading at $96 to $100 a barrel on any giving day. You have to put up family jewels. Ken Topolsky, Cynthia Cidre, writers and TNT. I have a real problem. The Ewings aren’t Po!

    • Dan in WI says:

      This is another case of the show just not explaining itself well but I think this can be explained. And keep in mind I’m the contiuity hawk seems to be upset every other episode about some lack of continuity research or another.

      The high stakes poker game: Here I don’t think we are supposed to believe John Ross is poor. This I think was all strategy on John Ross’ part. He needed to give away Pamela’s earrings because apparently that was the only way he was going to get into the poker game in the first place. I don’t think they were interested in his money. The earrings were a collector’s item that the prince’s wife simply couldn’t resist. In a sense they were worth more than money. Supply and demand. Then he explained his strategy for losing, putting up the watch and loosing again durning the card game.

    • No they ain’t po’ but maybe they ain’t as rich as they once were either. Often you can be seen as rich but not have capital to make investments because it’s tied up in assets. Also business people never want to toe up all of their own money. This happened loads in the original series JR was always bribing someone to invest cash so he could buy into dodgy deals. I don’t see the difference here or why it needs to be explained (how boring would that be?) Wish peeps would chill out about things that don’t even affect the storyline.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        Remember in season 1 JR didn’t have a million dollars for a buy in at Cliffs game.

  2. Brandon Childers says:

    I really thought Drew would be smarter than that. Notice how he said their greed, not JRs greed. I am sick of the Ramos’s.. They want to take down the whole Ewing family, for JRbeing indirectly responsible for their dads death, meanwhile The Ewings didn’t even fire Carmen when Drew made the bomb that killed Christopher’s babies, Bobby’s grand kids. I am sick of them,

    I believe Drew us going to die at the hands of the Cartel

    The preview of the next weeks episode seems to show Pamela is going to have a gun, and then be at hospital. Did she shoot Emma or John Ross.

    I was completely shocked by Nicolas. Was anyone else. What will Cliff do or have done when he finds out, look what that dumb b***h Elena has gotten herself into.

    • Yep, I agree. I’m a little tired of hearing what JR did to them. JR is dead. This storyline doesn’t make sense to me. If they had approached Bobby about this whole thing, he would have given them land to make things right. Find Drew? What does that mean? I think Nicolas is the most evil of all of them.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I’m still trying to hold out a little hope for Drew. He still has the chance to do the right thing when he cools off a little. After all he just got the crap kicked out of him by Christopher so if there is a Ramos who was wronged by multiple Ewings it might be Drew. But even that is a little thin since Drew played a role in killing Christopher’s children.

        But at this point Elena is beyond redeption in my eyes. I’ve said it before: There is only one thing that any living Ewing has ever done to her and that was John Ross cheating on her. Yet that is never mentioned. We just keep hearing how she wants revenge (oh, wait it’s justice not revenge) for the land switcheroo and NO living Ewing had anything to do with that! She is so bent on getting this revenge she is alignning herself with the man who ordered the bombing which killed the unborn children of her two time ex-fiance. So there is no loyalty there at all. I will feel no pity for her when her and Joaquine are taken down. None.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        Well Sue Ellen and Johnross took control of her shares of Ewing Energies, and her Henderson leases. But they offered part of the company back. What did bobby do, given thier logic Carmen and Elena should have been thrown out for be related to drew.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree they need to get rid of the Ramos clan…enough already with exacting revenge on the ‘Ewings”…and there is waaayyy too much double cross every minute of the episode…especially in this one…and what happened to Bobby this season? Not enough screen time I AM SORRY! and Cliff also?? he should have been in EVERY episode with longer screen time..what wasted opportunities bringing Audrey Landers back and not having ONE scene with Cliff!!…this series, like I have said from day ONE moves ENTIRELY too fast, not giving the viewer time to invest in the characters and relationships..and puhlease Anna Lynne McCord as a ranch hand is so silly that I can barely watch when she is on!

    the poker game was ridiculous..John Ross no matter what he was trying to prove giving up the JR watch (OMGI I wanted to be sick) was immature…

    • Agree with you here. I have to watch the episode twice, since I feel that I don’t follow it all. Think Anna Lynne should have been the new maid. It would have been more interesting than a ranch hand.

  4. Brandon Childers says:

    Does anyone know why IMBd has Patrick Duffy in 33 episodes, while everyone else is in 40

  5. Brandon Childers says:

    Pamela is not a housewife. She’s a schemer, blackmailer, and double crosser. She can do some things on her own, she does not need to stand by John Ross. Cliff is suppose to be a billionare, you telling me she can’t figure out a way to get some of that. Looks like she is building her own floor, John Ross only owns ewing global through Pamela.

  6. Sawhorses played the MendezOcoa drug lord in season 3?


  1. […] Synopsis: John Ross meets Nasir Ali and persuades his father, a powerful sheik, to supply the capital he needs to buy a controlling interest in Ewing Global once it goes public. Bobby and Ann get Sue Ellen released from the sanitarium and bring her to Southfork to recover. John Ross and Harris each dismiss Candace, who tells Emma about her father’s scheme to frame John Ross for a sex crime. Christopher tries to help Bo, who tells Heather he wants to reconcile. Drew returns to Dallas and vows revenge against the Ewings after discovering J.R. swindled the Ramoses out of their land. Elena refuses to show Pamela the video of John Ross and Emma, so Nicolas goes behind her back and sends it Pamela on his own. Nicolas also meets with his secret partners: Hunter McKay, who wants to bring down the Ewings, and the Mexican drug lord Luis, who wants to take over Ewing Global and use it to launder the cartel’s drug profits. […]

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