Say What?! This Week’s Best Dallas Sound Bites

“Dallas” delivers the most delicious dialogue on television. Here are the best sound bites from “Like a Bad Penny,” this week’s episode.

Dallas, Fran Kranz, Hunter McKay, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Like a Bad Penny, Mitch Pileggi, Nicolas Trevino, TNT

What are your favorite lines from “Like a Bad Penny”? Share them below and read more “Say What?!”


  1. Interesting that all the quips are from the guys this week. Usually the ladies get in a few good zingers.

  2. Brandon Childers says:

    I thought Emma and candances little conversation was quite funny

    Also Find Drew, what does that mean.

    This is not a great line, but when Drew says their greed took everything from us. Is worth mentioning. Am I the only one that thinks Drew and Elena are stupid to want to punish the entire Ewings for what JR did, also considering what pain Drew has cause the family. And it also seems out of character for both of the,

  3. I like the fact when Nicky Trevino lied & told Elena’s female private eye that Elena had lost the Emma/John Ross sex tape & that she should resend it to him. She had no reason to mistrust him & so it was a perfect masterstroke of a lie to be able to send it to Pamela while she’s getting a hump thrown into her by her husband. How deliciously ironic!

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