TNT Releases New Promo, Pics for ‘Dallas’

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Raise the curtain

It looks like John Ross will pay the price for his sins — and maybe renew an old romance — when TNT’s “Dallas” resumes its third season on Monday, August 18.

In a new promo posted yesterday to the show’s Facebook page, John Ross (Josh Henderson) surveys the charred remains of his Southfork bedroom and declares, “Everything I did was for J.R. and his damn masterpiece.” Later, after we see the lingerie-clad Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) being rushed into an emergency room, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) throws John Ross against a wall and shouts, “Because of your cheating, she could die!”

Also in the 30-second promo, Ann (Brenda Strong) stands over Emma in a hospital waiting room and says, “Pamela overdosed because of what you did.” We also see John Ross walk away from Emma as she pleads, “We’re still business partners. We can do great things together.”

Indeed, the video suggests “Dallas” will once again shuffle the characters’ romantic relationships. In one scene, Elena (Jordana Brewster) stands in a hospital corridor and hisses into her mobile phone, “I know you sent that video, you son of a bitch!” Is she speaking to Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who later appears to be on the receiving end of a punch from Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe)? Meanwhile, in the biggest surprise of all, it looks like John Ross and Elena share a shadowy smooch.

More clues to the new storylines are included in publicity stills posted in the “Dallas” section of TNT’s site. (Since some readers were having trouble finding them, I’ve also posted them below.) Among the shots: Pamela peers through a curtain and sees John Ross talking on a phone, Bobby and John Ross face each other in the Ewing Global offices as Sue Ellen and Judith (Linda Gray, Judith Light) watch, Ann sits next to a bruised Emma in the Southfork living room, and Judith sits at a desk, sporting what may be the world’s fiercest red power suit.

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What do you hope to see when “Dallas” returns on August 18? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. When I click on the link to the TNT site I don’t see where to go to see the photos. I get a list of the episodes.

    • Hi Mary.

      Click on the small “i” near each new episode title (beginning with No. 9, “Anger, Denial, Acceptance”) to see each new photo.


  2. I don’t see the pics either. Can you post them?

  3. Thanks! I wonder what Judith is doing at Ewing Energies. Also I bet Emma was kidnapped by the cartel hence the bruises. It looks like part 2 is going to be exciting.

  4. What do we have to do to keep the show going? The social media thing is great and also very fun! What about a respectable petition? This show is great and it is more than just JR Ewing. I really feel that it is just getting started and I would hate to see this as the final season. Maybe I have nothing to worry about.

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    I am ok with it all as long as John Ross becomes more human and we get more of Pamela in the second half. I love those two as a couple but I am excited to see him in scenes with Elena and am hoping for an exploration of some of the themes of season one regarding JR3’s attempts to show some decency. The Rylands are entertaining but less is more when it comes to Emma and Judith. Too bad she can’t be kidnapped never to return.

  6. John Ross & Pamela are right 4 eachother! Plus it ticks off Cliff Barnes!


  1. […] Emma when “Dallas” took its midseason break in the spring. It looks like first love Elena will reenter John Ross’s romantic orbit when the season resumes, beginning Monday, August […]

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