Dallas Burning Questions: Season 3, Week 9

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Burn, darlin’, burn?

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” the midseason premiere of TNT’s “Dallas”:

Who survived the Southfork fire — and who started it? In the previous episode, “Where There’s Smoke,” Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) received a video of John Ross and Emma (Josh Henderson, Emma Bell) having sex and lashed out at Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), who spent a lonely night at Southfork getting drunk. While Sue Ellen was passed out in John Ross and Pamela’s bedroom, an angry Bo (Donny Boaz) could be seen lurking inside the house, watching as fire swept through a room. Moments later, Bobby and Christopher (Patrick Duffy, Jesse Metcalfe) arrived home and raced inside, calling out for Ann and Sue Ellen — only to have part of the ceiling collapse on them. What happens next?

What will happen to John Ross, Pamela and Emma? After she attacked Sue Ellen, Pamela tracked down John Ross at a hotel, where she walked in on him cavorting with Emma, who was clad in her green corset. “Love what you’re wearing,” Pamela said before removing her raincoat and revealing that she was wearing her green corset too. Pamela then said, “May I join you?” The three of them began making out — and then Pamela started convulsing. As Emma dialed 911, John Ross discovered an empty pill bottle in his wife’s coat pocket and tried furiously to revive her. “Wake up, baby, wake up!” he pleaded. Why did Pamela initiate the threesome, and where does this troubled trio go from her?

What will happen between Ann and Harris? Before the fire, Bobby went ballistic when he discovered Ann (Brenda Strong) had withheld the truth about John Ross and Emma’s fling. Bobby told Ann that Emma is no longer welcome at Southfork, prompting her to turn to Harris (Mitch Pileggi) for help. After reminiscing about their marriage, Harris kissed Ann, but she turned and walked away — as a seething Judith (Judith Light) watched them from a window. What will Judith do next?

Where do Christopher and Heather go from here? The previous episode began with Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) discovering Bo kidnapped their son, Michael (Dallas Clark). With help from Sheriff Derrick (Akai Draco), Bobby, Christopher and Heather found Michael with Bo’s brother. Once mother and child were reunited, Christopher told Heather he’d like to get serious with her. Will she allow that to happen?

What’s Nicolas up to? Pamela didn’t know the video of John Ross and Emma was sent by Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who is secretly helping the Mexican drug cartel plot a takeover of Ewing Global. Elena (Jordana Brewster) also doesn’t know Nicolas’s true intentions and tried to back out of their plan to get revenge against the Ewings for cheating her father out of his land. Nicolas assured Elena that she isn’t wrong to seek revenge — and when she wasn’t looking, he punctured holes in her diaphragm before they had sex. Uh, what’s that about?

Where’s Drew? When Nicolas wasn’t sabotaging Elena’s birth control, he was receiving a surprise visit from the fugitive Drew (Kuno Becker), who asked for his help in striking back against the Ewings. Nicolas told Drew to be patient and allow his scheme with Elena to play out, but Drew didn’t want to hear it and ran away. Nicolas then called the drug lord Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) and told him to find Drew before he ruined their plans. What will happen if the cartel gets Drew before he gets to wherever he’s headed?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    Burning questions is right this time around. The pun wasn’t intended because this was an old column title but it sure applies this time.

    I’ve avoided as many spoilers as I could but I guess someone is going to die in this fire. I can’t see any full cast members biting it so I’m going to say Heather shows up and dies. See below. It’s a stab in the dark but what the heck? I’m not afraid to be wrong when I take those.

    Christopher/Heather: I think we were teased at one point that AnnaLynne McCord isn’t intended to have a long term presence on the show so I guess the end is near on this one.

    Drew: I predict he will be sacrificed by cartel to keep him quiet. This may eventually be what pries Elena away from Nicolas. But I suspect it will take time for her to find out any connection between Drew and Nicolas in my scenario.

    Bobby and Ann: I still say Bobby should use the plausible deniability excuse as the reason he kept the who killed JR secret from Ann. Yes he told John Ross and Christopher but John Ross is JR’s son and Christopher though adopted is family as well. Ann is Bobby’s wife but she is no blood relative of JR so I do see keeping this secret as a valid attempt to protect her. As for Harris… I still can’t see any scenario where Ann could possibly warm to him. The man is a monster even if he is at odds with his mother who is also a monster.

    Harris the good guy? I’m starting to backtrack on my previous prediction that he isn’t working with the CIA at all. I originally predicted there was no CIA at all and that was just a rouse on his part. I appear to have been wrong on that. So now I’m just going to say they have some sort of hold over him. He may end up on the side of angels on this one but since he still is a monster that must mean it can’t be of his own choosing. I have a hard time believing he gives two shakes what happens to the Mexican government.

    So that brings me to my wild a** guess on who started the fire. I’ve said it before. It can’t be Bo only because that is too obvious. I’m going to guess Nicolas/the Mexican drug cartel is somehow behind it. But it isn’t Drew either.

  2. Again Nicholas put the hole in the diaphragm so his spermatozoa would ejaculate into Elena’s vaginal canal so he’d have biological kids that no one knows about. This being necessary as the drug lords he is dealing with threatened 2 murder his kids if their joint ops plans fell apart! I mentioned thisb4

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