Say What?! This Week’s Best Dallas Sound Bites

“Dallas” delivers the most delicious dialogue on television. Here are the best sound bites from “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” this week’s episode.

AnnaLynne McCord, Dallas, Denial Anger Acceptance, Harris Ryland, Heather McCabe, Judith Light, Judith Ryland, Julie Gonzalo, Mitch Pileggi, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, TNT

What are your favorite lines from “Denial, Anger, Acceptance”? Share them below and read more “Say What?!”


  1. “succubus”, oh that was a well written word of dialogue C.B. I love it! By the way, I just saw the episode Friday & think that DALLAS:TNT should air on Fridays like DALLAS:CBS used to. Lets get back to basics boy!

  2. Judith told Bobby that the make out session between Ann and Harris was “a real toe curler.”

  3. Elena Ramos to John Ross “….until one day you look in the mirror and you no longer recognize yourself.”

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