‘Dallas’ Sees Another Small Uptick in the Ratings

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, TNT, Victims of Love

Stand and deliver

“Dallas’s” latest episode, “Victims of Love,” debuted to 1.934 million viewers on September 8, according to Nielsen. The audience included an estimated 538,000 viewers in the advertiser-prized demographic of adults between ages 18 and 49.

The numbers are up slightly from one week ago, when “Hurt” debuted to 1.931 million viewers, including 509,000 adults between 18 and 49. However, when you count DVR users who recorded “Hurt” and watched it a few days after its first telecast, the audience climbed to 2.7 million users, up 5 percent from the previous week, TNT reported.

Overall, “Dallas” is averaging about 1.96 million viewers on Monday nights this year, down from approximately 2.66 million viewers during its second season and more than 4 million viewers during Season 1.

“Dallas’s” current average places it toward the lower end of TNT’s drama crop. The network’s highest-rated shows are “Rizzoli & Isles” (5.24 million viewers on Tuesdays) and “Major Crimes” (5.24 million on Mondays), while two Wednesday shows, “Legends” (1.95 million) and “Franklin & Bash” (1.25 million), bring up the rear.

By now, loyal readers of this space have this part memorized, but it bears repeating: TNT hasn’t announced if “Dallas” will return for a fourth year. The network is expected to wait and see how “Dallas” performs during its summer run before deciding whether to renew it.

The series has two more outings on TNT’s schedule this year: The next episode, “Boxed In,” will debut Monday, September 15, followed by a season-ending double-header of “Endgame” and “Brave New World” on Monday, September 22.

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  1. Dallas TNT ratings dropped from season 2 to season 3 because many viewers got tired of the lack of character development and bad scriptwriting from Cidre and crew.

    Season 2 teased the return of Gary and Valene Ewing, and once again, classic characters were wasted in abrupt and contrived scenes. Season 2 was also Larry Hagman’s last season and the show needed to raise the bar to compensate fo his loss (which is irreplaceable). Instead, we had a brothel, a threesome that made no sense, doggy costumes, a Southfork fire repeat, drunk Su Ellen repeat, and too many dead bodies to count.

    The viewers have spoken through the ratings decline. Long-time fans deserve a season 4 without Ramoses and a return to better, character-driven stories about the Ewings. The shock gimmicks are not drawing in new, younger viewers, and I’m even in the coveted demographic sought after by advertisers.

  2. The fact that the audience is very steady from episode to episode seems good. Those numbers from last night actually increased against Monday Night Football, and that includes a 5% increase in the 18-49 demographic, which is somewhat surprising. The truth is this; what we saw in season 1 was the excitement and the diehard JR fans. Season 2 lost some of the diehards when news of JR’S passing came out, the rest of the diehards finished the season to see the tribute and how it played out. What we have this season is the show’s base audience. These are the loyalists, the numbers TNT can bank on. The question now is… is that enough? Or does TNT actually want to earn their money and provide a little shake – up for the show to try and regain more viewers. We all know what there is to know, now its just a waiting game. I for sure think TNT will cancel Franklin and Bash. Does it hurt the network to cancel multiple shows at once? I still believe Dallas will get 1 more season. If nothing else, it’s an historically iconic show that deserves a proper and thought out ending.

  3. Keep Dallas on. IT is the best show on television. I was tired of all these cop/detective/crime lab/lawyer shows five years ago. Dallas is different from all the other new shows right now. I enjoy every single hour.

  4. I agree that it deserves another season. I, personally, think the writing is great. I’d love to see TNT move it to another night. Monday is a tough night and it’s always had to compete against some strong network competition such as Dancing with the Stars, Football, or some other show. TNT needs to give this iconic show more promotion and another season.

  5. Dallas shouldn’t be on TNT. Because TNT is known for the type of shows mjsmith lists, Dallas doesn’t seem to be the right fit there. A soap on TNT? Seems odd. So let’s add more explosions and crime. When blaming Cidre for the scripts I rather blame TNT for adding stupid threesomes and stereotypical mexican cartel characters. I can almost hear them asking the writers to add some explosions and dead bodies (body parts?) to the mix so typical TNT viewers have something to look at. Dallas should have started on USA instead.
    I don’t want to complain though. The show is extremely watchable. And even though I was a fan of the original show, I do not want more “classic” characters come back. Having the Pam issue out of the way and J. R. being gone, it opened up the show for the young characters to shine. John Ross and Pamela have their best scenes right now.

  6. This Show is the best,… you cannot go back to the 70-80’s -90’s .Losing Larry Hagman,… would give any show a stumbling block…, Now the Series, is back on track, Give it a chance to find it’s own way, I know there are millions out there, (myself included, ) that would be very angry if dallas is not renewed. …The story line is good, The writer’s know what they are doing, I agree TNT, has other shows, : But none compare to DALLAS, WISH ANOTHER CHANNEL.. would pick up DALLAS,… BUT FOR NOW, WE ARE STUCK W/ TNT, HOPE THEY REALIZE THEY HAVE A GREAT SERIES, ON THEIR HANDS, AND DO THE RIGHT THING, RENEW,> RECENT EPISODES, ARE THE BUILDING OF ANOTHER GREAT SERIES, THAT COULD LAST, MANY SEASONS, GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE, TO REBUILD , No one can compare to Larry Hagman) he’s gone,…but his J.R. lives thru this show. I think… Cidre.. has done a good job,.. recreating a new scope of this picture. Love Dallas, Please #renewdallastnt.

  7. Didn’t I see somewhere that there is a new head of programming at TNT? If so I think we have to sweat. Unless the new head is a Dallas fan himself, he’s likely to see a show that has half its initial audience which resides near the bottom of the TNT ratings list. Since the show is not something he personal green lit/has an investment in… Like I said I think we need to be nervous now.

    But if I’m dreaming this part about a new programming head forget everything I just said.

  8. Lost in all this mess, is what I personally loved about Dallas–Ewing Oil. The dynamic deals, double crosses, and blackmail made it great. These writers fall short in selling the ‘blackmail’ aspect…or all that goes into the business. I agree with previous comments…give Elena the boot–she serves ZERO purpose after this season. Christopher is a character in limbo…what purpose does he serve? He started as a brilliant mind developing new energy…now he’s just a cry baby. The Ewings need a business rival, and mix in the side relationships. This crew has it backwards…I will say however…the past couple episodes have been on point.

  9. I still have high hopes for another season, I know right now with there be no word what so ever looks very scary but I believe they are doing exactly what Chris B says they are doing, waiting for this season to be over and then announce the arrival date to start filming, I hope with the DVR settings raising the fans ratings for the same night show that this show still has potential and it can def rise out of the ashes.

  10. Dallas has a great cast of both old and new characters. It deserves a long, long run.

  11. Garnet McGee says:

    As much as I want the show to return I find myself emotionally detaching from it as I prepare for what seems like inevitable. I’ve asked friends if they’ve watched Dallas and they have all said they just couldn’t get interested in the young characters. I disagree with them obviously but that opinion seems prevalent among your average viewer.

    • The young characters are unlikeable and not engaging. Julie Gonzalo is decent. The vets, especially Linda Gray, rule the show. And I am a relatively young person saying this. Metcalf and Brewster are miscast. Henderson can’t carry the show.

  12. the main thing about the dvr numbers being better is that Dallas needs to have more product placement in the show that way advertisers still get their product seen on all platforms. Dallas did this in earlier episodes and should ramp that up if they want to stay on air. it also would mean theyd have more time for show as opposed to a million commercial breaks.

  13. I was a little kid when the first Dallas started and watched it with my folks. So I grew up with it for the whole 13 years!! LOVE that it is back on…..We look forward to it every week!!! Love my Sue Ellen! Damn I hope it gets renewed…I tell everybody I know to watch it!

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