Dallas Drinks: The Julie

To honor Tina Louise’s performance on “Dallas,” Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out offer a Julie-inspired “Dallas Drinks” cocktail. Enjoy!

Dallas, Julie Grey, Tina Louise


  1. What a great drink in honor of Tina Louise. Another reason the Dallas TV Show’s legacy should live on via Dallas TNT! Julie was the original Prime Time Soap Diva!

  2. And Dallas TNT fans, don’t forget to show support for the renewal of Dallas TNT with
    emails to: info-tnt@turner.com The fans want a Season 4 and the people at TNT are listening!

  3. Don’t tip “The Julie” once poured over in its glass if its sitting near the balcony or a roof, it might fall & die. Thus killing the alcohol, a shame to waste good booze just as it was a shame Miss Julie Grey died.

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