Let’s Save ‘Dallas’!

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The show must go on

Dry your tears, darlins. We’ve got work to do.

We were all saddened yesterday by TNT’s cancelation of “Dallas.” Today brings new hope: Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray each sent tweets this morning suggesting the show could go on. Duffy wrote, “I for one am not done with Bobby Ewing! Let’s see if some network wants the Ewings to live on! Love you all!!” Gray’s tweet: “Thank you again for your support! Keep it coming so it can help get us back entertaining you!”

Challenge accepted, Bobby and Sue Ellen!

There’s talk Warner Horizon, the studio that produces “Dallas,” will try to find a new home for the show on another network or some other outlet. Let’s encourage these efforts by getting on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and declaring our love for the show.

Our efforts will be most effective if everyone uses the same hashtag. I recommend #SaveDallas, but if you have other suggestions, please share them below.

Here’s a sample social media message:

#SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

Make your voices heard, fellow fans. It’s always an uphill battle to save a show after it’s been canceled, but it can be done — just look at “Chuck,” “Friday Night Lights,” “Star Trek” and other series that were rescued by loyal viewers.

This is just the beginning. If you have other ideas, share them below. We need helpful suggestions, not criticisms. Let’s harness our positive energy, work together and save “Dallas”!

Update (Oct. 4, 5:40 p.m.) Here’s one fan’s “Help Save Dallas” petition with almost 14,000 signatures! Fans are also using the hashtags #BringBackDallas and #EwingsUnite. Keep your ideas coming.

Update (Oct. 4, 10:20 p.m.) This petition from fan Jennifer Parker Folan calls on “Dallas” to return to CBS, home of the original 1978-1991 series. Any other petitions out there?

Update (Oct. 4, 10:50 p.m.) The #SaveDallas campaign is getting press coverage! Read the International Business Times’ coverage of fans’ efforts to save the show.

Update (Oct. 5, 10:30 a.m.) Other “Dallas” fan sites are working to save the show too, including Ultimate Dallas, Dallas Fanzine and Dallas Divas Derby. Follow them on social media and show your support for “Dallas.”

Update (Oct. 5, 9:40 p.m.) The “Help Save Dallas” petition now has more than 41,000 signatures! Also, be sure to read the coverage from The Republican, a newspaper in western Massachusetts, as well as the report from the Epoch Times.

Update (Oct. 6, 10:10 a.m.) Here’s a full-length update, including links to some of the great fan-made videos that are popping up online.

Update (Oct. 7, 6:30 p.m.) I’ve set up a Save Dallas Page with links to news coverage, petitions, Facebook pages, fan sites and more. Please visit the page for the latest updates.


  1. joesiegler says:

    I like the idea. But what does Warner Brothers and the cast think? If they’re not behind the idea, there’s no point, really.

    • Did you read the article before you posted, joesiegler?

    • joesiegler says:

      As for “positive energy”. I think I expended all that in 1991 when the show was canceled the first time.

    • The cast has tweeted that they aren’t giving up they want the show to continue.

      • I love the show and only pray they do not cancel. I have been a faithful Dallas fan since the very first one.I have remain one through this one too. I look forward to another season of Dallas whether on TNT or where ever they put it I will be right there sitting and watching and supposing it. So please continue with the Dallas Show.

    • Anonymous says:

      The article clearly states that Warner Horizon will try to find a new network for the show.

      • I am hoping folks will go one step further and send emails to Warner Horizon and to other outlets to let them know that the interest is there. I sent a message to CBS. I know that might be futile. TNT has blocked people from posting about Dallas on their fb page. A move I find rather despicable since it’s them negating public interest. This issue will not go away until there is a solution. This is a huge topic online.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jesse is this about warner brothers or what you want to happen? it seems like you want to be in charge of things – I’m sorry but this isn’t about positive vibes this is about saving the show and how to do so – I’m glad you are trying to contribute but verify your info first

    • Anonymous says:

      Anything we can do Consider it done

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      sauvez dallas

    • I think the new series has been great. Very talented new actors on the show and have kept the suspense going just like in the old series. What will JR do next? What will John Ross do next? lol Keeping some of the actors from the old series is also a plus. Old and new ideas, skeeming to oudo one another to take control Is Christopher leaving the show- I surely hope not, and who is the father of Elena’s baby? If nothing else we need a wrap up of what is going on. I prefer that Dallas remain on tv and with a new network. I love the show and the story lines. Please keep the great acting and show on tv.

    • Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are behind it – started it, as a matter of fact. Those who said how do the actors feel – read the above story! #SaveDallas

  2. Please we all want DALLAS to come back please

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m assuming there is a window with both contracts and network schedules? What would you figure that deadline to be?

    • It is only a few months I would assume.. Not only is that a factor but how does the contract with the city of Dallas for the tax breaks the show received for filming in Dallas factor in as well? I assume with a cancellation that contract becomes void and null.. If they wanted to renew Dallas and film in the city of Dallas, I assume that contract would have to be renegotiated as well. I hope Warner is listening and tries to shop the show to another network.. Another question I have is how does the contract Warner has with Netflix for airing Dallas factor in? Maybe the show could be moved to Netflix? Arrested Development as fans of that show remember seen a continuation of the series on Netflix.

  4. Great article CB.

    I’ll hit up the fan club on Facebook (9000) highly active members who will absolutely join in under the #DallasNation that I created. I’ll will pass on the #SaveDallas.

    This is great news.

  5. I. for one would like to see Dallas on another channel, preferably CMT. CMT is owned by Viacom/CBS and would be a perfect fit. With other series on CMT, Dallas would do better than the reality garbage on the channel. The original series lasted for 14 seasons on CBS and putting it on CMT would be just like coming home again.


    • i definitely do not want to see Dallas leave…cannot wait to find out what goes on with John Rose and Ryland’s mother…that looked like it was going to be fun…with all the reality garbage on television, shows like Dallas are a welcome joy…i was heartbroken when it was ended the first time and i don’t think i ever forgave the networks for that but there weren’t as many television channels back then either..so i truly with all my heart would love to see another network pick this show up…Dallas fans never go away..we are very loyal…and we want our show back..and it is OUR show…let’s make no mistake about that….and we have long memories TNT..make no mistake about this either..the long and the short of it is WE WANT DALLAS…period

      • Anonymous says:

        Love love love DALLAS!!! Please put the show back on Somebody Please Pick it up !!!

      • YES KEEP DALLAS on the Air!!! I am a TOTAL DALLAS DIHARD Fan, Been watching the Series since it first came on in the 70’s. If TNT doesn’t want to pick it up FINE have another station pick it up then watch their RATINGS GO UP!! I will NEVER watch any programs on TNT anymore.

  7. Marc Berman says:

    Bravo!!! I will tweet and post on Facebook when I get home.

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  9. #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  10. linda marriott says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  11. We want Dallas back #SaveDallas

  12. Dallas cannot die!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I love this show! Plz bring it back! #savedallas!!!

  14. Jennifer Rankin says:

    Please Bring Back Dallas. It is a great show.

  15. Please save Dallas.. Bring it back!
    Try to find a way to rally them to find another network

    • Anonymous says:

      Why why are you canceling Dallas that’s a good show I don’t want y’all to

      • Anonymous says:

        TNT, seemingly, has a habit of canceling popular shows. They did the same thing with “Southland” a couple of years ago. Sad.

  16. How can you drop a show that has become more outstanding than the original was. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t cancel it

  17. liz jackson says:

    Please keep Dallas on as its the best T.V show around! Been watching it since the very beginning and still as good if not better………

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please bring back Dallas

  19. Elijah Wright says:

    I want DALLAS back period!!!!! Change the night and or time or both. But I want it back on!!!

  20. Rhonda Cruz says:

    Please bring Dallas back. we need season 4

  21. Please find a new home for Dallas. We LOVE the show!!!

  22. we need Dallas!!!! Every season got better and better. There is so much more story line!!! Give us Dallas back!!!!!

  23. Please we all want DALLAS to come back please

  24. Carol heilman says:

    This is my favorite show on TV right now. I am not going to watch TNT unless this show is on there. Sincerely

  25. Natasha Grayson says:

    find another channel. I grew up watching the original with my parents. I’m now 38 and still love watching it. Please find another home

    Too many reality show!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Please bring Dallas back!!!!!! My whole family loves it!!!!!!

  27. I’m a huge fan from the original Dallas to now. PLEASE SAVE THE SHOW!!!

  28. Jennifer Rankin says:


  29. Rebekah Kalb says:

    Let’s bring back Dallas. So awful to hear about TNT but its not over. We will see the Ewing’s again I know it.

  30. Stephanie says:


  31. DO NOT TAKE OFF DALLAS It is a WONDERFUL SHOW it is one and only BEST show on TNT, I have watched DALLAS as a lil girl with my grandma and still to this day watch DALLAS with my grandaughter DO NOT LOSE A FAMILY we need DALLAS

  32. Anonymous says:

    I love Dallas! Watched in the 80’s and 90’s too!! Bring it back!!! ❤

  33. plz bring Dallas back that what I look forward to on Mondays it is my favorite show I rather watch the Ewings instead of reality shows we need Dallas back.

  34. Bring back Dallas i and millions other love the show and you’ll lose alot of viewers and i promise i will boybott you network along with millions of other Dallas fans [Dallas Lives]

  35. Anonymous says:

    The ratings can’t be recorded the same way as they used to be… I’ve watched episodes via youtube and various other means when I can’t watch it at 11/12pm… ridiculous times they have relegated the series to in the UK. But the series mustn’t end :o(

  36. #Save Dallas ,

  37. Anonymous says:

    Please keep Dallas!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Please keep Dallas going!!!! Love the show

  39. Rosemary Esquivel says:

    Pls bring back Dallas. You can’t leave us hanging like that. Is Elena prego by John Ross or Nicholas. My $$$’s on John Ross. Who killed Chrisopher? Is there a sister that John Ross is looking for or a brother (Nicholas). What happenes with Sue Ellen and Bobby? I have been a fan from the beginning and I refused to let the Ewings die. I’m sure Larry hangman AKA JR would of wanted this? No he wouldn’t. Pls bring them back. Signed a loyal Dallas fan for life.

  40. Save Dallas it’s my favorite show.

  41. Regina Delvalle says:

    Please bring Dallas back. I dint really watch TNT except for that show. Please bring it back I love the show it is a great continuation from the original show.

  42. Get it back on. After re watching the original series 2 years ago I was so ready for the new one!

  43. Gayle Castleberry says:

    Dallas leaves, I leave TNT! The best show on tv!!!!!!!

  44. Samantha Young says:

    Keep Dallas best programme ever xx

  45. Tracy Winkles says:

    Bring Dallas back!!! Mend our broken hearts!!! Bring Dallas back home to CBS!!

  46. Anonymous says:


  47. Anonymous says:

    Born and raised in Dallas!!! This is my family!!!! Bring it back, please!!!!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Bring it back! Don’t leave us hanging!!!

  49. yes please save Dallas, I love this show

  50. #savedallas
    I signed a petition and I’m passing around so you have that working for you. I know I’m schocked TNT would end the show this way. Keep the drama going – we are sick of reality, tv, talent shows and dead people walking around in those sy fy shows. So lets get the party started and “DO THIS!”

  51. I am ALL for saving my favorite TV Show Dallas and pray it can be done!

  52. Please, please!! Dallas has always been my favorite show. Don’t let us down — there are too many fans whom will be disappointed.SAVE DALLAS!!


  54. Anonymous says:

    I want Dallas back. Loved the show.

  55. Brooke Atkins says:

    Save Dallas please! I watched it as a child and I love it more now!

  56. Keep Dallas on the air!!!!

  57. Pam Schroeder says:

    #SaveDallas, I love this show, and I’m not ready for it to be over! I have Watched Dallas from the beginning, and I never miss an episode!!!

  58. Billy Fausett says:

    Please find a new home for Dallas

  59. Zugey…says

  60. Kim Collins says:

    Have been so sad in the UK each time they move the show to a later more unwatchable time. How can they judge ratings when most fans are forced to search for other means to watch the show at more sociable hours? I’ve watched via youtube etc because I can’t stay up late, children to get up and ready for school in the morning etc.

  61. amee barclay says:

    There is already 2 petitions going on causes.com. one wants TNT to bring Dallas back the other wants the show back on cbs. The fans are behind you!

  62. Marcy Van Gilder says:

    Please! Please! Bring back Dallas!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t cancel Dallas love this show. I really hope another network picks it up. I know alot of people who watched the show and will be heart broken. TNT you suck.

  64. Leona Kools says:

    Dallas save. Love this show .

  65. Kerri Burrus says:

    Please bring DALLAS back!

  66. dianne charney says:


  67. Anonymous says:


  68. Andy Weiss says:

    Germany ( 80 Millions people ) loves DALLAS. Please go on. We want to see Dallas in Germany. Let s go to season 4 !!!
    And then with more “OLD STARS”…

  69. Jen Dershem says:

    TNT, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! YOU CAN’T CANCEL THIS SHOW! THERE ARE MILLIONS OF FANS AND I WANT TO SEE THE STORY KEEP GOING! I am very saddened by your decision. If you continue to do this, I will never watch TNT again. Plain and simple.

  70. please bring our beloved dallas show back!!! there is more to the story and please don’t kill off christopher us fans love this show and love these actors!!!!! i have watched the original tv series and having this new show brought back so many nice memorys for me!!!i love it when bobby goes face to face with john ross!!!please bring our show back!!! cheri lynn francis

  71. Only positive energy!!! Dallas fan’s are the best fans who fight for their own! #BRINGBACKDALLAS #SAVEDALLAS! The Ewings are our family! Look at what we can do! It’s been twenty-four hours since the bad news bomb went off, and we “blew up” TNT’s phone lines, voicemails and facebook page…..THERE IS YOUR BOOM TNT!!!!

  72. I live in Portugal and i love Dallas! I think that you (tnt) don´t have ideia of the number of fans at the whole world. So, stop counting the audiences of usa and start to have in consideration the audiences of another countries. Sorry about my english. Greetings from Portugal

  73. Anonymous says:

    Please save dallas! Bring it back, dont leave us hanging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Hiya lovely Dallas actors and whole crew,
    The problem ist that there are a lot oft german
    Dallas fans as well and from other countries for sure.
    But your problems to keep Dallas running will not get here…..
    I wouldn’t have known about it, if i wouldn’t have liked Josh Hendersons facebook fan side.
    So you should let the german and all the other Fans know whats going on…somehow

    Bless ya xxx

  75. Fingers crossed #SaveDallas, would love to see it on another network!


  77. Stupid move to cancel Dallas!! I will be boycotting tnt until you bring it back!

  78. Corina Olmeda says:

    Please save Dallas. It truly is an awesome show!!!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Please come back!!!! Trying to save Dallas!

  80. Season three was the best ever. The finale was the best two hour finale ever. The perfect cliffhanger. We need to find out what happens to Christopher and Elena, what will John Ross and Judith do to Bobby, will Pamela seek revenge once more. There are more stories to tell.

  81. Vicky Smith says:

    SAVE DALLAS! We love this show….don’t cancel this show!

  82. Bring Dallas back!

  83. I hate when they leave us hanging not to mention I live in Dallas and y’all are going till cancel a beloved TV show that gives a good story so y’all can develop a new genre on TV come on this has been a loved TV show since I was a kid it needs to be renewed.

  84. Please save Dallas!!! My favorite show

  85. Please save Dallas!!! I love the show and need more Ewing/Barnes drama !!

  86. #savedallas love the show please bring it back

  87. Corina Olmeda says:

    #Save Dallas

  88. Please keep Dallas going it’s a great show I look forward to watch on Mondays , iv been watching this show for years

  89. #SaveDallas Please bring this show back!!!

  90. Chris Griffith says:

    Please continue with Dallas season 4. I’ve watched the show since I was a child and am now 47 years old. I’ve grown up with the Ewings. Please don’t let this fabulous show end. The actors are terrific and the 20 years that took place between the original and the new one was seamless. TNT REALLY??? I never would’ve watched your network without Dallas. Please bring it back!!!
    Please please please

  91. please commission a 4th season. We love it here in the UK x

  92. I think TNT needs to rethink this through because I enjoyed watching Dallas on Monday nights. The 1st Dallas ran for year on ABC or CBS so why not keep it going or does the other networks pick it up and have a long run with it .

  93. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas Back Now!

  94. Karen Botting says:

    Is there a let’ssave Dallas petition or Facebook group?

    We love Dallas in the UK!


  96. sue dotson says:

    I love Dalls! Let’s keep it going!


  98. Nancy Breshears says:

    #SaveDallas Yes, save Dallas. It’s a great show with excitement and twist and turns all through it. The acting is superb! I love the older characters with the younger characters. I wish they hadn’t killed off Christopher. It’s better with him. I love John Ross and Bobby. Sue Ellen is cool too. And Judith, omg! She’s AWESOME!!

  99. #Savedallas. I love the show and pray for their return.

  100. #Save Dallas!

  101. I would love for tnt to keep dallas it is one of the best shows on tnt i never miss an episode and really hope you will reconsider and leave dallas on, for another three more seasons.

  102. I have watched Dallas since the beginning, it just keeps getting better , and it has every year even after JR, don’t take it away or Christopher, we need a good drama like Dallas nothing and I mean nothing on tv today compares save Dallas

  103. starmony82 says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  104. #SaveDallas!

  105. Joy Strother says:

    Bring Dallas Back!

  106. Carolyn Porter says:

    Save Dallas enjoy this every week please bring it back

  107. Please do not cancel the show! Maybe another network can pick it up!

  108. steve brojer says:

    Please bring Dallas back!!

  109. Save the show! I actually got to visit the real Southfork Ranch in the 80s. I love this show!!!!!

  110. Kim tuberville says:

    Dallas is the best show on TNT you will lose viewers! #SaveDallas!

  111. Nancy Argenti says:

    Please save Dallas, I’ve been watching it since the very first episode!! Monday nights are empty without it. Please bring it back, in memory of Mr. Hagman!!!

  112. Laura Wightman says:

    #save Dallas I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama please!!!!

  113. This is the kind of show that could have really put TNT on the map like regular channels they are making such a huge mistake

  114. Susan Allen says:

    This was a GREAT show with GREAT writers……….long time Dallas fans were THRILLED with the new show………….TNT, are you NUTS?? Cancelling is just plain foolish!

  115. I don’t care which network picks Dallas up it needs to be picked up! Dallas is the best sow on television! Save Dallas!

  116. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas

  117. Kristi Bradley says:

    #Save Dallas..This is the best show in primetime. I have been a Dallas fan for over 35 years and absolutely love the Ewing saga!! CBS would be the perfect network to pick up this show!

  118. Anonymous says:

    Watch the old Dallas as a kid. Now love the new one. Bring it back!

  119. Save Dallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  120. Leslie williams says:

    I’m saddened by the cancelation! I LOVE DALLAS!!!! Monday’s were my favorite because of DALLAS! Please please keep it

  121. Save Dallas. I love this show I have never missed a show. I have watched even the old Dallas. Several times I have posted that I use to watch Dallas with my Aunt Estelle Anderson. JR was her favorite. Please do not cancel this show. Dallas is such a legend we all grew up watching. We love it I hope another net work will pick it back up. Dallas Lives.

  122. My mom grew up watching dallas ! And I’ve come to love the new seasons! Every Monday that’s the only thing I would forward to! Bring it back! Why don’t you guys make a change ?! That law and order crap is boring !

  123. #SAVEDALLAS – Don’t let this be the end!!!!!

  124. Please save dallas. .. All us Irish love it more than anything in da world xx pleeeeeeeeeees xx

  125. Krysta Marberry says:

    Save Dallas!! John Ross Has More Trouble To Bring!!! Bobby Has A Marriage To Save!

  126. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas Back! I Love this show! #SaveDallas

  127. SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!!!! BEST SHOW ON!

  128. please bring it back. It was a great show

  129. Margaret McEvoy says:

    SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  130. Bring back Dallas. Loved the new one almost more than the first. Great stories. Awesome cast. Bring it back.

  131. Bring Back Dallas!!!! My family loved the show and want it to continue!!!!

  132. I’m all over it! Tweeting and Facebook posting all over the place! And I am officially boycotting TNT. Tweet TNT’s public relations department to tell them how wrong they are @TNTPR. Also, there is a petition to bring Dallas home to CBS. Follow me on Twitter to forward the petition @1QueenAmy13 #SaveDallas


  134. Mary Quiett says:

    Put Dallas back on TNT what are you thinking its a good show please put it back on now.

  135. Kimberly Cromheecke says:


  136. Please, for the love of everything holy and the Republic of Texas, SAVE DALLAS. This was the absolute best written show on TV. And not only that, but you left us without knowing if Christopher is alive or not. Geez people, have a heart

  137. Anonymous says:

    Please bring Dallas back…as a viewer of the original series from the very first episode, I was impressed with the remake. It has a definite fan base that warrants it returning…To the power that be, please listen to the fans..

  138. Edith Bowen says:

    Save Dallas, love watching the struggles of the Ewings and how it seems to work out.

  139. Michelle Kelley says:

    Why would TNT take off a show that is loved? What do they want to do show another episode of Castle?

  140. Bring Dallas back. I’m sick of my favorite shows being canceled.

  141. Becky Moore says:

    I grew up watching Dallas and as an adult have planned my Mondays around watching the new Dallas. It was just getting good, I hate the the series has ended, it left so many like myseld wanting more. #SaveDallas

  142. jasonhough says:

    I want dallas back

  143. Elizabeth Rocha says:

    Save Dallas! Love u all and your show!!!! Live on!

    I grew up on the original and can’t get enough of the next generation, we wee just saying hire it is not enough episodes a season!!!!

  145. frederique1979 says:

    I’m pretty sure you could get more viewers by changing the social media management of the show. Many times spoilers were posted right after airing the show. Why would people want to see their DVR recording or a rerun if they already know what’s going to happen in that episode? You need to have people stay home to watch this show, because there is no other way of knowing what happens. You need people to be engaged to this show so that they become loyal watching fans. I have many ideas on how the right use of social media can give this show a boost in viewers. Good thing I can be hired for this purpose 🙂

  146. I loved Dallas since the original show I hope it gets picked up by the CW or Fox so I can Watch it again please keep it goin old J.R. Would love it

  147. Kristen brock says:

    What want Dallas back #savedallas

  148. I want my Dallas back! #savedallas

  149. Thonya garvey says:

    Please please bring back dallas it fantastic cant loose this show

  150. I am a huge fan of Dallas, the Cliffhanger for Season 3 has set the stage up for an even greater following! The viewers are tired of boring reality shows. Dallas is a classic and should be continued on the air! The loss of Larry Hagman was a blow, but I think the show is just starting to hit its stride! Please let it continue!!!!!

  151. Jefftreado says:

    Great show please renew


  153. BRING BACK DALLAS ! It’s the one show that worth watching !! #SAVEDALLAS

  154. Please keep Dallas on, Very good writing and acting. Will miss it terribly.

  155. Please save Dallas!!

  156. Juanita Dennis says:

    #save Dallas love the show.

  157. There’s always Netflix!! As someone who doesn’t have cable anymore (due to the cost), I would prefer to see it on Network television (like the original series was) or even Netflix. I did watch the first two seasons on TNT (when I had cable), but I purchased (prepaid) Season 3 on Amazon Instant Video and watched it the day after it aired. Purchasing the episodes was a LOT cheaper than paying a $200/month cable bill for the ONE show I LOVED on cable!! No matter where it ends up, I WILL find a way to watch it … even if I have to buy the episodes!!

  158. Finally, a scripted show with depth…..The writing was incredible and every week was like a season finale with a huge cliffhanger making you beg for the next episode…….Of course, ratings were going to slip a little since Larry Hagman died…..but give the show a chance to get it’s momentum back……Look how brilliant the writing was when Hagman died suddenly, and the writers had to rework the whole plot line….that was so brilliant and seamlessly done…….don’t cancel this show…..please save it.

  159. Give me a break!!!! What were they thinking??? SAVE DALLAS!!!

  160. Please bring back Dallas. I love it as much as the original and it is my favorite show on TV! Don’t disappoint the loyal fans TNT!

  161. Dallas has been one of the best shows, watched it growing up and was super happy when the new Dallas came on. It’s very sad that it’s ended once again. Not happy at all

  162. Anne Prevo says:

    I am all for Dallas to be saved. I will watch as long as it is on TV. I love that show so much. I watched it all 3 seasons when it was on. Please bring Dallas back.

  163. Liza lopez says:

    We love dallas we are so Dissapointed it has been cancelled hope ing another network picks it up!!!

  164. William Don Smith Jr. says:

    Dallas was just getting good why in the world would you cancel a show that every one can’t wait till it is Monday for Dallas to come on so they can see what happen next.

    It is a fantastic show and I love it

    Don Smith Jr

  165. Please don’t cancel my favorite show so many unanswered ?. That I need answers too

  166. #Save Dallas!!!! Grew up watching this show & was thrilled when it came back on. Dallas is my favorite TV show bring it back!!!

  167. Bigggerfoot says:

    Dallas kicks Ass !! Go to Netflix. Perfect fit. Then you can up load a whole season at once. That would be Titz!!

  168. Timaza Williams says:

    #SAVEDALLAS. Bobby should know that Christopher is dead. Elaina needs to know who’s the father of her unborn child is.

  169. Omg please aaaahhhh bring it back

  170. Lori Pace says:

    Please keep Dallas going!
    The way TNT ran it and have it on for about 10 episodes then not have it come on again till the next January made it Extremely hard to keep its audience!! Then this last year they split up the season!!! What the heck!! How do you expect for a show no matter how good it is to keep their viewing numbers up!
    This is a Great Show with Great Tradition! Bring it back and let it run a normal amount of episodes and NOT wait a year before you show the next season and then you will have the total number of Viewers you are looking for!

    • There are so many places the show could end up. Netflix already have the first 2 season available to stream. I think it would be a good fit. Plus shows like House of Cards post the whole season all at once.No waiting 4 months for new episodes.

  171. KENYUANA Jenkins says:


  172. #savedallas Love, love, love the show! So many great twist even episode.

  173. Anonymous says:

    I want to see more Dallas please!!!!!!

  174. Devonna Cooper says:

    #savedallas!! I’m not a reality TV show fan. I am one of many who still appreciates drama. Real acting. This season was one of the best seasons of the new Dallas saga! Patrick Duffy’s directing of the episode “Hurt” was A-1! Actors like Judith Light and Josh Henderson, their chemistry as business partners is fantastic!! Why screw all that up? TNT ought to be ashamed! I don’t care how it happens, bring Dallas back!

  175. nikki tubo says:

    Please save dallas i love that show i watch it every mobday and dvr it i will not watch anything on monday night until dallas is over

  176. Brenda Russell says:


  177. Anonymous says:

    I definitely love the show and want it to continue. The show was left with quite the cliffhanger and I want to continue watching it for sure. Dallas has always been a great drama show, and I watched the original and the new one with the same enthusiasm. Please please please find a new home for the show on another network. I think Elena’s baby is John Ross’!!!!

  178. Sharla Rucker says:

    Keep Dallas on!!!!!

  179. Save Dallas please. I love thief show and used to watch the original growing up

  180. ive been watching it on bravo!!! convince bravo to keep airing it!! its my favorite show!!! #save dallas

    i want to meet john ross’s sister and who is elenas babys father!!! there are soo many bad shows out ghere and this is definitely not one of them

  181. Christine Souza Parreira says:

    PLEASE SAVE DALLAS ! So many unfinished things….. Where is Callie & her Child at ? Where is James ? How about Bobby’s & Jenna Wade Krebbs Son Lucas ? Bring back as many of the original people that you can. How about why doesn’t Dusty walk back into Sue Ellen’s life ….. Why does Christopher have to die maybe we all thought he was in the Car but he wasn’t after All . PLEASE SAVE DALLAS 👍😍

  182. Please find a way to keep DALLAS on the air! I love this show!

  183. Amanda Love says:

    #SaveDallas It’s an amazing show!!!

  184. Pease save Dallas.!!!! I Love the Ewings

  185. Please bring Dallas back! I am a long time watcher and I thought each show was better than the previous one. Love the writers as much as I did the actors.

  186. Save Dallas, no other show on TV like it. I love even more than the original Dallas. I live here in Dallas, dang proud of the show and the city.

  187. Allissiea McGee says:

    I Love Dallas, I want to save My show so let’s just find another network. Whatever it takes to bring back My Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Deborsh J Rsmirez says:

    #SaveDallas! I been watching Dallas since it first aired on TV and I have not been tried of the Ewings. Please save Dallas I want it back on TV please.

  189. I’ve watched Dallas since the eighties and I’m not ready for this to end. Please find a way to keep them on the air.

  190. Save Dallas…If not for the viewers but for Larry! He really will be cursing up there. Please renew contracts and show!

  191. Don’t let Dallas, DIE! We need it to continue… Have signed and posted the petition on facebook and Twitter…

  192. Faith Norris says:

    I love this show! I am a huge fan. I used to watch the original back in the 80’s as a little kid, with my family. This modern version is just what the next generation ordered. TNT screwed up this one BIG TIME! This prime time drama is perfectly sandwiched throughout the year, when the usual networks are on hiatus, too! It’s TV, well worth watching. I love the drama of the Ewing family & thoroughly enjoy the actors & the roles that they play. (Couldn’t imagine it any other way!) I can’t imagine going without Southfork & the ongoing battles at Ewing Global. Since TNT royally screwed up by letting this amazing show ” ride off into the sunset” without so much as a second thought, I hope that another network that capitalizes on TNT’s “Epic Fail” and realizes what a profitable gem this show/legend truly is. #savedallas #TNTepicfail

  193. Jacqui Canavan says:

    PLEASE SAVE DALLAS! I was a huge fan of the 80s show and LOVE the new one! It’s the best show on TNT!

  194. SAVVVVVE. DALLLLLAS !! You idiots !!!

  195. Please bring back Dallas. Love the show and all the actors ! 💛💙💜💚❤️

  196. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas !!!! Loved it since the 80s always been a big fan

  197. Crystal Simms says:

    I grew up watching this show. .so many memories and I love the new version especially That part of the original cast is Still on! The new generation of the Ewings is exciting it’s a show I do not miss.. please don’t cancel!!

  198. I love the show and will follow it wherever it goes! So happy that the cast wants to fight for the show. I am behind them 1000% #SaveDallas

  199. save dallas, we love it, com on tnt, do the right thing……

  200. Sharon O'Muilleoir says:

    Hashtags work when you use them on Twitter, not Facebook~

  201. Sheila Lancaster says:

    #savedallas please reconsider putting Dallas back on the air this is my very favorite show and I want to see all the Ewing drama continue.

    Thank you,
    Sheila Lancaster

  202. Anonymous says:

    Lifelong fan from Scotland, even travelled to Texas to do Southfork tour. Was lucky enough to meet a Patrick Duffy whilst there in March. Please find another network to bring us season 4 and more. Gutted to wake up to this news this morning. #SaveDallas

  203. Anonymous says:

    #savedallas Please my husband got me hooked and I don’t want it to end the way it did. I need more Dallas.

  204. Shelley Eagan says:

    Save Dallas!

  205. terri nelson says:

    SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!

  206. Vickie Poole says:

    Do not cancel Dallas. It is a much better show than all those fake reality shows. I loved the 1st Dallas and I love this Dallas.

  207. Please bring Dallas back

  208. Kimberly Spoth says:

    Dallas needs to stay on there is do much more that the viewers need to see. I am a faithful watcher have been since the first episode. Dont let it end like this

  209. Linda Johnson says:


  210. Please reconsider even the slightest chance that Dallas won’t be coming back. I have been an avid fan right from the first segment of Dallas from day one right up through the cliffhanger a couple weeks ago Come on TNT

  211. robbie loughlin says:


  212. Anonymous says:

    Please keep Dallas as it is the greatest show.

  213. Chauna Casto says:

    I Love Dallas!!!! #BringDallasBack

  214. We want Dallas back! COME ON! We want more Pamela&John Ross!!

  215. Randall Bennett says:

    save dallas

  216. Mary Ann Laroche says:

    I am 66 years old. I was totally hooked on the original Dallas and although I was skeptical about the resurrected version I am just as hooked! Are you kidding me?? Canceling Dallas?? I am sure there is some dry data that is driving this decision but I beg you to reconsider! I can’t wait for Tuesday mornings so I can watch the show on the DVR!!!

  217. Dallas for ever ! dont take Dallas away from us ! I’m a Belgan fan and i’m still watching Dallas with the old cast every week on Thursday ! love them all !

  218. Kelley Ensminger says:

    please renew Dallas! It’s one of the few shows I regularly watch! PLEASE!!

  219. I want Dallas on!

  220. Taryn Mason says:

    #Savedallas it really pisses me off when networks make decisions like this. I think they owe the fans closer! You can’t have a nail bitter ending and not have one last season to properly close it out! #Savedallas

  221. Jen smith says:

    #letssavedallas Please save Dallas!!!!! It is a great entertaining show that I look forward to watching (except for the death of Christopher). I love how they brought back some of the old with the new. I use to look forward to the original Dallas as a child and enjoy the same feeling with what I feel to be the continuance of this one. This show has a great cast to go along with good writers. What show has been as big as Dallas, go off the air, and then make a hugely successful return. Perhaps the networks need to open their eyes and take notice to a hit show that already has an audience awaiting to watch it!!!!

  222. Patrick Duarte says:

    Save Dallas! Bring on Season4.

  223. Michele Powers says:

    I don’t watch much tv, and the few shows I watch you cancels the best one. Renew Dallas!

  224. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas! So glad Duffy and Gray are pushing to keep it going!

  225. marcia7550 says:

    I am committing to re-watch Season 1 and 2 on netflix. Also going to purchase a Dallas ringtone for my phone! We need to blow up twitter and facebook with #SaveDallas

  226. Please Save Dallas. My daughter and I waited all summer for this 3rd season and I watched many episodes not just 9-10 but 10-11 too! We love you Bobby and Sue Ellen and know Dallas will be back for the 4th season!

  227. I love Dallas don’t take it away!!!!!😢

  228. Pauline Herrin says:

    I love Dallas bring it back please

  229. Cheryle Woods says:

    Please keep Dallas on the air! There’s too many police/crime shows, too many ridiculous reality shows! Think Kardashions, GAG……we all need a love to hate hero!

  230. Lisa Clements says:

    Please bring Dallas back. It’s a awesome show and I enjoy it every time it came on. All 3 seasons were great and I want to see 10 seasons. I grew up watching Dallas and it breaks my heart that TNT canceled it. BRING DALLAS BACK!!!!!

  231. Kimberly Sparling says:

    Save one of the best shows on tv

  232. Tina Watson Norman says:

    #SaveDallas! We love Dallas, We want Dallas, We need Dallas, Keep Dallas on the air

  233. Please please find a home for Dallas! I am a loyal loyal fan as well as my friends and we don’t want to see this show end! Please bring it back! We need our Ewing drama! #SaveDallas

  234. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas! Love the show!

  235. I’m in the UK and we are a few episodes in on Season 3. The channel that show it here are messing us around by burying it in a graveyard slot. I have been a huge fan of the show since it first began in the 80’s and have never missed an episode. I really hope that Dallas can be saved and I am sure there is so much more stories to come. It cannot come to an end and I wish everyone every success in getting it saved. Keep up the good work.

  236. Save our DALLAS!!! This show is an American icon with the best cast ensemble ever & I will follow it anywhere. Bring it BACK!!!!

  237. Maja Faber says:

    We were growing up with Dallas, we have to be coming old with the Dallas series! I think there will be a broadcoast for continuïng the series, yes?!!!

  238. carol taylor says:

    Please renew Dallas. It is an amazing show. Please we haven’t had a show like this since well…the original.

  239. Please save this show! Its awesome!

  240. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas I love this show

  241. Anonymous says:

    I have not enjoyed a primetime soap like Dallas since the early 90’s Melrose Place, Models Inc., Pacific Palisades. TNT made a ridiculous mistake when they decided to pull the plug on Dallas for the 2nd time, just when it became a social media icon. I encourage the powers that be, Warner-Horizon to search for a new network or platform. I would definitely watch via Hulu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or anywhere else in cyberspace. or television. #SaveDallas #EwingPower #Barnes #Ryland #PagingVictoriaPrincipal

  242. Deborah Briceno says:

    I have been watching this show forever since it first started and was very excited that it came back. For them to cancel it, especially with a cliff hanger is crap!!!!! Put it back on!!!!! Or at least end it right!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡.pls

  243. Gil Sanchez says:

    Dallas is a extreme show needs to keep it on the air

  244. Betsy, MD says:

    Dallas is one of the best shows on television. The writing is amazing. The cast is fantastic. Please bring it back.

  245. soapboxmom1 says:

    Let’s save Dallas. please sign and pass the following petition on!



  247. Save Dallas! I think putting it on another network is a great idea. Too many good shows aren’t making it past the first or 2nd season and it’s ridiculous. The story line with John Ross following in JR’s foot steps is too good to pass up. What was TNT thinking? I love this show. I think Elena needs to go and glad Christopher is dead. And Pamela showing her Barnes way is great tv. Save Dallas!

  248. What if CBS takes you guys back? It was the network Dallas was originally on. Iam extreemly sadden by this news please bring back Dallas, its not over!!!

  249. Allison Washburn says:

    Please bring Dallas back!!! I am heartbroken!

  250. Chauna Casto says:

    #SaveDallas. I love this show!!

  251. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t stop dallas I love it was gutted when hurd thay was doing no more

  252. Lonie Foster says:


  253. Karen Wasko says:

    Please, we need to save DALLAS!!! This is my favorite show on TV!!!

  254. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas!!!!! I love the show and WANT it to continue!!! DO NOT LET IT DIE!!!!

  255. Leslie Brady says:

    LOVE Dallas!!!!!! My favorite show- please do not take it away!!!!

  256. Caroline sutton says:

    PLEASE PLEASE SAVE DALLAS as it’s the most ICONIC T.V SERIES of ALL TIME. Well Done to all the New Actor’s and Actresses in Dallas for they have been Fantastic putting there own marks on there character’s Brilliantly also Lot’s of RESPECT to the ongoing original’s Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. The show MUST GO ON. From a Very Saddened viewer that’s followed and collected all the series from back in the 80’s

  257. The the show back the only good thing on Monday

  258. OMG, you can’t cancel Dallas, I watched it first time around and love it just as much this time, please Save Dallas!!!

  259. #SaveDallas It has been a favorite of mine when I was young, and I loved the past three seasons. We need to know who Elena’s baby daddy is!!!!!!!!

  260. Kristy Geiger says:

    I want ya’ll to renew dallas because I love to watch dallas a lot and plus it’s a very good show to watch too k!!!!! SO PLEASE RENEW DALLAS FOR A SEASON 4!!!!

  261. Yup, it is #SaveDallas time. I work in the industry, and cancelled shows rarely get picked up – that being said, the TIME IS NOW to speak up and remind other networks/providers that you LOVE DALLAS.

    We have a short window of time before they strike the DALLAS sets, which WILL figure into a pick-up ( or NOT picking it up).

    Rather than complaining to/about TNT ( their decision has been made) we must focus on Amazon Video, Netflix, HuluPlus, Yahoo, The CW, CMT and Lifetime. Perhaps even CBS.

    Cast and crew are ready to come back, now it is TIME for the BEST fans on the planet to make some noise, DALLAS style!

  262. shauna cervoni says:

    #let’s save dallas, i love that show it’s one of the best shows on tv,

  263. I want dallas BACK I love this show loved it 20 yrs ago love it now… Please TNT don’t make a huge mistake bring Dallas back it’s worth saving and having around…

  264. please save the show. It’s got a lot more life.


  265. Lauren Gander says:


  266. Anonymous says:

    I have watched Dallas ever since it came on years ago and I do not want to see them take it off .

  267. Michelle f says:

    Dallas is mine and my husbands favorite show. We haven’t missed one episode. Love,Love,Love Dallas. Please rethink the cancellation.

  268. Save Dallas – too many things you can drop besides Dallas – the Kardashian stuff, Real Housewives of Atlanta (or anywhere else), Biggest Loser (perfect name)…..Dallas is one of the best written AND acted shows on TV, would be a shame to lose it. #SaveDallas

  269. Linda Arment says:

    Plz find a new home for Dallas enjoy watching it every time !!!

  270. #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  271. Dallas come back soon! It is a series of excitement, dramatic scenes that are fully up to date to our era, having the old stars in the series makes it even more special, why kill a series that is so popular & can make you lots of $ & popular. Dallas we need you in our lifes!

  272. Stacy Webster says:

    Dallas is the only reason why I watch TNT. Its the BEST show on the netwotk. If TNT would like to keep their fans then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING Dallas back!! We need to carry Larry Hagman legacy on!!

  273. OMG What is wrong with TNT. Dallas is an awesome show, one of the better ones on TV. Sick of reality show. Television needs more dramas and comedies, not reality shows. BRING BACK DALLAS. You are going to lose loyal TNT fans, just like A&E did by canceling LONGMIRE – another awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. Julie Kerr says:

    Lifelong fan from Scotland. Please bring back Dallas – season 4 plus many more

  275. If you really want to be smart and you really want smart people who enjoy retro shows to come back this with Dallas a second Generation of not only the Original Fans but New Fans.. you would keep it on, even if it means changing the Day or Time.. don’t sell out on a great product of a show with such talent.. Listen to the Viewers for once this is so much better then any of the Reality shows all put together and you can do so much with it even new product lines etc.. WAKE UP KEEP THE SHOW>>>

  276. #SaveDallas PLEASE save this wonderful show! I, like many other fans here, won’t watch TNT again. Not that you care. TNT, you obviously can’t see the forest through the trees and if you can’t see the worth of an American icon drama like Dallas, compared to ugly, ridiculous, trashy reality shows, well than you are even more ignorant that can be described in this space. IDIOTS! Please bring this show back. If you won’t, I will watch whatever network picks it up and cancel and boycott TNT.

  277. I want yall to renew Dallas because I love it

  278. Sheryl Morin says:

    Save Dallas, it’s my fav show! Please, please, please bring Dallas back!

  279. courtney dowdy says:

    Save Dallas!

  280. Tammy Baumeyer says:


    When Dallas had it’s premier show I thought in no way was it going to be as good, as the old Dallas, but it was so good, I couldn’t wait for every Monday night, to see what was the next twist or turn, that was going to happen or when the next season was going to start.
    When JR died I thought it wouldn’t be as good either, but Josh Henderson is so amazing, as an actor, that it was still a great show. Not to take anything away from Patrick Duffy, Linda Grey or anyone else, because they are all amazing on this show. Maybe TNT isn’t the best network for Dallas anyway, because I hear a lot of.. I don’t watch TNT, except for Dallas.

  281. please Save DALLAS
    it’s a great show!

  282. I hated Monday’s until Dallas came on , please please keep it going !!!!!

  283. I watched the first Dallas & I watch this Dallas. Dallas is such a good show to watch, please do not take this show away from us. It is one of the best written shows on TV with great actors. Take away the reality shows & keep our good shows with great actors. #SaveDallas

  284. Please let’s save Dallas

  285. deb smith says:

    Please don’t cancel Dallas as my mom who is 82 loves this show and we get together and talk about it !!!

  286. Please keep Dallas! It’s a great show.

  287. Anonymous says:

    I was upset and Iam still upset because ya’ll won’t renew Dallas for a new season SO PLEASE!!!!! RENEW DALLAS FOR A SEASON 4 SO ME AND Everyone else can watching Dallas again on the TNT Channel k????

  288. #savedallas Bring it back and keep it on. it is the best t.v show on televison. stop taking off the great actors and good shows for all the boring reality shows! PLEASE PLEASE SAVE DALLAS

  289. #SAVEDALLAS NOW!!!!!

  290. Kristy Geiger says:

    I was upset and Iam still upset that ya’ll won’t do a season 4 for Dallas!!! And I love to watch Dallas too so PLEASE
    RENEW DALLAS FOR SEASON 4 SO ME and everyone else can watch Dallas again on the TNT channel k!!!!

  291. lets try to save this great show! TNT’s loss should be another networks gain. I’m not ready for this show to be done. So many unanswered questions. Best show ever👍

  292. delena trent says:

    I don’t tweet… how can i sign petition ?
    Please don’t cancel Dallas! !
    That’s a great show. Especially for those of us who saw all the originals.
    Please TNT rethink this.
    delena trent
    Lebanon, Ky.

  293. # save dallas

  294. Wayne Curley says:

    We need to save Dallas!

  295. Teresa Sykes says:

    #saveDallas bring this show back is a wonderful show #saveDallas

  296. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that Franklin and Bash has far less ratings but still gets renewed rather than Dallas. At least give them a proper send off to a legendary show.

  297. TNT sucks! This was a great reboot. I watched the original and I think this young cast has done a fantastic job alongside the originals. The writers have done a great job keeping J.R.’s memory alive. If It’s a budget issue, cancel Franklin & Bash…. that’s a waste of an hour.

  298. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas please

  299. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas!!!!!!!

  300. Save dallas

  301. Please do not take Dallas off the air, it has been running for so long, and is a great show. Keep Dallas on the air!

  302. Sheila Lord says:
  303. Dallas is an amazing show! It needs to be saved! #SAVEDALLAS

  304. Sheila Lord says:
  305. Just bring DALLAS back!!

  306. Save Dallas

  307. Evelyn Martinez says:

    pleasr renew Dallas don’t just leave as it is I have been watching do a long time

  308. bsells@pattersonauto.com says:

    Bring Dallas Back please I love this show, it has been years since we have been fortunate with this kind of drama, I love every episode, please please please renew Dallas

  309. Morgan Richardson says:

    Don’t cancel!!!!

  310. Beth Adams says:

    I grew up watching Dallas and was thrilled when it started coming back on. Dallas is the BEST show on television.

  311. Rebecca Davies says:

    #SaveDallas Shocked when I heard it was cancelled! Love love love this show, it is the only show I watch on Monday nights! Please RENEW DALLAS!!!!!!!

  312. I agree with CMT. Tweet Julie Chen, CBS and CMT. Julie is married to Les who is president of CBS.

  313. Candi Brannan says:

    #savedallas. Please save Dallas!

  314. I will do all I can via my column to make sure beloved “Dallas” continues. Shame on TNT for prematurely canceling it do to poor scheduling. There are more stories to tell with the clan called Ewing!

  315. #SaveDallas I want to see Dallas back on my tv screen!! Have loved the show. Please renew Dallas.

  316. Alice Tomek says:

    SAVE DALLAS!!!!!!

  317. Sandra Lewis says:

    Sandra Lewis

  318. Anonymous says:

    The Ewings shoukd never die! Please save Dallas, a true Texan love!

  319. I loved this show from the beginning and my brother and I our devoted fans now. He went blind in Decemebr from an auto accident that was not his fault and every money we would get together watch this show live and discuss it. It’s fantastic great writer stories and actors. TNT made a huge mistake but let their loss be another stations gain Save Southfork

  320. Dawn Mays says:

    i hope CBS or NBC ABC A&E hell any network picks up Dallas a huge fan!!! Love it.

  321. Donna weaver says:

    Save Dallas we love the show Please keep Dallas on !!!!!!

  322. Allison Kelley says:

    WHAT ?!?!? Are they freakin NUTS ?!? DALLAS has to stay on !!!

  323. Bring Dallas back, twith writers and to a channel that understands soaps.

  324. #SAVE DALLAS Please bring back Dallas!!!

  325. I love watching Dallas bring it back it is not over yet we need to see it till the end now come why do this now it is getting good bring it back please

  326. Please bring Dallas back on the t.v. loved that show.

  327. scott leighton says:

    Please bring back dallas.

  328. Rhydonna Hyden says:

    Just a suggestion….I tweeted Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones with the #SaveDallas hashtag and asked them to retweet. If enough people do the same maybe they will retweet and a network will notice!

  329. Robert Kravitz says:

    I’ll keep this short and sweet. Don’t cancel. But if TNT does not see the value in Dallas then please find away to get another network to pick it up.

  330. Cami Grimm says:

    I watched Dallas as a kid and picked up watching as it returned on TNT. #SaveDallas….please any and all local networks and cable stations PLEASE consider this show that has worked for decades. Great cast before and now!!

  331. Save Dallas, it’s the best continuing soap on TV. Loved the original, but love this one more.

  332. Leave it on… It’s a great show

  333. Darlene Miles says:

    Please save Dallas

  334. #SaveDallas! TNT damn you, PLEASE: Will another SMARTER station/channel please take over this wonderful show with wonderful actors and story lines, and even greater loyal fans. WE NEED OUR WEEKLY DALLAS FIX!! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  335. #SaveDallas! TNT damn you, PLEASE: Will another SMARTER station/channel please take over this wonderful show with wonderful actors and story lines, and even greater loyal fans. WE NEED OUR WEEKLY DALLAS FIX!! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  336. want Dallas back!!!!! Need some excitement on tv like it provides!!!

  337. We need Dallas the best show

  338. Renee Clem says:

    #SaveDallas please bring the Ewings back. One of the few shows I watch. I have been watching since the original stated

  339. #SaveDallas, please keep Dallas going love the cast and the story is better than before. Have never been into to many Primetime Drama shows, but Dallas came back with a BANG. Love It.

  340. As much as I love this show the sad fact is that unless TNT reverses its decision it’s over. Warner Horizon which produces the show is a division of Warner Brothers which inherited all rights to the original series and characters when they absorbed Lorimar. Warner Brothers also owns TNT which is why the show ended up there. They’re not going to shop the show around to any other cable network not in its current form. If TNT couldn’t make the show work ratings wise when it was basically airing the show for no license fee, no other cable network is going to be willing to shell out what would inevitably be a larger license fee. If some smaller network were to pick it up at some reasonable license fee then the show would have to be produced on such a smaller budget that it would basically be a different show. There’s no way it would be filmed on location in that scenario. Also, if CBS were interested they would have picked the show up from the beginning as some sort of summer series or limited event then perhaps sought to continue the show if it brought them decent ratings. As it is now, they have no financial interest in picking the show up. It’s all about corporate synergy these days and if Warners couldn’t make it work with TNT then that’s basically it. Its a shame because the show was really good and probably should have been on a broadcast network to begin with what with its history and pre-built fan base.

    • Not sure that this is how it normally goes. I doubt that that there was no license fee for Dallas just because everything was held within the corporate family. Maybe there was a reduced fee. Are there any sister-channels that might be more suitable? Also, I would think as long as there is a channel willing to take the risk Warner will be more than happy to provide the license and film more episodes. As long as it gets them revenue they’ll take the show to whoever wants it. I could see it at USA or even Lifetime. But you might be right about the budget. Dallas is an ensemble show. Acast of three won’t do it. You need six to eight for a soap, so it’s not cheap. It could work if they could sell the show to foreign countries, or have them co-produce. But it looks like Dallas didn’t get stellar ratings in other countries either. Anyway, I am hoping for USA to pick up the show and do some nice episoodes with it.

  341. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas, I love it and the only show I would stay up late to watch, The ONLY show worth watching!

  342. Claudio Palmeira says:

    Bring Dallas Back!!!

  343. Save Dallas!!!! I watched the original and now this Dallas, it is a terrific show, I love it and watch it every week…please renew Dallas …

  344. PLEASE save dallas!!!

  345. Please save Dallas!!! I absolutely LOVE this show!!!!!!!!

  346. Maria D'Avola says:

    Please don’t cancel, love the show and the amazing cast, too many unanswered questions, I have watched and enjoyed every episode, and would love to watch more. please renew it.

  347. Linda Austin says:

    Don’t cancel Dallas! The only one great show on

  348. #savedallas please bring back Dallas ! Love Love Love this show, and i am so upset at the thought of no more Dallas.
    There are so many story lines and plots left and it can’t just end the end it at season 3 !

  349. ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING!!! We are not going to let this one go gently into the night – no way!!! Let’s all climb into our Trojan Horse and take down this aberrant decision by TNT – we cannot let this happen!!! Who’s with me on this!!! Let’s take ’em down!!!

  350. #SaveDallas

  351. Anonymous says:

    I was shocked they cancelled Dallas. It is a GREAT show! Please bring it back so I can continue to follow the Ewing family!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOW!!

  352. Please do not cancel Dallas. It really has been an exciting show to watch! I think the writers are superb! You just never know what to expect next. The stories, actors are just great. I am 77 years old and thoroughly enjoy Dallas………..Please keep it on!
    Marian Ann Blair Maryland

  353. Plz we need Dallas! !! #save Dallas! 🙂

  354. Great writing and acting! Bring them back!

  355. # Let’s Save Dallas!! How can you cancel the show? I want to know who the sister is. And want to see Cliff Barnes come back with Pamela. And you blow up Dude in the end. # # Let’s Save Dallas!

  356. The new Dallas was shit hot! For god sake there’s the most pathetic shows going into there 7th or 8th season and there pure horse crap! Dallas always kept you at the edge of your seat wanting more and more each week! John Ross’s character is what makes the show! he’s definitely a chip off the ole block (in the show!). And having bobby and sue Ellen just made it all complete! For god sake get some sense and bring it back and take the other crappy shows off the air!!

  357. Karen Reser says:

    TNT. You people are idiots for canceling Dallas. IT Was A Great Show Back IN The 70’s I hope someone picks it up and makes you all fools. Even thou we don’t have Larry Hagman / J. R any more there are some great actors in the show.

  358. Anonymous says:

    #savedallas Please!!!!!! Such a excellent show with amazing actors!! Please another network pick them up!!! I looked so forward to Monday nights to see the next episode!! Excellent writers!!

  359. This was a huge mistake on the part of TNT! I don’t watch game shows, reality TV or anything else that’s old and boring. I love Dallas and still can’t believe TNT would cancel the best show on TV!

  360. Janice Riley says:

    what! Are you kidding me!?! Off the air! No way! My girls and I love this show the old shows and the new ones alike! With those actors and those storylines Dallas should remain forever! We are forever fans!!!

  361. Darlene Keller says:

    Please save Dallas! I have watched Dallas since the first show and I want to continue to watch it! It’s been fantastic seeing the next generation !

  362. # Let’s Save Dallas!

  363. Please do NOT cancel Dallas!!!!! Best show on TNT.

  364. Denice Freeman Fore says:


  365. I am not one to watch a series of any kind on tv, but when I heard that they were doing a continuation of Dallas I just had to watch to see how it was going to come about. With all the twist and turns the white knuckle roller coster ride that Dallas has given us how could you not want more, between the nail biting edge of your seat cliff hangers it’s become an addiction of Monday nights for all fans of Dallas. The outstanding writers have done an awesome job on Dallas, and the actors have shown what great acting is all about. all I can say is keep fighting Ewing family because I for one will be doing the same. #SAVEDALLAS

  366. Anonymous says:

    Us older generation crowd loved Dallas , and we ought to have something to watch and enjoy on TV, same as the younger crowd. Plus , we have the money to buy the products advertised ! Bring back Dallas PLEASE !!! Don’t care what channel , just get it re-newed .

  367. Dallas needs to return…it was great…because…its not like all the other programs that are the same that are trying to outdue each other. People love the old shows as there was fariety…TCM….people love that as it is part of there past….just like Dallas…SO GET IT BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!……..sas

  368. Please save Dallas #SaveDallas


  370. you would a dum dum not to bring back Dallas , best show on TV in years .

  371. Tina Hunnicutt says:

    #SaveDallas that theme song being played in my home when I was a little girl with family members that have passed on to be brought back and now playing in my home…. Brings me such wonderful memories…. Not just of the show then and the show now but also the love and memories of my childhood and loved ones that I watched it with. Please with what is going on in our country nowadays…. If there is something that brings family together and people love and enjoy… Don’t take it away right now. So much real darkness on the TVs right now…. JR and the Ewings are a blessing and a breath of fresh air 🙂

  372. Anonymous says:

    Dallas is one of the best shows on TV!!! please SAVE this show!!!!

  373. Dodie Gray says:


  374. Kathy Craig says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  375. #SAVEDALLAS You cant end it just when things started to really heat up!!!! Bring it back

  376. Please do not cancell our show Dallas cause. Larry Hagman worked so hard to talk Patrick Duffy & Linda Gray into doing the show again with him ok.. at least keep it going for more seasons as a tribute to JR Larry Hagman..that was a terrible way to just end it .. Fans luv the show and want to see lots morw.. thank u..

  377. Christine says:

    #SaveDallas! It is my FAVORITE show and I want it to continue!!! PLEASE CBS, NBC, ABC PICK UP THIS SHOW AND RUN IT FOR A 9 MONTH SEASON EACH YEAR!!

  378. Anonymous says:

    Please reconsider canceling Dallas. It is the one show we never miss. If it doesn’t come back on our household of 8 will not watch your network again. I will block it on my parental controls

  379. I can’t believe they would even consider dropping Dallas. Even more. I can’t understand why CBS or ABC don’t grab it up!!!

  380. what i viewed this season could of been movie material! Even though we have a thousand channels there isn’t any quality TV. They took it off once can’t understand why again after the show is so popular? #plz bring Dallas Back 👍

  381. I use to watch the Original Dallas
    years ago with my Mother and we both loved it.. Now my mom has passed away but I felt like I had a part of her still with me from Dallas returning to tv.. please don’t cancell our show…. its the best of the best in tv shows….Please change your mind and bring our show back.. thank u..

  382. Pam Gomez says:

    #Save Dallas #Love my Dallas#Love my Ewing family

  383. Please save Dallas!

  384. Please bring Dallas back for another season. I watched the original when I was growing up, n was so excited when it returned with cast members new and original…PLEASE bring it back

  385. Anonymous says:

    We need another season of Dallas to leve it hanging like that is a slap in the face of the fan’s and I want that smile taken off john Ross face when he was sitting in the limo Drinking want to see the look on his face Christopher is dead or do a recast and he is alive butt think he is dead I want bobby and the Ewing family to go after john Ross A## that will be a cool season opener

  386. Bring our Dallas back please.. hope abc, cbs, or fox networks will pick up our Dallas show…:-) can’t be without my Dallas fix..

  387. Anonymous says:

    please save Dallas. Best show on TV put them on another network please!!

  388. Dallas can’t end this way so many unanswered things going on and we luv the characters can’t hardly wait for Mondays to come to watch my Dallas..
    please don’t end it this way Larry would be so dissappointed and fighting for him show if he was alive… lets work real hard to save Dallas . Patrick, Linda, & Josh do what u can to save our precious show Dallas please.. ty…:-)

  389. Kerrie Butler says:

    Let one of the major networks pick it up !!!! Too much reality TV is flooding the networks ! We need more story and carry on the legacy of the Ewings and Southfork ! SAVE SOUTHFORK RANCH !

  390. laurie murphy says:

    Please save Dallas! I love this show and wanna see more.

  391. #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue.

  392. when Dallas came on in the late 70’s i was 8 years old and enjoyed the show. Now that i am an old i love the old Dallas and new Dallas. I got my husband hooked on the show. What did Dallas do to deserve this kind of cancellation. i know there are millions of viewers that want the show back. Please put the show back. if not hopefully there will be other networks that are willing to see their ratings go high with having Dallas on their network.

  393. yes save Dallas says:

    yes save Dallas

  394. Anonymous says:


  395. Really want Dallas to come back. Love the show…!!!

  396. Jackie Campbell says:

    How can u end season 3 the way u do and not come back with season 4….bring it back….I missed Dallas when they ended the original series and was so excited when it came back and had some of the original characters. Don’t let it end

  397. Susan singleton says:

    They need to bring Dallas back. I have watch the old Dallas and the new Dallas it would be really stupid.

  398. Save Dallas I don’t wanna lose another show.

  399. #SaveDallas!! My favorite show!!! Save our show. I love my Ewing family!! Larry Hagman would be so disappointed right now. Keep it going please!!! You have an aussome cast who we love dearly.

  400. Pam Williams says:

    Do whatever must be done!!! Please! !! We love our Ewings!!!!! We don’t care where we watch……we will follow them wherever they go♡♡♡♡♡♡

  401. claude lane says:

    If TNT dont want it lets go eles where, there better networks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  402. There are so many questions left unanswered. I need Dallas back. It was the only reason I even watched TNT, if another network would pick it up, that would be great. Honestly this is the only show that keeps my attention and I tweet along as I’m watching. It’s part of me and I won’t feel complete until it’s back.

  403. I love Dallas and always did 30 years ago, only wish I have is for all characters in it now to stay in it and viewing it on a Monday nyt it could be at 9 pm, ten is a little to late 😦

  404. I love this show. Watched it as a little girl don’t want it too end. Its the best. Come on y’all can’t do this. !!!!! Signed one mad southern girl.

  405. Angeli Gatica says:

    Its a great show, let’s keep it going

  406. Lanamaejohnson j says:

    Please Save Dallas!!! I watched it the first time around with my mom. And now my husband and I watch it and are totally hooked! We toured Southfork together last year and were totally giddy tourists! Please keep the show going!!!

  407. My favorite show!! Pls save Dallas!


  409. Pam Parker says:

    PLEASE don’t cancel Dallas!! I need my fix of John Ross! PLEASE!

  410. Save Dallas….PLEASE!!!! Love the show!

  411. Clay Malloy says:

    Save Dallas

  412. Save Dallas. It was the only decent show on TNT.

  413. I have watched Dallas from day 1 with
    Larry Hagman and now the new generation. Please save Dallas!

  414. Cindy Mims says:

    Please keep Dallas going! It’s the best series on TV. The writers and actors are the best! !

  415. Diana Thomas says:

    Please don’t let this be the end of Dallas! My family and I love the show!

  416. Jim Madewell says:

    TNT would be much better served if they would replace their current management. Obviously, they have no clue as to what they are doing. Dallas was about the only thing they had going for them.

  417. Please keep Dallas Alive!! Was so excited for the show brought back very fond Friday night memories!

  418. Dallas has got to be saved!! It is honestly the only show I consistently watch every week. It is sooooooooo overlooked and underrated. This show is way too legendary to end like that. It needs a real farewell one day – but not any time soon!!! Someone step up to the plate!!!

  419. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas!

  420. Awful news. Before I can think of anything positive to say or do that might help, I must take some time to resent those who didn’t care enough to watch or record it every week, and only NOW are willing to do their part. I’m not talking about anyone specific…I don’t know who is faithful and who isn’t…but for those of you who are stepping up to the plate too little too late, thanks for nothing.

  421. Lee Worsham says:

    keep DALLAS on !!!!!

  422. Anonymous says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  423. Keep Dallas on the air. Love you Josh Henderson

  424. #save dallas ! love, love, love this show. watched the old shows faithfully and the new ones too. can’t believe it’s cancelled.

  425. Save Dallas

  426. Milly Cavanaugh says:

    Save Dallas. I love the show!

  427. Please keep Dallas on the air. Love the show. Sherwood Galen

  428. Deana Thornton says:

    #SaveDallas Bring Dallas back as the iconic show that it is and continue from the AWESOME Season 3 cliffhanger with John Ross being “WORSE” than his father, JR. This is an outrage to cancel….please bring it back. Long-time Fan!

  429. Anonymous says:

    Please keep Dallas on. I watched the old Dallas & loved it. I’m hooked on this one. The actors & actresses are great! Please find another network! SAVE DALLAS!!

  430. Lisa Mask says:


  431. Anonymous says:

    Please SAVE DALLAS! The actors & actresses are wonderful! Loved the old one & I am hooked on the new one!

  432. I have signed as many petitions as I could find today, plus I tweeted both Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray about possibly looking into Netflix as a new home for Dallas. I don’t know if they have any power to do anything, but I do know they both want to keep the show going.

  433. Dallas is the best show on tv I love it and it is sad for so many people TNT is not bring it back. Please bring it back on another station I agree CBS would be great that’s who had it the first time. I love Dallas please don’t take if off bring it back

  434. Leah Giacalone says:

    I SO hope another Network picks them up!!! Don’t give up everyone, we can do this!!!!!!

  435. tina dubry says:

    I love Dallas bring it back!!!!

  436. Save Dallas…..This is one of the few shows that my husband and I actually enjoy watching together

  437. I love this show I grew up with Dallas and now me and my son watch this new generation of Ewings and we love it, this is our bonding time togather, with both of us working we dont spend that much time together but when we do it’s Dallas time so please bring it back we love u guys…. Thanks

  438. I was a fan of the original series and loved the reboot of the show just as much. Such an incredible cast and great writing! Please bring the show to a network that will support it the way it deserves. #BRINGBACKDALLAS #SAVEDALLAS

  439. Stephanie Jackson says:

    #I love Dallas Please Save The Show. Best show on television right now…..

  440. Maria Entenmann says:

    Please keep Dallas going. I love this show and have been watching them since the original one.

  441. TNT,,, you’ve lost a large amount of viewers! There is absolutely no reason for you to cancel Dallas. This show goes back a long way for a lot of us and it has been nothing but outstanding. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray, ,PLEASE PLEASE find a way to come back to us!!

  442. You guys are awesome, Thank so much for all your hard work, Love watching Dallas , and can’t wait till it comes back on again. You guys Rock, Signed by Janis a Big Dallas Fan

  443. Anonymous says:


  444. Anonymous says:

    Now all you Dallas lovers see how we True Blood lovers feel our show got canceled and there was nothing we could do. At least you guys got years with this show we only got 7 seasons.

  445. Anonymous says:

    keep the show going love it

  446. Anonymous says:

    Huge mistake – Dallas was the only show worth watching on TNT! Let’s work to have a network worthy of the viewers pick it up. There are still way too many stories to be told to let this be the end!

  447. keep the show going we love the show

  448. jason walker says:

    save dallas

  449. Anonymous says:

    Why the heck you taking Dallas off ? It’s a great show and has a great stort line. Don’t take this show off. It would be greatly missed if yoy do. I won’t watch TNT anymore if Dallas goes off the air! please keep the show on!

  450. Michael T says:

    I have watched Dallas from day 1 when it was just a 5 part mini series. It has overcome all kinds of obstacles. A network has to pick this up or we need a movie to get closure. Please bring it back!!!!!!!! I met the original cast at the year reunion. Please find a way to make it work. You have the fan base. Please make it happen,

  451. #SaveDallas A tradition to carry on in JR’s name, such a good Drama !

  452. CBS should save Dallas ! Bring it back! And seasons with at least 20 episodes! Fingers crossed .

  453. Save Dallas Please! I love the show and want it to continue. I have watched it from the very beginning. I was so happy when they brought it back after all those years. It is better than ever, and friends and family enjoy watching it and sharing there thoughts after each show. I can’t imagine Dallas being canceled. I hope that a network is smart enough to sign it for years to come. Love all of the Cast and the writers do a wonderful job of keeping everyone on the edge of our seats each and every week.

  454. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas Please! I love the show and want it to continue. My family, friends and I all chat about each and every exciting episode. Was so sad to hear that it was canceled. I am hoping that some network will pick it up for many years to come. I love the actors and the writers. They all do a wonderful job keeping us on the edge of our seats each week.

  455. COME on TNT CHANGE your DECISION and KEEP DALLAS ON the air or this viewer is GONE FOR GOOD

    I WANT DALLAS for a season 4 , 5 , 6 7, and MORE

  456. puertoricanlips says:


  457. Robert Bende says:

    4 season !

  458. Shirley Legg says:

    I watched the old Dallas and have lived the new one. Cannot believe we still have all this reality tv on that really annoys me and we lose a great show like Dallas. To lose yourself with the Ewings each week for an hour is so good I can’t believe it is all gone. Someone MUST PICK IT UP COME ON please don’t leave it like this xxx

  459. WHY ON EARTH WOULD THEY DROP DALLAS??? This was the most interesting twisted hot season ever!!! If TNT drops it (which I will never turn the station on again) I hope a GREAT network will pick it up!! Go DALLAS!!!

  460. #Save dallas, we need them. Great show!!!

  461. Im in shock !!! I can not believe TNT took Dallas off the air. I watched he first Dallas and love this one ! Bring it back !!!

  462. So glad to see this !! Was hoping we would keep pushing forward AND fight to get Dallas back !! Have watched Dallas from the very start of original. LOVE DALLAS !! I have posted #SaveDallas on Facebook and Twitter !! There is sooooo much more to be told of the Ewing family !! Please bring it back…..My husband and I always looked forward to each week with Dallas !! Such a GREAT show and cast !! And the writing is so gripping, lots of twists and surprises !! ~ PLEASE BRING DALLAS BACK ~ Thank you, Leslie H.

  463. Kristin Jeffers says:

    Please consider renewing…The writing and acting have been too good and I have really gotten to love the new characters. I was actually named from the original Kristin by my parents.

  464. Anonymous says:

    I viewed the old episodes when i was a child and now i love the new ones so i don’t want to accept the cancellation.

  465. In the old Dallas there was a close collaboration between Larry Hagman and Leonard Katzman who was one of manufacturers.of how much I don’t know the old Dallas have been involved in the case and the two sons of Leonard Katzman appointed Mitchell Wayne Katzman and Frank Katzman.I wonder at present Patrick Duffy could try an alliance with Katzman brothers, Michael Preece and other various filmmakers from the old Dallas to continue further new series Dallas adjacent to another television network?

  466. Shirley Jonathan says:

    Watched the original show and love this. Much better than yet another NCIS. This grandmother votes to SAVE DALLAS

  467. Anonymous says:

    I can’t be real !!! Dallas need to continue !!!!!
    Please SAVE DALALS….Ewing’s have to go ahead !!!!
    i do not want to accept this decision for the cancellation
    hope to get the news soon that Dallas will continue on another channel…better than TNT

  468. Adele Welbanks says:

    Save Dallas, the best show on TV,

  469. Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t believe that cancelling the show is even being considered…….. Network executives must be idiots.

  470. Indy Kaur says:

    Please, please save Dallas!!!! This is my childhood favourite show and watching the new series I can tell I never have looked more forward then what the next episode will bring. It is the only show I know that shows the real struggles of a family – the fighting, the love and above all if anyone dares to hurt a Ewing how the all come together to protect and honour the Ewing name! #SAVEDALLAS

  471. Phil Monson says:

    TNT….It’s the only show worth watching on your network. … have fun with that decision. ..

  472. Anonymous says:


  473. Mary liston says:

    Please save the show Dallas, best show ever.

  474. we want to see more of Dallas why take a good show off this is crazy

  475. #saveDallas I am so upset with these TV stations cancelling my shows… and leaving the garbage shows on…(most of the reality shows)…. We need a network that has good shows like Dallas, Longmire etc…

  476. Anonymous says:

    Please save Dallas it’s one of the best shows on TV

  477. Anonymous says:


  478. Anonymous says:

    Best show on TV even in UK!! #SaveDallas NOW!!!!!

  479. Marsha Heinze says:

    I really loved watching Dallas. Why do the networks always cancel shows where there is a cliffhanger. So now we won’t know what happens.

  480. The Best Show EVER and will NOT die!!!! #SaveDallas

  481. Keep Dallas! We love the show!

  482. Thinking what JR or Sue Ellen would do, we need to boycott the advertisers of their shows. I know some sponsors made little commercials in theme with the shows. Like Dr. Scholls for Women ran one for Rizzoli & Isle. I also remember Microsoft Surface ran a lot during TNT. If we can compile a list of “big name” advertisers for TNT, maybe concentrate on 10 and then inundate them with backlash emails and calls until TNT picks Dallas back up! Maybe getting advertisers nervous will wake TNT Don’t Know Drama up like BOOM!


  484. Please save DALLAS ,i have watched DALLAS since it all began and i love it , had my doubts when they said they were bringing it back but wow it was just as brilliant, and i look forward to every episode,,Please SAVE OUR DALLAS

  485. Jacqueline Segouin says:

    Please Save Dallas!!!

  486. if you cancel Dallas my fav show ill join isis

  487. We watch Dallas from Romania. Bring back our favourite show!!!

  488. Anonymous says:


  489. Carol kingston says:

    Please save Dallas ive watched every episode from the old to the new,I love it

  490. Please don’t cancel Dallas,

  491. Sadie Black says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  492. Anonymous says:

    please bring back Dallas,Monday night was the one night i waited for all week now i have nothing,why must you be so cruel………………………………..SAVE DALLAS.

  493. Christine Souza Parreira says:

    Keep Dallas on !!!! Everyone go to #saveDallas ! I would like to see more of the original people come back to Southfork! Ray Lucy Jenna James !
    Where is Lucas the baby Bobby & Jenna had ? Where is Callie’s baby with JR ? JR had the cute grandson from James ? So much we have not seen !
    Why does Christopher have to Die that’s crazy!! Too bad Pam wouldn’t come back and break up Bobby & Ann !
    Please #saveDallas 👍😍

  494. ColeenElena says:

    Save Dallas, give us a season 4, a superb series, a fantastic cast.

  495. Anonymous says:

    I watched Dallas in the 80s. Have not missed a show. Please bring DAlas back. It’s Americas number 1 show.

  496. Jay Derby says:

    the show is just finding it’s roots and starting to pick up in the storylines….please find another network for Dallas if TNT is unable to air it.

  497. Anonymous says:

    I watched Dallas in the 80s. Have not missed a show. Please bring Dallas back. It’s Americas number 1 show.

  498. Dallas has been an ongoing drama since I was little. I wasn’t sure if I would like the “New Dallas” but I fell in love with it. I didn’t think it was on long enough the way it was but to suddenly remove it when there’s obviously a lot of people who love this night time drama tells me TNT isn’t listening to their viewers. Bring Dallas back.

  499. #we will beg if that is what it takes to save Dallas and hey we have JR in heaven helping us along with Jock and Ms Ellie. Come on CBS show TNT what it takes!!!!!!!

  500. Please bring Dallas back

  501. Daniel Zaros says:

    Save Dallas great show

  502. This just makes me sick! Hopefully some other network will listen to Bobby and Sue Ellen and continue the saga! These veteran actors deserve it!

  503. Rick Guasco says:

    If CBS can air “Under the Dome,” they can certainly make room for “Dallas.”

  504. Lynn Cook says:

    Are you kidding me. If you take it off the air where you did. I am going to stop watching your station all together. Enough of reality shows give us back Dallas

  505. Please don’t take Dallas away. Monday night was special. I gave up bowling on Mondays and I have a DVR. But I wanted to watch it right then did want someone to tell me about it. ( WE WANT DALLAS TO STAY ON) AND YOU LEFT IT HANGING OUT IN THE WIND AND THAT SUCKS. TNT YOU MESSED UP BIG TIME. LOVE DALLAS NOW. AND LOVED IT BACK WHEN.

  506. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas Back! It does not have to be TNT, take it to some other network!!

  507. Anonymous says:

    Sure hope that they manage to save Dallas and if TNT does not pick it back up maybe another network will

  508. Dallas Fan says:

    Please Bring DALLAS Back! It TNT does not want to broadcast it, then it is time to find another network. Thank You Very Much!

  509. Jackie Fields says:

    Please put Dallas back on some network. Can’t leave us hanging like that. I really love the show, and never missed a show and I grew up watching Dallas in the 70’s.

  510. #Save Dallas

  511. I like the CBS idea! I don’t care what network though. I need my Dallas fix!!

  512. please keep Dallas……it’s a great show and the It must go on

  513. Anonymous says:

    KEEP DALLAS<3 love the show!

  514. Tiina Itameri says:

    KEEP DALLAS! Love the show ❤

  515. #savedallas PLEASE!!!!

  516. I LOVE this show. Honestly, its the only show I watch other than talent shows like AI and AGT. Please reconsider, this show is AWESOME!!!

  517. Tammy grizzle says:


  518. Yes – bring back Dallas! I find each episode gripping. A new season would be great especially when the season 4 Bible brings back an old favourite.

  519. #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  520. Please save Dallas! It’s my favorite show. I for one will follow this show wherever it airs. TNT you will be losing a loyal watcher!

  521. I love the show it brings a great difference to the other shows on Monday TNT I would love to see more episodes of the show

  522. Angie Taylor says:

    DO NOT CANCEL……I was SOOOO excited when Dallas came back. I used to watch the original show with my grandma EVERY weekend when I was a little girl. It is one of the many memories I have of her (eating chocolate ice cream or popcorn while watch Dallas and Knots Landing). The show is AWESOME and the cast is too!!!!

  523. Linda T Pierce says:

    #save Dallas – I was a huge fan of the original show and quickly fell into the new show. It is an amazing show and certainly beats the majority of scripted
    Reality shows. Please please continue the show. There are so many fans and so much more this show can give us.

  524. mary evans says:

    Save Dallas, please don’t do this to the thousands of fans. It’s right down cruel to end a show at a cliffhanger. I have never heard so many people talk about one show in my life. The show is amazing and the cast is beyond talented.

  525. Anonymous says:

    Great show

  526. Jeff Marshall says:

    #save Dallas-Please!!! I grew up watching this show and enjoy it very much so someone do all of us”Dallas” fans a favor and pick it up and keep it going!!!!

  527. Tracey Grimsley says:

    #savedallas #ilovedallas

  528. Anonymous says:

    Love the show! Keep it on 🙂

  529. #SaveDallas
    The main phone number for TNT sales department, and TNT corporate is 404-827-1700 If you like you can ask for any of these people or just leave a message. Let’s let them all know how we feel. Keep their phones tied up for days, o.k. weeks, o.k. until they return Dallas to us.
    Feel free to call every day. Please forward to every person who loved Dallas.
    TNT Corporate
    Ms. Vicky L. Free
    Vice President of Entertainment Marketing
    Ms. Sandra Dewey
    Senior Vice President of Original Programming
    Ms. Sharon Byrens
    Vice President of Sponsored Programming
    Sam Linsky
    Vice President of Drama
    Mr. Jeff Gregor
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Turner Network Sales
    Mr. David R. Levy
    Mr. Coleman Breland
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ms. Jennifer Mirgorod
    Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Mr. Leigh Arwood
    Misty Skedgell
    Vice President



  530. Norma King says:


  531. tomi stableton says:

    Save dallas

  532. Denise Moss says:

    #SaveDallas. Take the ridiculos shows off n leave Dallas alone!!!!!!

  533. Helen Fugate says:

    Watched this show as a young teen and now as a mother in her 40s. I love Dallas! Please dont cancel the show!
    #save Dallas

  534. Michelle Burgess says:

    Save Dallas!!!

  535. Reyhan ceylan says:

    We want dallas is back.love it.fr turkey

  536. #SaveDallas
    The main phone number for TNT sales department, and TNT corporate is 404-827-1700 If you like you can ask for any of these people or just leave a message. Let’s let them all know how we feel. Keep their phones tied up for days, o.k. weeks, o.k. until they return Dallas to us.
    Feel free to call every day. Please forward to every person who loved Dallas.
    TNT Corporate
    Ms. Vicky L. Free
    Vice President of Entertainment Marketing
    Ms. Sandra Dewey
    Senior Vice President of Original Programming
    Ms. Sharon Byrens
    Vice President of Sponsored Programming
    Sam Linsky
    Vice President of Drama
    Mr. Jeff Gregor
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Turner Network Sales
    Mr. David R. Levy
    Mr. Coleman Breland
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ms. Jennifer Mirgorod
    Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Mr. Leigh Arwood
    Misty Skedgell
    Vice President

  537. CW is co-owned by Warner and CBS.. I think Dallas would be a great fit at CW, but preferably CBS so the potential for more viewers could happen. Warner listen to fans and shop Dallas to another network!! We want Dallas to continue.

  538. #SaveDallas The show must continue!!!

  539. Anonymous says:

    I say keep it on, it’s awesome, my family and I look forward to watching it every week.

  540. Bring Dallas Back! Bring Dallas Back!

  541. Amy Russell says:


    • we need to do everything we can to save Dallas. This show goes back a long way. everything on TV these days is reality shows. Dallas is the only show that goes way back with a story. Also has some of the original cast. Please save Dallas.

  542. Sandi Martig says:

    Bring back Dallas but have longer seasons, too short and don’t wait so long for new season to began. Love the show! Hope another network picks it up!

  543. Anonymous says:

    Save Dallas Please! Love the show!!!

  544. This is one of the few shows that I NEVER miss!!! Please keep this on so that I can find out what else happens!!!

  545. Tammy Cavness says:

    Save Dallas!!!! Love this show!!!

  546. Rita Thrash says:

    #SaveDallas! I love the show and want it to continue. Let’s have more Ewing drama, please.

  547. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas! I have always loved Dallas from the very first episode and watchin it with the kids all grown up I want to continue watchin it.

  548. Anonymous says:

    #Save Dallas! I love the old Dallas and the new one is wonderful. Save it in the name of Larry Hagman/JR he would want to see it go on. This is the best show on TV or it was the best one. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!

  549. Clark Drew says:

    Bring Dallas Back!!!!!

  550. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  551. Anonymous says:

    #SAVEDALLAS……….It is such a shame the thought of the cancellation of Dallas….I have been watching Dallas since it first came on TV…………BRING IT BACK PLZZZ….there is only so much Real Housewives and Walking Dead I can take!!!

  552. Michele Powers says:

    Dallas is a good show. It is sad that it has been cancelled. There are other shows that can be cancelled. It fun watching the younger Ewing acting just like the old.

  553. liz jackson says:

    Dallas is the best show on t.v! Please don’t leave us hanging on what happens with John Ross and let us at least see the outcome of christophers death…..Please save Dallas

  554. Anonymous says:

    I watched the original and now I watch the new show with my daughter and we look forward to it. PLEASE bring it back. Please save Dallas!!!!!!

  555. Bring all of them back. Even Christopher!!!

  556. Anonymous says:

    Bring Dallas back and bring Christopher back.


  558. Anonymous says:

    I have been a Dallas fan since the original started in ’79. I have enjoyed the new Dallas just as much. Please bring it back.

  559. Anonymous says:

    save dallas been a fan since the very beginning

  560. barbara bryant says:

    please keep dallas on the air, i truly enjoy the show

  561. #SaveDallas!

    Come on, come on, come on. Do us all a favour & bring Dallas back or find it a new home.

    I’ve been a fan of Dallas since it aired in 1978 & grew up watching the Ewings in Dallas & have many fond memories. No TV show came close to Dallas & I among countless millions was gutted when it ended.

    I doubt there are many people who do not recognise the Dallas theme – it is legendary. Who would of imagined we would be fortunate to have Dallas back in 2012.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Ewings, with their crazy lives unravel each week, as it is riveting to watch.

    The cast have done a superb job & should be highly commended.

    There are many years left ahead for Dallas & it should not have been cancelled.

    I am gutted & we as people need to band together, use all means possible to #SaveDallas!

  562. Please let Dallas survive. It might be oldfashioned, but it is great. I come from Germany and Dallas is my favourite TV show. Please we need Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!

  563. #Save Dallas. I just canceled TNT

  564. Save Dallas, This is the best show on TV, I expected it to last into my golden years.
    Really upsetting


  566. Where did everyone go? We have a real chance at this guys! We can only lose if we don’t fight. With the right time spot & a better network Dallas will go on. We’ve got to show how strong Dallas fans are we play a big part in getting a network to pick our show up. We need to hit hard & fast before people think we gave up.

    • I totally agree we need to save Dallas. It’s the best show on TV. There is longevity here
      with Dallas. We need to keep Dallas going for the old generation as well as the new generation. I myself is one of the old generation, I have watched it since it started in 1978. This show has meaning to a lot of people. I myself love seeing Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray. I also think the new cast is a perfect fit for the continuation of Dallas.
      Please we need to do our very best to make this happen! #SAVEDALLAS…..

  567. Charlene Finch says:

    Save Dallas

  568. Thelma Guye says:

    This was a great show.why take it off.!!!!!

  569. Too many questions left unanswered! #savedallas

  570. Angelica M. Gallegos says:


  571. I want Dallas to continue but NOT with Cynthia Cidre anywhere near the show! Her ‘vision’ imo is what lead to cancellation in the first place. Had the show been focused on the Ewing family rather than a drug cartel&characters that not many cared for/about(the Ramos clan)I believe we’d be looking forward to a season four rather than trying to get the show back on air.
    Couple of questions. (1)Since TNT has cancelled the series would a revival mean a new show runner would be brought on?(2)How can I sign the save Dallas petition if I don’t have a FaceBook page?


  573. Sally Ann Broomfield. says:

    Please SAVE DALLAS .I loved it the first time around ,I love it even more this time around .It is the most exiting entertaining,, sexy ,intriguing program ever . I cried when I heard it was cancelled Seriously !!!Bring it back at once I love Dallas xxxxx ❤

  574. Can everyone help me please! I was thinking lets reach out to stars of The Voice maybe they’ll make a statement to #SaveDallas (Mondays high rated) tweet like crazy till they notice. PLEASE it’s just 1 more thing we can try. @EmmaRogers293 if you wanna retweet

  575. Save Dallas

  576. Dale Gaglio says:

    Please feel free to share this email:
    This is the email I sent to CBS. I don’t know how good it is because I was exhausted! I just wanted you to know I’m doing my part!

    Dear Mr. Moonves,

    First, I must tell you that CBS is my absolute favorite channel! I watch all the NCIS shows, CSI everything, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Big Brother, Survivor, Criminal Minds, Stalker and one of my new ultimate favorites Scorpion. I watched the original Dallas with my family when I was a little girl and now I watch it with my 2 sons! Dallas is an icon in our society! It takes us back to a better time when there was no Trash TV. Furthermore, I have to say kudos to you and your television station for providing viewers with real drama that keeps us entertained.
    I know the failure of Dallas on TNT was strictly TNT’s fault! They didn’t advertise on other television stations or in print media. They also changed the viewing night after a split season which left many viewers such as myself scrambling to locate when the premiere of the show was going to be. We didn’t know what day of the week it was, nor the actual date it was starting. I have a DVR and can record up to 10 television shows at a time, so for me competition from other shows was never an issue! I’m asking you to please, please bring Dallas home to CBS where it belongs. I know it will be bigger and better than ever, because I know that CBS would properly manage the show. You have the older fans from the original series and the children of those fans like me, (I’m 45 shh don’t tell) and now my children. It’s more than just a television show it’s a family tradition! It’s wonderful to remember the old days of viewing with my grandmother, mother and sister. However. It’s also great to now watch with my children and discuss it with my sister, nieces and nephews. We all guess what we think will happen and who was right or wrong. The new actors such as Josh Henderson, who in my opinion was born to play the role of John Ross have also drawn in a younger audience! His acting skills are so amazing, he actually gave me chills during the last episode when he stated that “he was not like his father. JR but worse! What brilliant writing. The show also brings us into the new error of the oil, fossil fuel and natural gas industries, with a whole lot of other excitement, that keeps us on the edge of our seats every week! As a business person myself, I honestly believe this would be a great move for CBS. It will bring fans of dramatic television to become familiar and enjoy the other great shows that CBS offers. As I’m sure you know by now, there’s a huge Social Media Campaign going on to encourage someone to pick the show up.
    I can’t tell you how many people I know didn’t even know the show was back on television. I can assure you that the fans will never let that happen again! We are so dedicated to the actors, writers and staff of this iconic show, I implore you to please bring Dallas back to it’s home which is CBS! Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. If you or your staff have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I can be reached at 845-661- xxxx at any time!


    Dale Beth Gaglio
    7 xxxxxx Drive
    xxxx, NY 12xxx

  577. Dianne Snyder says:

    I DVR the program (like I do all programs, so I can watch & sometimes re-watch – I love it so much!) It brings me back to the days I watched the original with Larry Hagman et al, with my Dad, so it is bittersweet – my Dad passed away a few years ago, and now Larry is gone too. This is one of the few shows that has the combined excellent writing and primo actors that makes me want to watch as soon as I can & has been a weekly NOT TO MISS show – what a brilliant idea it was to bring back Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray to continue the saga and introduce new characters to energize & update the story line!!
    So now that you have me (and so many other fans) addicted and on the edge of our seats…you decide to pull it away from us!?!? This is so not right! So much of the other programming on the air is pure junk, boring, with not much to keep us interested. We need DALLAS back!!!! Thank you!

  578. please save Dallas, I love this show the best show on tv

  579. These are wise people C.B. Lets save Brother Bob

  580. Anonymous says:

    The show must be saved! I have loved every minute of it. Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Judith Light, etc ALL FABULOUS!

  581. #SaveDallas

  582. Michael Brown says:


  583. IreneStenius Livezey says:

    we nd to see cliff out of prision

  584. we need to see the legacy of the Ewings till the end. And I don’t mean anytime soon #save dallas. I have been watching since season 1 and want to see all,been married 20 yrs and my husband and I have been watching every nite have recorded some to rewatch. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! #Save the Ewings

  585. JC Cooper says:

    Move Dallas to ION and hurry!

  586. Debbie Mahoney says:

    I love love love love the show please #savedallas.. How about lifetime or hallmark channels or Fx?? Please please please bring it back.. We want it back!!! Love you guy’s.

  587. Sandy Johnson says:

    I would love to see you bring back the old Dallas reruns to tnt. It would be great to see them from bringing to the end. This was one of the best shows ever on tv. Thank you Sandy Johnson

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