The Fight to Save ‘Dallas’ Picks Up Steam

In the fight

In the fight

“Dallas” fans are fighting hard to save the show from cancellation — and the world is beginning to take notice.

The New York Times reported yesterday on the efforts to save the series, including the largest online petition, which has garnered more than 55,000 signatures.

Also, the #SaveDallas hashtag has been embraced by many fans, as well as stars such as Josh Henderson and Juan Pablo Di Pace, who’ve been using it in their social media posts. And this morning, Mitch Pileggi tweeted, “You Dallas fans are amazing and you should know as a certainty that your voices ARE being heard. Keep at it.”

Elsewhere, executive producer Cynthia Cidre tells Ultimate Dallas the battle cry I sounded in my first tweet — “Yesterday we cried, today we fight back” — has become the mantra for the show’s behind-the-scenes team.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of encouragement makes me want to fight harder. Here’s what I recommend:

• Help round up more support for the petition. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, do it now. Urge your friends and family to do it too. Fifty-five thousand signatures is an outstanding start, but if we want TV and studio executives to really pay attention to us, we’re going to need more signatures.

• Keep showing your support on social media. Use the #SaveDallas hashtag when sharing your love for “Dallas” on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Remember, the hashtag makes it easier for studio and network executives, reporters and others to search for and find fans’ posts.

• Target your tweets. Many of you have been tweeting at reporters and bloggers and encouraging them to cover the campaign. Keep it up! It’s best to target journalists who report on the entertainment industry. I also encourage everyone to send positive messages to Warner Bros., the studio that owns “Dallas,” by tweeting to @warnerbrostv. Let the Warner Bros. executives know you want them to find “Dallas” a new home.

I’ve set up a Save Dallas Page to collect links to news coverage, petitions, Facebook pages, fan sites and more. Click these links to see what the press and other fans are saying. I’ll update the page as often as possible.

It’s always an uphill battle to save a TV show, but it can be done. Thanks to everyone for their efforts, and keep up the amazing work.

Do you have additional ideas to save “Dallas”? Share your passion and positive comments below.


  1. I started a group called #savedallas and i also did an interview with a houston radio station! Here is the link to my group

  2. We the fans can #Save Dallas

  3. I just signed the petition.

  4. #SaveDallas contact your local news stations get the story out there. We need this fight to be heard all over America so we can collect as many signatures possible. Let our voices be heard!

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  6. I joined Twitter for the first time just so I could re-tweet this stuff! I also told Warner Brothers that they were being short-sighted in only looking at certain age demographics, because Dallas fans span generations and are VERY loyal. I detest reality shows … do NOT watch any of them. Could care less about the housewives of any city, what the Kardashians are doing at any particular time (talentless, self-absorbed people — who CARES!), and the disgusting Honey Boo Boo !! Gross ad horrible, all of them. I think TNT people must be scratching their empty heads, because I seriously doubt they anticipated this kind of reaction. #SaveDallas !!!!!

    • Thanks for your support, but remember: The decision to focus on demographics is made at the network level. Please send positive messages to Warner Bros. They’re on our side in the fight to save the show.

  7. Karen Anthony says:

    If anything, at least make #Dallas a #Netflix series! This is an incredible disappointment to us, the #fans of Dallas!!

  8. joesiegler says:

    There’s several “Save Dallas” Facebook groups at this point. IMO, they’re all doing the overall project a disservice. Everyone wants THEIRS to work, but the traffic amongst all of them is spread out. IMO, they should all merge into one.

    This can only work with a concerted effort. Perhaps some collaboration between Dallas Decoder & Ultimate Dallas on a combined – unified Facebook group, and bring in all the others that are floating around.

  9. Save Dallas,the power of the net and boycotting TNT with no viewers no network!de

  10. save dallas, best tv show ever

  11. Very encouraging words there from Cynthia and Mitch. The legend of Dallas and JR deserve much better than that cruel and abrupt cancellation. I know I am not giving up. Keep on fighting, Dallas Nation!

  12. Henry Dixon says:

    Love the show please keep It on do not CANCEL IT PLEEEESSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Trying to get this #savedallas to air on Good Morning America….here is an email for one of the GMA media contacts: Lets all email her and see if she will respond.

  14. Dallas is more than a show. I watched the original years ago and for one hour every week, I was put into another world that was very exciting!! This new Dallas did the same thing for me!! In this fast running world today, we need this other life! Please bring back DALLAS!!

  15. I’ve just joined Twitter to join the fight- Don’t know exactly how it works but dear Lord, I’ll figure it out. #SaveDallas

    • That’s the spirit. Thank you, Jay! You can follow me by searching for @DallasDecoder.

      • Thank you, Chris.
        I’m following you and a heap of other save Dallas causes, I feel like stalker! I’m not sure what else to do – I’ve emailed/pleaded to networks, bombarded Facebook and nagged my family! TNT dropped a diamond and someone needs to pick it up. #SaveDallas


  17. I also just joined Twitter for the # SaveDallas cause.

  18. Angela Rasnick says:

    Im a big Dallas fan from along time ago. I wasn’t to sure of the new show but I loved it. I would love to see it continue.

    I tell myself not to get involved watching tv shows. Because I get hooked and they end up being taken off. SO PLEASE KEEP DALLAS ON!!!!

  19. Vivian Davis says:

    I am a big fan of Dallas from along time.Love the new season. Keep it!!

  20. I think pics of fans holding Dallas dvds &posters or their own art work for Dallas & Using the # Is a great idea. Maybe creative fans can write songs about dallas & post them online! Maybe fans can have videos acting out their most loved parts from episodes & Videos of their reaction to the cancellation like have some1 in the background announcing it’s cancelled & Then u just give an overdramatic or maybe even real reaction.

    • I uploaded a video on YouTube that I created of keeping Dallas on the air. It’s called, of course, #Save Dallas. So far, there is over 700+ views in just 2 days.

  21. Tabitha Christie says:

    This is the executive who cancelled “Dallas” #SaveDallas HIS CONTACT INFO: DIRECT LINE 212-275-6912 David Levy

  22. Cathy Seames-Miller says:

    Please keep Dallas on the air to me after 20 years being off the network I watched when I was a teenager and Knot’s Landing I myself thought how are they going to pull this off but they did and that is amazing how many shows do you know that can come back and be a hit series. I do hate that now days they are too short used to be back in the day you went a full season and when summer came you could not wait for Sept. By far this is thee best show on the network love seeing Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey and the actors they picked for the rest is awesome, they are getting into a new story line, I just don’t get it finally something on the air that we all like. I am sick of reality shows I am sick they took off All my Children and Days of our Lives for what reality bachelor shows, Larry Hangman is gone that is sad but with that said they have done an excellent job with the writers. I personally wish that Gary, Valine and Victoria Principal would come back that would be a great story especially now that Brenda Strong and Patrick are having some marriage problems, John Ross is now crossing over to the dark side there are so many stories to Dallas that can be done. Please do not pull this show, my shows are Super Natural and Dallas and Falling Skies, is it to much to ask for the way it used to be. I am a postal worker who does not sit home all day and watch TV but I do like my shows, and I remember how it used to be. Your fans are speaking to you I know the ratings are high. So why. Why take away something ,that brings each and everyone of us something to look forward too and the cast without a doubt is top notch. Just me saying but I love this new Dallas and bringing Cliff back that was brilliant, Okay enough I think you know where my heart is I hope the powers to be read this coming to you for Lake County, Ca north bay Area. Much love and peace as Bob Marley had once said. With that good day.

  23. Carolyn Forrest says:

    Please help to save Dallas. The best show ever. #SaveDallas

  24. My name is tanya Stewart in florida my favorite show is dallas me and my family love for Monday nights dallas is just as good as was in eightys if not better it is clean fun entertaing show ever my two teenage sons love watching Christopher and jonross I do to as well as the rest of cast crew please do not let this be the end I do believe Larry hangman jr would not be happy with this outcome at all he may not be here with us on earth but he is with us in spirit still with the cast in everyway and he would be so proud of bobby jonross and suellens performace the Stewart family in florida praying hard for a miricle

  25. Please save dallas renew season four

  26. I think we should organize a worldwide streaming of Dallas in addition to #SaveDallas we should also promote #StreamDallas. As we tweet this at 9:00 pm Monday Night EST we should also go to TV Tag and check in that you are watching Dallas and then start watching Dallas through your cable provider on demand or through the TNT Website. Tweet about the 2 hour finale with hash tags #SaveDallas #StreamDallas … I think if we can do this we can bring attention to the streaming sites … we could also stage this for a Friday night at 9 … old school. thoughts?

  27. Debra Meza says:

    #SAVEDALLAS Best show actor everything have always watched all OLD & NEW my 50 my mom watches too late 70 we both dislike all these reality show like dramas with story”s Please find Dallas a new home LOVE LOVE LOVE


  29. Anonymous says:
  30. Anonymous says:

    Warner bros needs to find a network to pick up Dallas

  31. William Jacob Armstrong says:

    Save Dallas please!!!!!!!!!

  32. Rick Kerr says:

    Save Dallas im waiting . Dallas i’ve watched every rond never missed early days & now best show on . The cast mates are great . Larry Hagman would be discusted with TNT . @save dallas what is taking so long to get a network millions of people FANS love the show . PLEASE # SAVE DALLAS & SOON

  33. Bryan Russo says:

    I was leery of an attempt to bring Dallas back to life after so long. I never missed and episode from the first season when I was 12 until the final show “Conundrum”. I did watch it though. I was amazed. Without losing a microbe of love or respect for the original series, I grew to love the new one even more. Larry Hagman will always have a place in my heart. Nobody can ever replace him; however…if I were Larry/JR, I would be proud the John Ross grew up to be a different, but every bit as much a beloved snake in the grass as his father was. Patrick and Linda…hell even dumb old Cliff, were great before and equally great now, I would cry at their departure as much as I did when Larry died…but having said that, even if they left the new cast [Except for Elena…she bugs me] could stand on their own and make the show every bit as good as the original. As a single show, it has grown up and matured along with me in life. It is an amazing piece of television art the likes of which I have craved for many years since good television slowly evaporated off the airwaves. There is nothing wrong with this show. I am as hooked on each plot, cliffhanger and episode as I was with “Who shot J.R.?” in 1980. If viewers declined it was, as is often the case these day with shows, entirely the mismanagement of the network. With the original series I knew every year that I would get my 25ish episodes every Friday night, September through May, on CBS, at 9/10PM right before/after my number two show Falcon Crest [Ya.I watched Dynasty, but it never was as good as Dallas/FC…JC was the only one who kept the show going]. With the continuation series, I never knew what day or season to expect my show to be. Sumer…winter…split season…day changes…It was horrid. I would have loved to see it go more towards 20 episodes and parked them on a single night, at a single time, for a single season, and for the network to quit screwing with it. It was annoying to viewer and many gave up, got mad or lost interest…or just didn’t know it was back on. TNT succeeded in the impossible…taking ratings gold and turning it into ratings lead. The show deserves a better steward that would treat the property with the respect the show/cast/crew/fans deserve. TNT effectively wizzed on Larry’s last work. Larry knew the the show and fans were symbiotic and always showed those involved the respect they deserved. JR made us happy[right] and we made JR. Helping get this show back on the air, not in some scaled down cheaper version, but reinvigorated and expanded, is the best way to honor JR/Larry, Barbara, Jim, Howard and all the other departed who gave a large part of their life and soul to the show. Bobby/Ann did an excellent job stepping into Ms. Ellie’s shoes. John Ross, Christopher, Pam and Elena [Elena could use a recast] also did great at being the hub of intrigue..Well Done’. Emma in Lucy’s. Harris into a pseudo Cliff. And Cliff….I liked him better as a more sophisticated Charlie Brown, but not too bad. and what can I say about Judith. Judith, Judith, Judith! AMAZING! [Was hoping you’d become a much expanded role as if JR had a Missing Twin sister who was raised as her adopted sister Kristen Shepard and Mary Lee Stone. If Netflix does pick up, I hope they dump their ‘release them all at once’ practice. Part of the Dallas magic was the anticipation of the week built in each new episode. COMMON CBS!

  34. AutoFill Darla Mack, 2012 Cedar Lane #1 says:

    With all the trashy reality shows that are on today some people in this world like a wholesome fun drama show like Dallas I was very upset when I learned that Dallas will not be coming back for the fourth season especially after they just blew up Christopher and left so many questions about the future of the Ewings the generation of the first viewers of Dallas in the 80s we’re very excited to see the show come back for a new generation of Dallas fans , I have signed all the potions that I could.I encourage all to do the same maybe hopefully someone will listen!!!!!

  35. Come on. You can’t just cancel shows when you don’t promote them properly. TNT, I had no idea the second season was split in two and if my DVR didn’t record it I would missed those episodes. I checked my TIVO and to my surprise I HAD DALLAS and I was shocked especially since I know the DP of the show and he knows how much I like it. Even he didn’t know how it was going to be aired. This show is awesome. If I had the time, I’d shop it to another network. TNT, get this show in the right time slot, promote it and you’ll have a seasonal winner. I’m so sick of TV execs these days. They give you 8 eps and then make a decision to cancel. Not like the old days, when the investment was made and then the effort to find its place to work was at least tried. The show is great, you know it. You have legendary stars. That’s hard to get. Your younger cast is great. To try to launch a new show is way more risk. This show has so much audience potential. You have your over 50 year olds like me who watch because we love the brand. You need to sell the bring to the 25-35 year olds, mostly girls but I could be wrong. It’s got everything you need, a sexy drama, a great looking cast, revenge, murder, suspense. It actually reminds me a lot of the old Dallas. Change your mind or shop it to another network. It’s so hard to invest in a completely new show, not knowing if it will succeed. This show you are half way there. Sh#t or get off the pot.

  36. Jan Gillespie says:

    I have watched it from the very start. Please save Dallas…….

  37. Yeah, storm Netflix corporate headquarters with paper copies of any and all petitions to get maximum tv time!

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