‘Dallas’s’ Third and Final Season Comes to DVD on January 13

Ann Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Brenda Strong, Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Elena Ramos, Emma Bell, Emma Ryland, Harris Ryland, Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Ross Ewing, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Linda Gray, Mitch Pileggi, Patrick Duffy, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT


Mark your calendars: The third and final season of TNT’s “Dallas” will come to DVD on Tuesday, January 13.

The three-disc set will contain all 15 episodes, along with never-before-aired scenes. The recommended sale price is $39.98

You can pre-order the set from WBshop.com, the online retail arm of Warner Bros., the studio that produced “Dallas,” as well as Amazon.

Which deleted scenes would you like to see on the “Dallas: The Complete Third Season” DVD set? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    What’s the deal with these seasons always coming out shortly after Christmas? They would make good gifts it they came out a little sooner.

  2. Sara Duckworth says:

    The scene where Sue Ellen tells Emma about Kristen, the deleted wedding scenes of John Ross and Pamela’s remarriage, and the scene we never saw of Jr and Sue Ellen dancing at the Ewing Barbecue in season 1.

    • I agree. That would something to see. I just hope they have a farewell retrospective of the series, how the actors felt about Dallas in general.

  3. Garnet McGee says:

    Any deleted Pamela scenes should be included. If they include deleted Elena or Ryland scenes I will scream in frustration.

  4. There should be a campaign from #SaveDallas to make these sales go through the roof. Everyone needs to buy up these dvd’s to show how much we want Dallas.

    We also need to sign up for netflix now and watch Seasons 1 and 2 regularly. Netflix needs to know we mean business and not just a bunch of tweets. The tweets are nice but Money talks and bullshit walks. The new #SaveDallas campaign needs to focus on
    1. Buying up Season 3 DVDs
    2. Subscribing to Netflix and watching Season 1 and 2. Plus Chat and call as subscribers say how much you enjoy watching the show.


  5. I would love to see the entire wedding ceremony of John Ross and Pamela. #SAVEDALLASPLEASE

  6. TNT CAN F*CK OFF #SaveDallas

  7. I’m especially excited about the season 3 DVDs being released because I haven’t had the chance to watch season 3 yet!! So I can’t wait! 🙂

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