Dallas Decoder’s Persons of the Year: The Fans

Dallas Decoder's Persons of the Year - The Fans

Let’s face it: This wasn’t an easy year to be a “Dallas” fan.

Oh, we enjoyed the show plenty. In its third season, the new “Dallas” delivered great moments worthy of the original, including John Ross and Sue Ellen’s instant-classic kitchen-counter confrontation, Pamela’s heartbreaking jailhouse farewell to Cliff and Patrick Duffy’s triumphant return to the “Dallas” director’s chair. Even the much-maligned drug cartel storyline ended on a compelling note: the unbearably tense scene where Luis holds a gun to Emma’s head in a dingy Mexican basement.

But being a “Dallas” fan in 2014 also meant a lot of anxious waiting. Waiting for the ratings report every Tuesday afternoon. Waiting for the show to return during its four-month midseason break. Waiting to find out Which! Ewing! Dies! Waiting for TNT to make up its damn mind about whether or not it was going to reward the series with a fourth season. But as agonizing as all this was, nothing compared to the angst we felt when the network finally decided to drop “Dallas” — an announcement that came less than two weeks after a season-ending cliffhanger that left the fates and fortunes of almost every major character up in the air.

When the sad news came, we could’ve cried into our J.R. Ewing Bourbon — but that’s not what “Dallas” fans are made of, is it? Instead, we came together and embarked on a grassroots rescue effort. For six weeks, we signed petitions, jammed network switchboards, filled the inboxes of television’s top programming executives and tapped out enough #SaveDallas tweets to make our collective fingers bleed. It was a noble effort, and even though we didn’t succeed in finding the Ewings a new home, we did show the world how much “Dallas” means to us.

So when it came time for me to choose Dallas Decoder’s Person of the Year, there was no question who would receive this designation: my fellow “Dallas” fans. Who better to follow the previous honorees, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray? Like a Ewing, you fought with grit and resolve. You gave “Dallas” everything you had — inspiring me and many others along the way. It’s not the prize you deserve — that would be another season of the show — but it’ll have to do.

All of us are heartbroken “Dallas” won’t return next year, but we also know this isn’t the final chapter; it’s just another cliffhanger. Someday, somehow, the Ewing saga will resume. It might take another 21 years to see it, but that’s okay. We’re “Dallas” fans. We’re used to waiting.

Read Dallas Decoder’s list of this year’s other VIPs and share your comments below.


  1. Thanks Chris, we appreciate all you do too!

    Without going on another rant as to who is truly to blame for the show’s cancellation, I will say this Persons of The Year honor should be limited to those of us who faithfully tuned in, or at least fired up the DVR for each week’s episode.

  2. TNT, redeem yourself. Bring Dallas back! It’s not too late! Dont be like Decca Records who thought The Beatles were a fad yet went on to be THE GREATEST GROUP OF ALL
    TIME! And where is Decca Records now??? 50+ years later, The Beatles & their music
    is ever so loved and played! TNT, dont be like Decca Records. The world will always love
    The Beatles & the show Dallas! Not TNT!!!!

  3. Chris, great article and great decision. If you made yourself “Person of the Year” we would have been happy with that and felt it would be well deserved. In fact you included all of us along with you and I think that is great. I know that every member of the “Dallas” cast will go on to do great things.

  4. Of DALLAS will return. Keep the faith & again C.B., a superb POTY choice! U r amazing man!

  5. Garnet McGee says:

    I agree you should be person of the year. Please keep us updated on cast news.

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