Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Oh, Good Lord, Woman’

Blow Up, Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

Night visitor

In “Blow Up,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is sitting in her bed when J.R. (Larry Hagman) enters the room.

J.R.: Sue Ellen, darlin’, I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened with Lucy tonight.

SUE ELLEN: I was very touched that you came to my defense the way you did.

J.R.: Well, what else could I do? [Sits on the bed] What kind of a woman does she think you are? Peter’s just a kid. He’s half your age. The things she said about you and him absolutely disgusted me. [Leans forward] Sue Ellen, can we talk a minute?

SUE ELLEN: [Smiles weakly] All right.

J.R.: What happened with Lucy tonight made me realize just how far out of control our lives have gotten. The fact that she could even imagine a relationship with a boy — especially a boy like Peter. Well, it shows me that we have got to start changing things.

SUE ELLEN: I don’t think we could change things between us, even if we wanted to.

J.R.: Well, it wouldn’t be easy, but it could happen. Now, I know you’ve been angry with me, and with good cause. But it’s time to put all of that aside. It’s time that we start living like, like man and wife. [She’s silent.] Oh, good Lord, woman. Don’t you want a man back in your life?

SUE ELLEN: [Looks away, then back at him] Of course I do, J.R. Do you think I like living like this?

J.R.: Well, then move back in our room, where you belong.


J.R.: [Annoyed] Why not?

SUE ELLEN: I just can’t.

J.R.: Things can’t stay the way they are between us. Either they’re going to improve, or things are going to get badly out of hand.

SUE ELLEN: J.R., please.

J.R.: What happened tonight could be the turning point, Sue Ellen. It could help us change everything that’s wrong in our lives.

SUE ELLEN: One night is not going to turn things around for us. Don’t you understand that?

J.R.: Yes. Finally, I do.

He rises and exits the room.


  1. Miss Texas was very reasonable in this exchange. Of course Husband J.R. is to. of course he’s only being reasonable as he can use Peter Richards as a wedge to garner control over Sue Ellen & tick off Lucy, leaving Gary’s daughter unbalanced & unsure how to react properly.

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