Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘That’s What Brothers Are For’

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In “Love Stories,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) enters the Southfork living room, where J.R. (Larry Hagman) is fixing himself a drink.

BOBBY: Is there some reason you didn’t come into work today? I wanted to talk to you.

J.R.: And a good evening to you too, Bob. Want a drink?


J.R.: That sounds serious. Something happen?

BOBBY: Katherine Wentworth.

J.R.: Yeah, what about her?

BOBBY: What’d you do to her?

J.R.: A gentleman never kisses and tells.

BOBBY: Does the same gentleman make tape recordings in bed?

J.R.: Did she say I did that?

BOBBY: She said that you blackmailed her with them, that you played them for me.

J.R.: I swear I’m beginning to think that whole Barnes-Wentworth clan is paranoid. [Turns to face him] Did I play a tape for you?

BOBBY: No, but she thinks you did. Why do you mess with people’s minds like that?

J.R.: Bob, do you care if I spend a couple of pleasant moments with Katherine?

BOBBY: I don’t give a damn what you do, as long as it doesn’t hurt other people.

J.R.: You mean Katherine? [Takes a sip]

BOBBY: I mean Sue Ellen too. What happens when she finds out?

J.R.: Well, I’m sure not going to tell her. And I don’t think you will either. Bob, it’s time we had a little brother to brother talk.

BOBBY: I think we just had it. [Turns to leave]

J.R.: No, no. I don’t mean about me. I mean about you.

BOBBY: And what makes you think you’re qualified?

J.R.: [Slowly circles Bobby] Well, I’m no saint, but I know one when I see one. Bobby, you go around telling everybody how to live their lives and setting up rules and regulations that only you can live up to.

BOBBY: You know, this is wonderful coming from you.

J.R.: Well, I’ve made some mistakes in my life, but not the kind of mistake you’re about to make.

BOBBY: And what mistake is that?

J.R.: Jenna Wade. She loves you, Bob. And so does her little girl. She’d make you a wonderful wife—if you’d just let her.

BOBBY: It’s none of your business.

J.R.: The hell it’s not. When Jenna jilted you, you made the tragic mistake of your life when you married Pam. But you’re free of her now. At least you ought to be. She’s marrying Mark Graison, and I think that’s best thing in the world for you.

BOBBY: You know, your concern for me is truly touching — if concern is what it is.

J.R.: Well, whatever my reasons, what I’m saying makes sense. You should have married Jenna a long time ago, Bob. You’ve known each other since you were kids. And she was more like us than Pam ever was. And she’s willing to wait for you, but she’s not going to wait forever. Now if I’m wrong, just tell me. [Walks toward Jock’s painting, faces it]

BOBBY: I’d love to. But for once, you may be right. I just wonder why you bother.

J.R.: Because I care. [Turns to face him] That’s what brothers are for. [Raises his glass] To love and marriage.


  1. J.R. really did everything he could to get Bobby and Pam with different people. He told Mark Graison that Pam was all about him and now he is telling Bobby that Jenna Wade has deep feelings for him and also throws in Jenna’s daughter’s affection for him as well. This is J.R. at his finest.

    • Having the Jock portrait in the background made the scene between the 2 brother more poignant & strong! Larry & patrick could then really give it their all!

    • Even though his motives may have been questionable, as they routinely were, J.R. was a big advocate of Jenna. That’s one of the reasons I felt they should have brought her back for J.R.’s funeral on DallasTNT. She’s one of the few characters who would have legitimately had only good memories of him, since he was always nice to her and trying to get her and Bobby together like she wanted.

      • Michael, R.J. and J.R.: I agree with all your comments — except for J.R.’s suggestion that Jenna Wade should have returned for J.R. Ewing’s funeral. Shudder. (Kidding!)

      • No doubt about it. Jenna has to be the one person ever who had nothing bad to say about JR.

      • I see your point, Dan, although didn’t Jenna get snide with J.R. once? I seem to recall a moment like that sometime after Bobby was shot. Or maybe I’m imagining it.

  2. From a character standpoint, it would make sense. Moreso than someone like Lucy. I could see her going for the family’s sake, but why should be crying, like she was? I could see Jenna doing that, because of the reasons I stated, but not Lucy.

    The only reason not to invite I guess would be because of the questions it would raise in the audience regarding Ray and Jenna’s marriage and, of course, the status of Lucas. Clearly, this was something Cidre and co. just weren’t interested in exploring. Although Cidre did say a really popular character would be returning in S4, I wondered if she meant Jenna.

    • My guess is the popular returning character was Katherine, but who knows?

    • What “popular” character (Jenna has as many detractors (and maybe more) than fans) is left that could have been brought back that hasn’t already made an appearance? Let’s take a look a cast members who have had a full opening credit:
      I like Carter McKay but not everyone does and at Kennedy’s age I don’t see it happening.
      April? She seems pretty dead to me.
      Michelle? I don’t think she had many fans.
      Liz Adams? No.
      Stephanie Rogers? No.
      James? Not all that poplar and again Cidre would rather invent new offspring than use existing characters.
      That leaves Donna: I’d like to see that. But it is hard to imagine a Donna without a Ray and we already know Kanaly wasn’t interested in a full time roll.

      I really can’t think of who that “popular” returning character would have been.

  3. Maryann says:

    Here JR is forcing his ideal thinking (“brain washing”) regarding Jenna on Bobby and he falls for it and next thing he does is ask Jenna to marry him. JR is covering the bases here to make sure Jenna and Bobby take the next step just in case Pam and Mark ‘s wedding doesn’t happen in his plot to make sure true lovers Pam and Bobby do not get back together. For the time being JR gets his wish Pam agrees to marry Mark not out of true love but because he is dying (which he does not know at the time) and he loves her . Bobby ask Jenna to marry him not out of true love but because he lost Pam and Jenna is available and she loves him.

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