Poll: Who is ‘Dallas’s’ Best Recurring Character?

Akai Draco, Barry Corbin, Bum, Dallas, Don Starr, Fern Fitzgerald, George O. Petrie, Harry McSween, Harv Smithfield, James Brown, Jordan Lee, Kevin Page, Marilee Stone, Morgan Woodward, Punk Anderson, Sheriff Derrick, Sheriff Fenton Washburn, Steve Bum Jones, TNT

Both “Dallas” series had characters who appeared regularly, although not in every episode. Vote for your favorite, or share other options in the comments section below.


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  1. This is a tough one. Dallas has such a rich history of a large recurring cast. As a result the writers always had just the person to round out any given situation. I’m really tempted to vote for my favorite which was Punk because it was always great to see a friend grace the screen. But the question is best and to me that means someone who went the distance and was a glue holding the fabric of the Dallas universe together. For CBS that was Jordan Lee. So in the interest of age before beauty it gets my vote over Bum who did the same for TNT and Harv Smithfield who also went the distance for CBS. If Harry had only lived longer he’d further complicate my decision.

  2. peter christian says:

    Bobby Ewing is a great actorpp

  3. I like Harv Smithfield. Always there for the Ewings!

  4. Marilyn Hadey says:


  5. Watch the “Star Trek” episode that features William Smithers in a bravisimo performance as a Fllet Captain who disgraces himself for power! Man Jeremy Wendell is a great follow up role!

  6. Dan in WI says:

    Happy Birthday today to Barry Corbin/Fenton Washburn.

  7. Good old Harvey Smithfields (with mustache, please !)

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