Poll: Who is ‘Dallas’s’ Greatest Couple?

Barbara Bel Geddes, Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Jock Ewing, Jim Davis, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, J.R. Ewing, Linda Gray, Pam Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing, Victoria Principal

“Dallas” has given us many classic romantic pairings. Vote for your favorite or share other options in the comments section below.


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  1. Mr AL Green says:

    Call me a fool but what planet are you on or what life do you lead if any, no offence meant but are you actually aware of everyone trying to get the present Dallas back on TV even Disney has joined the plight and whilst your all going on about the 70’s to 90’s, O !!! The whole planet earth is fighting to get modern day Dallas back on TV from every country and your all not helping going on about the past, maybe go on about what’s actually just past us by and it may just wake the polls up even higher because while your all going on about the past, its doing no favours to get networks to bring it back again. We don’t want to hear the old stuff were all fighting here in UK and around the globe and your banging on about decades ago, can you stop and fight the current present day cause. It’s now 2015, no more waffling, FIGHT or live in the past, maybe pick up newspaper or something and find out what’s going on then you’ll have something more up to date to moan or go on about. Where on the last page not first. While your banging on about past episodes your killing every chance e have by not talking about current day were fighting for. HELLO MARS & PLUTO come back to Earth for goodness sake. HELLO !!!!!

    • Are you serious? People are trying to get “Dallas” back on the air right now? I will go get a newspaper right now. I don’t subscribe, but my neighbor has a couple newspapers on his lawn.

    • That’s dumbest comment I have ever heard the new “Dallas” shouldn’t have even existed, original Dallas is so much better… accept it that is easier 😉

      • Sorry to hear you didn’t like the new show, Micaella. The original one will always be special, that’s for sure.

      • Absolutely right. It was a terrible mistake to bring Dallas back for a new series. The original was brilliant and unique and had at least 7 wonderful actors at the peak of their powers especially Larry Hagman. You can never improve on perfection.

  2. J.R. and Sue Ellen, no doubt.

    I remember that Pam and Bobby were touted as the ideal couple, the 80s Romeo and Juliet. But re-watching the show made me realize that they were not fun at all. For the two or three episodes they happy together, they were ok to watch. But very early on, I think in season 3 or 4, Pam started to be a nagging pain in Bobby’s butt. She may have been right when she called him out on whatever he did. But boy was she nagging. They were more fun when they were separated.

    J.R. and Sue Ellen were at least fun to watch when they were fighting. They were just a pleasure together. At least for the audience.

    P.S., yes, I want new Dallas back too. But why not discuss it someplace else on this site? There are enough topics out already dealing with it.

    • Thanks for all your comments, Q-Less.

    • Q-Less> Right the original intention of the show was to focus on Romeo and Juliet/Bobby and Pam. Of course shows/casts often take on a life of their own. Happy Days was never supposed to be about Fonzie. He was just a recurring character. But the audience had a different idea. Same thing here. When supporting (but still staring) character JR took over the focus of the show you have to figure other things had to change a result.
      It’s certainly conceivable that Bobby and Pam would have evolved in different ways had they remained the center of the show. Characters are like dominoes. You can’t knock over just one.

  3. Marilyn Hadey says:


  4. Jock & Miss Ellie 4 sure. Although Punk & Mavis Anderson were also an excellent team. Worst couple: Jamie & Cliff Barnes!

  5. Anyway, back to the poll question actually in this thread. I went other because my personal favorite (and I know I’m in the minority here) was Bobby and April.

    • That’s actually a pretty good choice. I suppose that relationship was always on the back-burner in peoples’ perception because she was never the wife that was ‘meant to be’. Her character also suffered from the lazy writing that was hurting the last couple of years. Which is too bad, because April had gone through mean and good phases. So she had all the DNA to make her a fully-developed character.

      • Good point, Q-Less. I think I liked her best when she was playing the role of resident bad girl.

      • I always liked the way April grew organically as a person/character. She debuted as a femme fatale but grew into an actual human being and who doesn’t like a good redemption story. And Wilson did have good chemistry with Duffy. I always figured she suffered most from being associated with the less popular later years.

      • I agree: Duffy and Wilson were very good together. Thanks Dan.

    • Thanks Dan for your comments. Regarding Bobby and April: I like them too, and I think a lot of others feel the same way. Bobby and April have quite a few fans on Twitter too.

  6. Guess, I really went the other way also….Pamela and John Ross!!

    • Let’s hear from more John Ross and Pamela fans!

      • Garnet McGee says:

        Pamela and John Ross in season 2 were my favorite couple but they ruined that pairing in the last season which was a true shame. If there was a time when they needed to stray from the template of the original this pairing was it. It was not necessary to make them J.R. and Sue Ellen 2.0.

      • I think it would have been fun to see them spar, but I wouldn’t have broken them up.

  7. JR and Sue Ellen were the King and Queen of ALL nighttime soaps! daytime too.

  8. John Ross and Pamela have my vote!!!!!!! I loved their Chemistry together and would have loved where they were going with them in season 4. Also even though these two ICONS were not romantic couple I loved Bobby and Sue Ellen in the new season working together as brother and sister. Those two actors and characters were amazing!!!!!!!

    • I considered making J.R. and Bobby one of the choices on this quiz. They aren’t romantic partners, obviously, but they certainly are a dynamic duo! The same thing can be said of Bobby and Sue Ellen.

  9. Garnet McGee says:

    The love for Sue Ellen and J.R. baffles me. He abused her physically and emotionally. That does not spell romance in my book.

  10. Just bring Dallas back! !

  11. Jock and Ellie.

    But I would had love to see Cliff and Liz 😦 they were perfectly fitted

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