You’re Invited to Our ‘Who Shot J.R.?’ Party on March 16

Dallas, House Divided, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Who Shot J.R.?

Who done it?

Dallas Decoder is throwing a party to mark the 35th anniversary of the “Who Shot J.R.?” cliffhanger — and you’re invited!

On Monday, March 16, at 9 p.m. Eastern, let’s all watch “A House Divided,” the classic 1980 episode that ends with J.R. getting shot. While we’re watching, let’s share our memories and observations during our #DallasChat on Twitter.

It’ll be like live tweeting a current TV show — except instead of a network broadcasting the episode for us, it’s up to each of us to play it on the device (TV, tablet, laptop, etc.) of our choice.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Get the episode. You’ll find “A House Divided” on the “Dallas: The Complete Third Season” DVD set, which is available from Amazon, WB Shop and many other online retailers. You can also purchase the individual episode from Amazon and iTunes.

2. Watch it. No matter what device you use to watch the episode, don’t hit play until March 16 at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Pacific). The show starts with brief previews — the first thing you’ll see is Vaughn Leland declaring, “It was crooked!” — followed by the opening credits and then the episode itself. It’s important we all start watching at the same time so we’re in sync.

3. Discuss it. Once the show begins, go to Twitter and join the discussion. Include #DallasChat in all your tweets, and enter #DallasChat in Twitter’s search field to see what other fans are saying. Click “All” to see all the related tweets. (I’ll be tweeting from my Twitter handle, @DallasDecoder.)

“Who Shot J.R.?” is one of the most important moments in “Dallas” history, so I hope we can all enjoy it together through the magic of social media. It’ll be fun!

Got questions about #DallasChat? Leave them in the comments section below.


  1. This will be great. I just have to start planning now to make sure I have that time squared away.

  2. ScoRich223 says:

    This is awesome! I’m watching the entire series from the beginning and was up to Jock’s trial in season 3 last night, this is almost perfect timing! How fun!

  3. C.B. if I fly to Washington maybe we could watch it together with some J.R. Ewing Bourbon from the Ewing Oil Co. Store?!

  4. Kelley Tyler says:

    I’ll try to make it as well. This is going to be fun!!

  5. It would be great if Dr. Elby could cameo.

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