Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘If I Can’t Have Him, Nobody Can’

Dallas, Jamie, Katherine Wentworth, Morgan Brittany,

Hot sister

In “Jamie,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) confronts Katherine (Morgan Brittany) in a hospital corridor, where two security guards restrain her after her latest attempt on Bobby’s life.

J.R.: Katherine, what the hell were you doing in Bobby’s room? And what was in that needle? [She’s silent.] Come on, what was going on in there? All right, call the Dallas police. Tell them to get up here right away.

SECURITY GUARD: They’ve already been called, Mr. Ewing.

J.R.: Good, because I think she just tried to kill my brother. And I also think she’s the one that took those shots at me.

KATHERINE: You? Don’t make me laugh! I never tried to shoot you.

J.R.: The hell you didn’t! And I’ve got three bullet holes in my chair to prove it.

KATHERINE: They weren’t meant for you. It was Bobby I wanted dead.

J.R.: You shot him in my office. I was sure you got him by mistake.

KATHERINE: Mistake? There was no mistake! I love him! Don’t you understand that? I love him! But he doesn’t want me. Oh, no, he wants Jenna Wade. And before that he wanted Pam. Sweet, darling Pam, who everybody just adores! Well they’re not going to have him — neither one of them! Don’t you see? They poisoned his mind against me to keep me away. But they’re going to have him. I’ll see to it, because if I can’t have him, nobody can.

J.R.: You’re not going to see to anything — not after the law gets finished with you. But how did you get into my office? And how did you know that Bobby was up alone up there that night?

KATHERINE: I didn’t care if he was alone or not. I just wanted to get to him. My life was over. Why shouldn’t his be? [In a flashback, Katherine explains how she saw J.R. leave the Ewing Oil building, then went to the executive offices, heard Bobby in J.R.’s office and fired three shots into the back of the chair.] I caught a plane to Houston that night. And I didn’t know until the next day that he was still alive.

J.R.: Hold this woman until the police get here. I’m going to see my brother.

Watch this scene in “Jamie,” available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes, and share your comments below.


  1. I tell ya boy, there ain’t no one on God’s Green Earth (& Black Texas Earth) that’s gonna get away with killin a Ewing on my watch!

  2. R.J. Koopmans, President, Ewing Oil Co. Ltd.-Canada says:

    Where is my comment chris?

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