Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘To the Winner’

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Game show

In “Family,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, Jamie (Jenilee Harrison) joins J.R. (Larry Hagman), Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Jenna (Priscilla Beaulieu Presley) for dinner at Southfork.

SUE ELLEN: Well, I think it’s time that we welcomed Jamie officially. So I’d like to propose a toast to the newest member of the Ewing family. Welcome. [Everyone raises a glass and drinks.]

JAMIE: Thank you.

JENNA: I thought that was going to be me.

JAMIE: When are you and Bobby getting married?

JAMIE: [Looks at Bobby, smiles] Uh, one of these days.

J.R.: Well, Jamie, now that you’re a member of the family, we have certain traditions we like to adhere to.


J.R.: One of them is dressing for dinner. [Sue Ellen looks crossly at him.]

JAMIE: Well, I’d sure like to but this is as good as it gets.

J.R.: Oh, I take it you don’t own a dress?

JAMIE: Just the one I got to church in, and that’s not near fancy enough for this.

JENNA: [Winks at Sue Ellen] I think we can fix that. I happen to own a boutique. [Bobby clears his throat.] Well, sort of. [Laughs]

SUE ELLEN: That’s right, so we’ll go shopping tomorrow.

JAMIE: I can’t. I don’t have enough money, at least not for clothes.

SUE ELLEN: We’d appreciate the chance to buy them for you. [J.R. does a double take.]

JAMIE: I’m sorry, but you’ve done enough for me just by letting me stay here for a while.

SUE ELLEN: Jamie, it would really give me pleasure.

JENNA: And me.

BOBBY: Look, Jamie, I think I know how you feel, but you should pick up a few things. You might need them.

JAMIE: Lookit, I really appreciate the offer, but I’ve been fixing to get a job. Pay my own way.

BOBBY: What would you do?

JAMIE: I’m not sure. But this is Texas, and one thing I do know about is the oil business. [Smiles]

J.R.: Is that a fact?

JAMIE: [Seriously] Yeah.

J.R.: I suppose that’s from hanging around Jason.

JAMIE: From working with him.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? Where?

JAMIE: All over. Mostly Alaska, though, lately.

J.R.: Hmm. Where in Alaska?

JAMIE: Kenai Peninsula, Point Barrow, the Umiat anticline, Prudhoe Bay.

J.R.: Umiat, huh? Well, I guess you met the man who ran that operation up there?

JAMIE: Slim Whitaker? Nah, I never met him. Heard an awful lot about him, though.

J.R.: Yeah, old Slim. He was the first one to use the drag bit up there.

JAMIE: Not at the Umiat. Drag bit’s for soft formations. [Sue Ellen smiles, dabs a corner of her mouth with a napkin.]

J.R.: What would he have used?

JAMIE: Probably a diamond drill core bit. Maybe a rotary.

BOBBY: I heard he had some pretty hard formations up there.

J.R.: Bobby did a lot of drilling up in Canada. Real hard, frozen.

JAMIE: [Smiles] Oh, really? Did you use the Stratapax? It worked real good at Point Barrow.

BOBBY: No, I didn’t have any luck at all with them.

JAMIE: Oh, so what’d you use?

J.R.: Don’t you know?

JAMIE: No, I wasn’t there. Of course, there was an awful lot of talk about them using a Tundra something or other.

BOBBY: That’s right, the Tundra Torque. That’s it.

JAMIE: [Smiles] Yeah, I knew it was something like that.

J.R.: Uh, just one more thing. In Prudhoe, how deep did they have to drill their test well?

JAMIE: I don’t know. Why you asking me all these questions?

J.R.: Because anybody in the oil business ought to know the answers to them.

JAMIE: Oh, really? Well, how many producing wells are at the Kenai right now?

J.R.: [Pauses] Twenty-four.

JAMIE: A hundred and three. [Bobby stifles a laugh, clears his throat]

SUE ELLEN: Well, if your little game is over, J.R., I’d like to finish dinner.

BOBBY: Yeah, so would I. That’s if you’re through, J.R.

J.R.: I’m through. [Sticks a forkful of food into his mouth] For now. [Smiles]

BOBBY: [Looks at Jamie, raises a glass] To the winner.

SUE ELLEN: [Raises a glass] To the winner.

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  1. Thats the thang about ol’ J.R., even when he loses a short “tete-a-tete” with Jamie Ewing here, I find myself still cheering for him C.B. I like that he kept going even though he was misinformed as to numbers of oil wells. He had to preen info out of Jamie to assess that damn woman’s ability to fight. As it turns out rightly so as she tried to take away Ewing Oil for her & Cliff’s loser daddy’s who were no good drunks who sold their shares cheap.

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