Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Here’s to Picnics, Ewing Style’

Barbecue Five, Dallas, Deborah Shelton, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Mandy Winger


In “Barbecue Five,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. and Mandy (Larry Hagman, Deborah Shelton) are seated in a private box at Texas Stadium, where a waiter fills their champagne glasses.

MANDY: Oh, J.R., it’s beautiful.

J.R.: Better than some little old park, isn’t it?

WAITER: There you are, sir. Will there be anything else, Mr. Ewing?

J.R.: No, no. We’ll serve ourselves.

WAITER: Yes, sir. [Walks away]

J.R.: [Raises his glass] Here’s to picnics, Ewing style.

MANDY: I’ll say.

J.R.: Tell me, where are you from? You weren’t born in Dallas, were you?

MANDY: Ohio. A little town not too far from Akron. When the wind was wrong, you could smell the tires being made.

J.R.: [Laughs] Well, what’d your father do?

MANDY: He ran a pretty good-sized machine shop. He was a wonderful man. My mom was pretty terrific too. I think they’re the ones that gave me the good feeling I have about myself.

J.R.: How do they feel about your … well, your modeling?

MANDY: Well, my daddy died a few years ago. But I guess Mom always expected I’d become a model. [Sighs] Just out of high school, though, they sent me to secretarial school for protection. They always said, “If you can type, you can always work.”

J.R.: [Chuckles] That’d be a shame to hide that beauty of yours in an office.

MANDY: That’s the way I felt. [Notices J.R.’s surprised expression] Oh, I’ve always known I was beautiful. That’s the reason men come on to me. I do have a brain, but they usually don’t stick around long enough to find that out.

J.R.: Oh, he admires your brain, does he?

MANDY: He does. But that’s not the whole story. Remember when you first saw me in the restaurant, and right away you made a little pass at me? Guys have been doing that since junior high. But this man, when I first met him, I liked him a lot. We spent a whole evening together and a few days later, he didn’t remember who I was.

J.R.: Really? Well, if you ask me, doesn’t sound like he’s playing with a full deck.

MANDY: Hardly. He’s very successful.

J.R.: Does he treat you well? Nice little gifts and creative lunches like this?

MANDY: I’ve never had a lunch like this with anyone before. No, my boyfriend’s big on takeout. We eat out of paper cartons a lot. [Laughs]

J.R.: You enjoy that?

MANDY: Well, frankly, I’d prefer a little more luxury. [Sips champagne]

J.R.: Well, that’s the meaning of the Ewing name — luxury. Can I take it you wouldn’t refuse another invitation to have lunch with me?

MANDY: Where are we going to eat next time, your jet?

J.R.: [Chuckles] Well, we could. I got one.

MANDY: I love this private box. Is it yours?

J.R.: Well, I’ve been thinking about buying it for tax purposes. I just closed a very lucrative deal with a friend of mine, Jeremy Wendell. He’s the president of Westar. Have you heard of it?

MANDY: Who hasn’t in Texas? Do you do a lot of business with him?

J.R.: I haven’t in a long time. But recently, we’ve done some very interesting things together. How about a little more champagne? [Refills her glass]

MANDY: Yes. Then I want to hear all about how J.R. Ewing operates.

J.R.: You will. You surely will.

Watch this scene in “Barbecue Five,” available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes, and share your comments below.


  1. Honest C.B., J.R. told me he “had no idea that Mandy was Cliff’s girlfriend b4 he hit on her in the restaurant.” I believe him, don’t you?

  2. chris my comment seems 2 b missing it was approved earlier when i checked

  3. “Oh I’ve always known I was beautiful.” Must be great to be you, Mandy. I’m lol! She was written so well. Of course I have mad Mandy hate as my loyalty lies with Sue Ellen but what an interesting antagonist she was – just naive enough to be less easy to dislike. I think it’s more common to create The Other Woman as a complete bitch or a totally clueless romantic. Mandy was placed smartly in between the extremes which made her more interesting to me. Confident but doubtful, smart and foolish, the opposite traits gave her depth and made her more than just an agitator. Pretty slick. Great reminiscing this scene today! Corina

    • Since I began revisiting these eighth-season episodes, I’m stunned by how smart Mandy is. Perhaps J.R. turns her into a bimbo later, but while she’s with Cliff, she’s pretty savvy.

      Thanks for commenting, Corina!

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