Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Bastard’

Dallas, Linda Gray, Lockup in Laredo, Sue Ellen Ewing

What goes up …

In “Lockup in Laredo,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) comes home from work and enters the Southfork foyer, where Jamie (Jenilee Harrison) is ending a phone call with Bobby.

J.R.: Did I just hear you say you talked to Judge Samuelson?

JAMIE: Yes. Bobby needed to get in touch with him.

J.R.: Well, the judge is a very important man. I should have done that.

JAMIE: I know, and Bobby wanted you to. But you weren’t there so I called him myself.

J.R.: Well, listen young lady, you don’t just pick up a phone and call people like that. You should have waited for me. [Puts down his hat, enters the living room]

JAMIE: Waited for you? I did more than that. I went out to try and find you.

J.R.: [Stops in his tracks] Find me?

JAMIE: I called the restaurant where you were at, but you left specific orders that you did not want to be disturbed. So I went there myself because it was so important. And there you were, hugging some tall, gorgeous blond who seemed to know you pretty well.

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) comes down the stairs in the background.

J.R.: That woman happens to be a business associate.

JAMIE: Ah, another business associate. Like the one you were hugging at the barbecue? Only this time, you weren’t just hugging her. You were groping her and kissing her, and you probably spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with her.

J.R.: That’s a hell of an assumption on your part.

JAMIE: You didn’t come back to the office all afternoon. J.R., how could you do that to Sue Ellen?

SUE ELLEN: I’d like to know the answer to that question myself.

JAMIE: Sue Ellen.

SUE ELLEN: You bastard. I knew things between us were too good to last.

J.R.: It’s not what it looks like. This girl saw it wrong.

SUE ELLEN: Groping and kissing? That’s hard to see wrong.

J.R.: She’s lying.

JAMIE: I’m so sorry, Sue Ellen. I didn’t mean for you to hear this.

J.R.: Well, it seems like there’s a lot of things you don’t mean but you go ahead and do them anyhow, and people get hurt.

JAMIE: I’m not the one hurting people. You are.

J.R.: You’ve got a lot of gall, young lady.

SUE ELLEN: Don’t you dare twist it around. It’s not Jamie’s fault.

J.R.: Well, then whose fault is it? She sees something she doesn’t understand and then broadcasts lies all over the place.

JAMIE: I’m not lying.

J.R.: The hell you’re not. You’ve been lying ever since you first got here — and I’m sick and tired of it. I want you out of this house and off this property right now.

SUE ELLEN: She’s not going anywhere.

J.R.: She’s a troublemaker, Sue Ellen. I want her out of this house tonight.


JAMIE: That’s okay, Sue Ellen. I don’t want to stay here anymore anyway. I’ve had all that I can take. And you know, J.R., I told you I wasn’t going to use that document. I never wanted to hurt the family. But maybe now I will. Maybe now I’ll show you how real a Ewing I am. [Runs upstairs]

J.R.: You heard what she said. I told you we couldn’t trust her.

SUE ELLEN: It’s happening all over again, isn’t it? The sneaking around, the cheating.

J.R.: I’m not cheating on you.

SUE ELLEN: Shut up! I don’t want to hear any more of your lies.

J.R.: She’s the one who’s lying.

SUE ELLEN: I doubt that very much. Jamie and I have built up a wonderful friendship over the past several months, and she cares about it as much as I do. You’re the one who ruined it. I told you to leave her alone, stay away from her, but no. You had to destroy that friendship — just like you’ve destroyed everything else in my life.

J.R.: [Steps forward] Sue Ellen, would you listen to me.

SUE ELLEN: No, I will not listen to you! [Smiles] Congratulations. You had a wonderful day for yourself, didn’t you? You got rid of Jamie, and you got rid of me. [Begins climbing the stairs] I hope she fights you for Ewing Oil, and I hope she wins. Because then you’ll know exactly how I feel tonight.

Watch this scene in “Lockup in Laredo,” available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes, and share your comments below.


  1. JR cheating again or seen with a woman in a compromising or not so innocent scene should this be a surprise to Sue Ellen or to viewers come on!!!! JR can only promise to be true or faithful to Sue Ellen for a very short while until his wayward urges shows it’s ugly head which will be for Mandy Winger later on.

  2. Such an important scene. The two ladies defending each other and challenging JR, Sue Ellen realizing what’s up, JR knocked off center by Jamie’s threat, Sue Ellen’s searing sarcasm, Jamie taking her own leave from Southfork, Sue Ellen’s fabulous hair and a bonus of her telling JR to shut up. I LOVE IT ALL.

    • Corina, I’m glad you liked this scene. I came this close to giving “Scene of the Day” honors to Scott’s relentless questioning of Jenna in the jailhouse conference room, but I couldn’t resist a conversation in which Sue Ellen calls J.R. a bastard.

  3. JR is used to Sue Ellen coping with his infidelity by drinking and internalizing her pain. JR is also determined to be the one that runs Ewing Oil. To know that Jamie called the Judge is a huge blow to his ego and then to have Sue Ellen face up to his cheating on her direct to his face is another huge blow he takes in this scene. JR is once again hurting Sue Ellen and Ewing Oil by chasing after women and this time he gets it thrown right into his face at the same time. JR once again proves to be his own worse enemy and this time he destroys relationships with two women that are, or were, sincere with their relationship with him.

    Linda Gray looks great in the photo.

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