Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 179 — ‘Legacy of Hate’

Dallas, Legacy of Hate, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

Girl on fire

Who doesn’t love the first scene in “Legacy of Hate”? Pam storms into J.R.’s office and demands to know why he sent her on a wild goose chase for her presumed dead fiancé, Mark Graison. J.R. plays dumb and denies everything, which only infuriates Pam more. She vows to get even by joining Cliff and Jamie’s legal fight to seize two-thirds of J.R.’s business. “You have one soft spot, one weakness — and that’s Ewing Oil, the only thing you’ve ever really loved,” Pam says. “Cliff and Jamie and I are going to take your company away from you. And then I’m going to watch you hurt.”

Hot damn! Often when these characters clash, J.R. threatens and Pam reacts. The dynamics here are reversed. At one point, she shouts, “Shut up! Just sit there and listen!” Under different circumstances, I might complain that a line like that further undercuts J.R., who’s already lost too much mojo this season. I could also point out that the wild goose chase scheme is unusually cruel, even by his standards. But if this is what it takes to reignite the spark in Victoria Principal’s character, I’m all for it. Make no mistake: This isn’t the namby-pamby Pam of recent seasons. This is Digger’s daughter, the fierce, feisty gal who refuses to be pushed around. Isn’t it nice to have her back?

I have to believe Principal is thrilled more than anyone. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen “Dallas” give the actress material like this; not even Pam’s years-in-the-making confrontation with Katherine was this emotionally charged. Larry Hagman is impressive too. Even though the audience knows J.R. is lying, you kind of want to believe him, don’t you? The scene also gives Hagman some fun one-liners, which he tosses off with typical effortless brilliance. (My favorite: “I never liked you a hell of a lot, you know that, Pam? But I never thought you were stupid until now.”) Is Hagman trying to upstage his co-star? Or is he merely giving her what she needs to get worked up? Whatever the case, their chemistry has never crackled quite like it does here.

Credit also goes to first-time “Dallas” director Robert Becker, who shows us what we need to see and then gets out of the actors’ way. When the sequence begins, Becker shoots Principal marching off the Ewing Oil elevator, through the reception area and into J.R.’s office. Once she’s inside the room, Becker keeps Hagman seated at the desk, allowing Principal to tower over him. The staging underscores how she’s dominating him. Another nice touch: Before Pam barges into the office, Kendall tries to stop her. Phyllis pipes up and says, “No, Kendall.” It’s telling that Phyllis would rather risk J.R.’s wrath than Pam’s.

The scene is easily one of “Dallas’s” best episode openings, ranking alongside the cattle drive that begins “Bypass” and Bobby’s heroics during the Southfork fire in “The Road Back.” Nothing else in “Legacy of Hate” matches the drama of J.R. and Pam’s confrontation, although Bobby and J.R.’s fight in the Southfork swimming pool comes close. I also like the episode’s quieter moments, including a good scene where Miss Ellie has a late-night heart-to-heart chat with J.R. in the Southfork kitchen. (He sips a beer, of course. Don’t the Ewing brothers ever drink milk to help them get back to sleep?) In another nice scene, Clayton offers to give Jamie one of his oil companies if she agrees to call off her lawsuit against the Ewings. It’s an outright bribe, but Howard Keel is so gentlemanly, he makes the offer seem perfectly honorable. I also like hearing Clayton refer to the Ewings as his family.

“Legacy of Hate” contains striking bit of continuity too: When J.R. plays Bobby the tape of his conversation with Cliff, the dialogue matches what he says when the exchange is depicted as a one-sided telephone call in “Déjà Vu.” The producers deserve applause for going to the trouble of making sure the two scenes sync, since I’m not sure even fervent fans would have noticed when these episodes aired weeks apart in 1985. I wish the same attention to detail was observed during “Legacy of Hate’s” next scene. After J.R. learns he’s been ratted out by Gerald Kane, the pilot he hired to lie to Pam, J.R. calls him and threatens to send over some “friends” if he doesn’t leave Texas right away. “Nobody, but nobody, double-crosses J.R. Ewing,” he says. True enough, but since when does J.R. give his enemies this kind of warning?

There’s also some humor in “Legacy of Hate,” although I’m not sure it’s intentional. When Mandy walks out on Cliff after Jamie interrupts their romantic dinner at home, she says, “I’m getting out, because three’s a crowd.” Could this be a sly reference to the sitcom that featured Jenilee Harrison before she arrived on “Dallas”? There’s an even funnier moment during J.R. and Bobby’s pool fight. After J.R. lands in the water and Bobby leaps into the water to punch him some more, watch Hagman. His face breaks into a comical, bug-eyed expression straight from his “I Dream of Jeannie” days. The expression is visible only a second, which makes me wonder if Hagman did it to amuse the crew, the stuntman or maybe just himself.

This is the kind of thing fans probably would have missed when this episode aired 30 years ago, before we all had the ability to search, scan, pause and replay scenes. Seeing it now is a reminder that no matter how many times we watch this show, there’s almost always something new to discover.

Grade: A


Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Legacy of Hate

Slam dunk


Season 8, Episode 18

Airdate: February 1, 1985

Audience: 22.2 million homes, ranking 1st in the weekly ratings

Writer: Arthur Bernard Lewis

Director: Robert Becker

Synopsis: Pam and Bobby each confront J.R., who denies sending her on a wild goose chase. Cliff gains Pam as an ally in his fight with Jamie but loses Mandy’s support. The Ewings are stunned when Cliff and Jamie try to freeze Ewing Oil’s assets. Scotty tells Bobby they must find Naldo’s girlfriend, Veronica Robinson. Eddie cheats on Lucy with Betty.

Cast: Burke Byrnes (Pete Adams), Larry Cedar (Martin), Roseanna Christiansen (Teresa), Lisa Cutter (Model), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Stephen Elliott (Scotty Demarest), Eric Farlow (Christopher Ewing), Rosemary Forsyth (Ann McFadden), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing), Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), Jenilee Harrison (Jamie Ewing), Susan Howard (Donna Krebbs), Steve Kanaly (Ray Krebbs), Howard Keel (Clayton Farlow), Ken Kercheval (Cliff Barnes), Fredric Lehne (Eddie Cronin), Sarah Partridge (Model), George O. Petrie (Harv Smithfield), Priscilla Beaulieu Presley (Jenna Wade), Victoria Principal (Pam Ewing), Donna Reed (Miss Ellie Farlow), Sherril Lynn Rettino (Jackie Dugan), Dean Santoro (Raymond Furguson), Deborah Shelton (Mandy Winger), Danone Simpson (Kendall), Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing), Deborah Tranelli (Phyllis), Morgan Woodward (Punk Anderson), Kathleen York (Betty)

“Legacy of Hate” is available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes. Watch the episode and share your comments below.


  1. Stephan says:

    Your critique is spot on, as usual. I especially like your focus on the first scene, which is particularly well deserved in this instalment. It’s the episode-ending scenes with their cliffhanger qualities that would naturally get more attention, but openers can be just as important to keep the audience tuned in. Wouldn’t they make a nice Dal-List?

  2. Tony Ewing says:

    Great Chris. I’m going to have to watch the pool scene again and look out for JR’s face.

    • Just check out the screen cap at the bottom of this critique. It took me several tries to capture that shot of Hagman. It appears for only a split second. (It’s worth watching the episode too, of course.)

  3. I also love it when Pam and JR butt heads and am always glad when the feisty Pam of the first series re-surfaces – it’s a pity VP wasn’t allowed to show this side of her character more often.

    • Very true, Paul. Thanks.

      • That gawd damned Barnes woman is a regular spitfire ain’t she! Good on her for going after J.R.! I am watching an episode where MIss Ellie sits in J.R.’s chair &^ gives her two sons hell who are sitting in J.R.’s office chairs. But when she walks in, Phyllis accidentally calls her “Mrs. Ewing”, when either “Mrs. Farlow” or “Mrs.Ewing-Farlow” or “Miss Ellie” would have been more appropriate! Plus, after Jeremy Wendel, Chairman of the Board of Westar Oil takes over the Ewing Building, CBS Entertainment & Lorimar Telepictures Inc. cheap out & use stock shots of that bldg. to open 3 episodes in a row (& more later.) They should have used an alternate Dallas downtown structure as Brother J.R. got himself & Little Brother Bobby offices in 2 alternate buildings after the fall & the seizure of the name Ewing Oil & the sale of its assets to cover 1/3rd of the company’s value in fines from the B.D. Calhoun fiasco!

      • “… Ewing Building, CBS Entertainment & Lorimar Telepictures Inc.” made me laugh, R.J. Thanks.

  4. It was so wonderful to see the old Pam again missed her!!!! The old Pam I loved which I wish the writers had kept up with and written her better but they truly dropped the ball over the seasons maybe it because she is a woman and not suppose to have that power. Pam was kind of boring before this episode and also being with Mark the whole time made her boring because he was boring and their was no excitement to their storyline. I wished the writers had kept this fight to gain 1/3 of Ewing longer in stead of ending it so quickly and let the Ewings win again. Having the Ewings lose once and let Cliff have 1/3 of Ewing Oil this time would have been more interesting and better to watch. Dallas to me had always been up and down when it comes to building up the viewers expectations and the storylines for a while then letting them down. I loved the fight scene by the pool Hagman was good (comical) and Bobby would not have stopped attacking him if Clayton and Ray had not intervene. Bobby’s rage was justified because he is still in love with Pam and even without proof he knows that this is something JR would have done and he knows JR hates Pam, but the question is why? I also liked Mandy and Cliff together much better than JR and Mandy and wished the writers had developed this relationship better and make Cliff fall in love with her. Also CB you are right JR hardly gives warnings to his enemies is he getting soft? Anyway a great episode and also it draws attention from the boring Jenna fiasco for a moment which is such a welcome!!!

    • Yes, you’re so right Maryann. In addition to the great opening scene, this is a fantastic episode because it diverts our attention from the dreary Naldo murder trial storyline.

  5. Fabulous first scene! I bet they both enjoyed getting their teeth into that :O)

  6. sean asbury says:

    I know that I am late to the party and commenting but I have been reading this site for awhile and binge watching from season 1. The funny thing about watching shows back to back is that you pick up on a few things that may go unnoticed if watched weeks apart.
    For example, “I feel it in my bones” has now been uttered in 4 straight episodes, starting with JRE consoling Bobby at the Cattleman’s Club while drunk.

  7. I am watching these episodes before I read each critique and I laughed SO HARD at JR’s expression! Glad you decided to showcase it!

  8. I liked the scene with Bobby and Pam at the playground too!. How long did JR think it would be before Bobby heard about it?

    • I liked that scene too except I think Christopher was just a bit too young for Bobby to tell him to run and play so he could talk to Pam.

  9. Scott Clayton says:

    Was it really Phyllis, and not Pam, who said, No, Kendall?” Also, Jennilee was on “Three’s Company” before it became “Three’s a Crowd”. Great rundown though, and love the Ellie and J.R. Kitchen scene AND Clayton and Jamie’s walk through the park.

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