Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Give Our Regards to Waco’

Dallas, Linda Gray, Pam Ewing, Shattered Dreams, Sue Ellen Ewing, Victoria Principal

Bar girls

In “Shattered Dreams,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen and Pam (Linda Gray, Victoria Principal) are sitting in a Hong Kong restaurant when a man (Bruce Baron) approaches.

MAN: Howdy. Did I hear that Chinese fellow call you ladies Ewing?


MAN: Well, excuse me, ma’am. I’m forgetting all my manners. My name’s Benjamin Alan Moody. I’m from Waco. [Extends his hand, which Sue Ellen doesn’t shake] Well, you know, the name Ewing’s not entirely unfamiliar to us in Waco, ma’am, and I was wondering if you all might be related to ol’ J.R.

SUE ELLEN: [Glances at Pam, then turns back to the man] We’re distant cousins. But my family hasn’t spoken to his family for several years.

MAN: I’m sorry, ma’am, to hear that, but since we’re all from Texas, maybe I can buy y’all a drink anyway.

SUE ELLEN: [Smiles] I don’t drink, and neither does my friend. [Pam, about to take a sip from her wine glass, puts it down.] But thanks, and give our regards to Waco. [The man walks back to his table. Pam chuckles. Sue Ellen rolls her eyes and sips from her glass.] Perfect timing. Are you all right?

PAM: Yeah. You really handled that well.

SUE ELLEN: Well, it wasn’t hard. It’s amazing you have to fly halfway across the world to run into a jerk like that.

Watch this scene in “Shattered Dreams,” available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes, and share your comments below.


  1. I’ll give my regards to Waco all right C.B. Just not to the memory of David Koresh if thats all right with u boy!

  2. Lots of great body language in this scene! Sue Ellen and Pam both shot some top notch eye darts at Mr. Moody. This is one of those gold moments where they grounded the characters in relatability. Who hasn’t had an awkward run in like this? Maybe not to this intensity or in Hong Kong, but still. Enjoyed this selection!

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