Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Never Stopped Loving You’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, Deliverance, Pam Ewing, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal

Close encounter

In “Deliverance,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby and Pam (Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal) sit on her sofa after dinner.

BOBBY: The evening was perfect.

PAM: Yes, it was. I’m just sorry it had to be this way.

BOBBY: What do you mean, this way?

PAM: Well, under these circumstances. Our being together because Jenna’s in prison.

BOBBY: Pam, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because you and Christopher are my family.

PAM: Oh, Bobby. When Jenna comes back home, we won’t be spending any more nights together like this.

BOBBY: No. No, not exactly.

PAM: Well, that makes me sad.

BOBBY: I know.

PAM: And I’m sorry for us. Maybe I shouldn’t say that, but it’s how I feel.

BOBBY: Pam, if things could have just been different for us.

PAM: [Sighs] Oh, Bobby. If anything were any different. If Jenna weren’t in prison, I wouldn’t let you out of my house tonight. I wouldn’t let you out of my sight. I’d never let you out of my life again. I love you. I love you more than I ever did before, and I didn’t think that was possible.


PAM: Oh, I’m not ashamed of loving you. And I’m not sorry for it. Maybe it’s not fair to say it to you, but I couldn’t go on without telling you. I love you, Bobby. [He hugs her. She sobs.] I love you so much, my heart hurts.

BOBBY: I know, I know.

PAM: Do you? Do you know?

BOBBY: I never stopped loving you. And I never will.

PAM: Oh. [They kiss.]

Watch this scene in “Deliverance,” available on DVD and at Amazon and iTunes, and share your comments below.


  1. What a scene of the day that is! I think Chris you could have two scenes of the day next episode, because how can you choose? Two of the best scenes in Dallas history. 1. Bobby proposing to Pam and 2. the hospital end. Love sob love sob :O( I never tire of seeing those two scenes. They are the crescendo, the climax, of Dallas, indeed it’s Swan Song of utter magnificence as a show. It was still good, it had great moments for a while after, but nothing in Dallas again holds a torch to Swan Song.

  2. As sad as things are for Mrs. Jenna Wade Marchetta Marchetta, Fiance Bobby going back to Pamela makes sense especially when you consider that Jenna left Bob at the altar not once but twice. Mind you the 2nd time was clearly under duress with her forced 2nd marriage to Naldo & the frame up for his murder by Katherine Wentworth,

  3. I loved this scene and PD and VP delivered it well and the kiss !!!!!! although not long enough thanks to Christopher was awesome. The only thing I did not like was the background music it was a little too sappy and sweet to me, the music playing during their first kiss in ” Ewing Connection” was better.

  4. this scene EVEN so many years later is STILL amazing…thanks for this post…PD & VP are absolutely the BEST tv couple EVER.

  5. I always loved this scene much more than the proposal scene. One of my all time favorite for sure!

    • Yes, indeed. Thanks. I love how assertive Pam is in this scene. Finally, she’s telling Bobby how she really feels and not apologizing for it. And I love how he returns the favor. After she tells him she loves him, if he had left her hanging, I would have reached through the screen and strangled him!

      • Exactly! I love that too! Haha, yes!

      • I also loved how assertive Pam was because maybe she knew she wouldn’t get another chance to tell Bobby how she felt about him.Plus i also liked that it happened in her house because in a way she had the home field advantage.

  6. I love this scene. Marvelous !

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