One Year After ‘Dallas,’ Cast and Crew Keep Busy

Dallas, Josh Henderson, TNT

Josh Henderson in August (Getty Images)

The final episode of TNT’s “Dallas” aired one year ago today. Here’s an update on the show’s stars and key players from behind the scenes.

JOSH HENDERSON has been cast as the male lead in “The Arrangement,” an eagerly anticipated E! pilot about an actress who is offered $10 million to marry Hollywood’s biggest star. Filming began this month in Vancouver.

Patrick Duffy, June (Getty Images)

Patrick Duffy in June (Getty Images)

PATRICK DUFFY will appear in “Trafficked,” a forthcoming feature film based on the best-selling book “Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery.” Duffy also led the TV series jury at the prestigious Monte Carlo Television Festival, and he guest starred on NBC’s “Welcome to Sweden” and ABC Family’s “The Fosters.”

LINDA GRAY published her memoirs, “The Road to Happiness is Always Under Construction,” guest starred on CW’s “Significant Mother” and appeared in the Hallmark Channel movie “Perfect Match.” She also stars in “Wally’s Will,” an independent short slated to play at film festivals.

JESSE METCALFE will be seen in “God’s Not Dead 2,” a Christian-themed film now in production. He also appeared in Hallmark Channel’s “A Country Wedding,” which drew big numbers in June, and the online flick “Dead Rising: Watchtower.”

JORDANA BREWSTER reprised her role as Mia in the latest “Fast and Furious” flick, “Furious 7,” which has grossed $1.5 billion since its release in April. Next up: Brewster will appear alongside John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. in FX’s “American Crime Story,” a 2016 series about the O.J. Simpson trial, and then she’ll star in the second season of the ABC crime drama “Secrets and Lies.”

JULIE GONZALO has roles in two forthcoming films: “Waffle Street,” which stars Danny Glover, and the romantic comedy “The List.” She also stars in the independent film “I Did Not Forget You,” produced by Brenda Strong.

Brenda Strong, Dallas, TNT

Brenda Strong in July (Hallmark Channel)

BRENDA STRONG has joined the cast of “The 100,” a CW fantasy series that will return for its third season next year. The newly married Strong also co-stars in “Ice Sculpture Christmas,” a Hallmark Channel holiday movie.

MITCH PILEGGI will reprise his role as Walter Skinner in Fox’s six-episode “The X-Files” revival, slated to debut January 24. He also can be seen in the film “The Girl in the Photographs,” and he did a guest stint on CBS’s “Blue Bloods.”

EMMA BELL has been cast as the young Emily Dickinson in “A Quiet Passion,” a film starring Cynthia Nixon as the adult poet. Bell also stars in the short film “BYoutiful” and has roles in two other projects, “The Good Ones” and “See You in Valhalla.”

JUDITH LIGHT plays a grandmother in the recent release “Digging for Fire,” starring Orlando Bloom. She’ll also continue to be seen in Amazon’s Emmy-winning series “Transparent,” which will begin its second season December 4.

JUAN PABLO DI PACE played Jesus in NBC’s “A.D. The Bible Continues,” which aired in the spring. Di Pace will next be seen in the feature film “After the Reality” starring Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch.

KEVIN PAGE has opened a gallery in Dallas to showcase artworks created through three-dimensional printing. His website is

CYNTHIA CIDRE (Executive producer) is now an executive producer of ABC’s “Dallas”-esque drama “Blood and Oil,” which debuts September 27.

RODNEY CHARTERS (Cinematographer) is shooting director Zach Braff’s feature film “Going in Style,” which stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as three retirees who plan a bank heist.

RACHEL SAGE KUNIN (Costume designer) has brought her talents to CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” which will begin its second season October 12.

CHARLES YUSKO (Hair stylist) is now hair department head for “From Dusk Till Dawn,” a series on the El Ray channel.

Which projects from the “Dallas” cast and crew are you looking forward to? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. Ya know who’d be happiest of all that eveyone is workin steady. Yeah you guessed it right, ol’ J.R.! O & Cidre should be fired from “Blood & Oil”, we need “DALLAS” back. No substitutions please!

  2. Do you have news about Ken Kercheval and Steve Kanaly? Both are great actors too.

  3. Robert Lee Williams says:

    I enjoyed working on the Dallas set, I was a Security Officer. I really liked working with the whole crew they are great people. I would like to find another TV show or Movie to become a Security Supervisor for the set. So if you know of anyone who is hiring Please let me know. Thank you.

  4. So even if I new show runner and network materialized tomorrow, too much of the cast is otherwise occupied at this point making a revival very very difficult.

    • Perhaps, although I never say never.

    • Yes, it may be challenging to get everyone back but actors have and do work on more than one show at a time. Besides, Dallas would be a shorter filming schedule with an order of 10-15 episodes (if we got a revival which is a BIG if.) I think the show was finding its footing towards the end of Season 3 without Larry and had some major potential for Season 4 storylines.

  5. So Cynthia Cidre who wrote for Dallas, is now an executive producer for ABC’s “copycat” show “Blood and Oil”. What a slap in the face for we Dallas fans! No worry
    that show will not last!! Ms Cidre should have fought for ABC bringing Dallas back!!
    Dallas fans: Can you feel me!

  6. All that talent in one place. The show had split seasons and changed time slots and still brought in consistent ratings. “Dallas” went up against Monday Night Football and all sorts of other top watched shows and still had good ratings. The actors moved on. I know that if ABC made “Dallas” instead of a show like “Dallas” it would benefit the television viewing audience, advertisers, and the network. I know that with the same budget being wasted on “Blood Oil” would be better spent keeping “Dallas” going. I will not watch B O because if anyone says something even remotely like “Blood may be thicker than water, but oil is thicker than both.” I will lose it.
    I look forward to seeing the cast in their new roles and I am apreciative of the three season of “Dallas” on TNT that we did get.

  7. Solomon Martinez says:

    Join the campaign on twitter! #castemmabellinstarwars8

  8. One year has passed since Dallas was cancelled. It still ticks me off how TNT just let a show that was beginning to get good to just cancel it altogether and put reruns of Castle instead. The so called think tanks of TNT sure don’t know anything about television. As for Blood & Oil, I don’t watch copycat shows that think they are better.

  9. I agree. I will not watch blood and oil. its clear to me that there was no way Dallas would be picked up, even with all of the fan push and the cast helping to promote. it was all in vain because since blood and oil was planned and secure, there is no way anyone would have competed with it- tho dallas would have smoked it. seems like there was no way dallas could have had a chance with plans in place for blood and oil and I find that a slap in the face as well that dallas was thrown over. with the right budget and stories, dallas could have returned to its glory and achieved what it once did and filled the modern taste for such a concept instead of blood and oil. its likely now there will never be a conclusion to dallas. ceidre wouldnt have pushed for dallas truly because she was going to be a part of this new thing and probably figured “on to fresh” while leaving a decades beloved series just a smoldering pile of memories… such a shame. whats more, Dallas should have been continued at least four or five years before 2012 because it would have had a longer run and we would have had more time with Larry as J.R. and with such a rich history to draw from and bringing it into modern day, it would have really been fantastic… now, its all but a memory.

    • Miss Green says:

      It is clear Ms Cynthia Cidre never really fought for Dallas because when fans commented on Dallas, she said in one of her interviews “She doesn’t read fan comments”. At that instance it was obvious she was about herself only! Now she’s writing for Blood & Oil?? Its clear she threw Dallas & its Fans, under the bus! I know in my heart, Dallas will be back! ABC has Blood & Oil, Fox has Empire, NOW CBS BRING BACK DALLAS AND KNOCK ALL THE RIFF RAFF OUT OF THE WATER!!! Dallas fans: Do you hear me?

      • Ms. Cidre didn’t create “Blood and Oil” and joined the show about nine months after “Dallas” was canceled, so I don’t think it’s fair to say she betrayed “Dallas” fans. I do believe the producers of the new series should have paid closer attention to the longtime fans. I also wish they had done a better job honoring the original show’s continuity (although the original “Dallas” didn’t always honor its own continuity either).

        And like you, I continue to believe “Dallas” will rise again some day!

      • Dan in WI says:

        I’m pretty low on the list of people you are ever going to hear defend Cidre’s stewardship of Dallas. I’ll never get past her lack of respect of the Dallas continuity. She’s made conflicting statements on whether she had or hadn’t watched the entire run of the CBS show. My personal belief: First she said she hadn’t watched them all. Then when continuity hawks started savaging her on the interwebs suddenly she either said she did or made statements to the effect that between the members of the writing staff someone saw every episode. I’m going with she personally never did.
        But that’s neither here nor there. I believe she made the best fight she could to find a new home for her Dallas. After all Dallas had actors under contract and an infrastructure in place. You don’t abandon that on a whim if you can help it for a start up with no fan base whatsoever. We do have to face the fact it is an extremely small percentage of cancelled shows (probably less than 1%) that ever find new networks. That fight to save the show always had a very uphill battle. Besides from everything I can tell she wasn’t hired by Blood and Oil until about a year after the final Dallas episode was aired. I don’t believe Blood and Oil was any kind of fallback position she had in her back pocket. I believe it came along after the fact.
        Again I’m not defending Cidre. I will always blame Dallas’ failure on her. But I won’t accuse her of killing it to move onto something else.
        For the record I’m not watching Blood and Oil either. Cidre aside I want the original I don’t want a cheap knockoff.

    • Robo, I agree with your point about wishing “Dallas” had been brought back earlier.

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