Making History: Texas Monthly Tells the Story of ‘Dallas’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Charlene Tilton, Dallas, Jim Davis, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Texas Monthly

Bigger than Texas

Texas Monthly marks “Dallas’s” 40th anniversary with a big, sweeping oral history of the series.

The article, written by Max Marshall, boasts a huge cast, including David Jacobs, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, David Paulsen, Kristina Hagman, TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz and virtually everyone else you can think of (even me!). There are also several rare behind-the-scenes photos and lots of fresh insight into the show, its role in shaping television and its place in Texas culture.

Read it for yourself at — and be sure to pick up a copy of the print version, which appears as the cover story in the magazine’s October issue.


  1. First off congratulations Chris. I certainly don’t know the details of how you were approached for this article but it is well deserved. Over the years you’ve put your heart and soul into this website and it is so obvious it was always a labor of love. You deserve this recognition!
    This was a great oral history. I consider myself a very devoted fan who knows as much about the show as any outsider not named Chris Baker. So I was very pleasantly surprised this article was not a rehash of old history. It actually brought a few new nuggets to the table that I did not previously know.

    • Hey, thanks Dan! I was pleasantly surprised when Max Marshall, the Texas Monthly writer, approached me. His email came out of the blue.

      I agree: The piece is really well done. Max is an honest-to-goodness “Dallas” fan, and I think the story reflects that.

      I wrote Max last night to congratulate him and to thank him again for including me. As I told him, it’s pretty trippy to see my name alongside truly bold-faced names like Linda Gray and Victoria Principal.

  2. Good idea. I really miss Dallas but I felt there were poor story lines in the last episode with Patrick Duffy. Have they really killed off Christopher Ewing? And why didn’t we see more of Gary Ewing in the last series? All the best, Paul, Oxford, England

  3. I subscribe to Texas monthly(a great magazine by the way) and said holy cr$p!! when I saw this months cover. The article is very good and I especially liked the little quotes from the cast throughout. There could have been more of those. There’s lots of little facts like David Jacobs realizing; he’d actually created a show about Houston life, not Dallas. Anybody wondering if it’s worth it to buy this months issue, go ahead you won’t be dissapointed.

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