Brick by Brick: Dallas Decoder’s Lego Tribute to Southfork

Welcome home

“Dallas” debuted on this day 42 years ago, and I can think of no better way to mark the occasion than with another Lego tribute from my husband, Andrew.

After creating a Sue Ellen portrait made of his childhood Legos and a “Who Shot J.R.?” playset, Andrew has built his own Southfork, complete with minifigs to represent the Ewings and all their friends — and a few of their enemies, of course.

Andrew spent a long time designing the house, carefully considering details like the angle to pitch the roof. It took him even longer to build the thing, especially since he had to track down some of the more obscure pieces online. (Who knew there was an underground market for Legos?)

In addition to recreating the outside of Southfork — including the arch over the driveway, the swimming pool and the yellow-and-white patio furniture — Andrew recreated some of “Dallas’s” most famous settings, like the foyer, dining room and the bedrooms of J.R. and Sue Ellen and Bobby and Pam.

Fitting all those rooms into the house wasn’t easy. The Hollywood sets from the TV series don’t exactly align with the exteriors of the real-life Southfork in Texas, making this project like our own version of HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation.” Andrew made it work, though, and even came up with the clever idea to put one wing of the house on a hinge so you can “swing” it to the side to get a better look at the interiors.

(This also allowed us to come up with my favorite feature of all: The hinge splits J.R. and Sue Ellen’s bed down the middle, so whenever the couple has a fight, she can swing her half of the bed into a whole other room. It’s just like when she used to move across the hall from J.R. in the ’80s!)

Andrew also carefully chose minifigs that resemble the actors. The Lego J.R. has Larry Hagman’s mischievous twinkle, and I especially love how Andrew dressed Sue Ellen in black and white, just like the iconic dress Linda Gray wore in “Who Done It?,” the episode that resolved the “Who Shot J.R.?” cliffhanger. (The Lego Miss Ellie is a little more Donna Reed than Barbara Bel Geddes, but oh well.)

Together, Andrew and I have had a lot of fun staging some of “Dallas’s” most famous scenes. Check out the gallery below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. Rosanne Frandina says:

    Very impressive!
    That’s a lot of Dallas love!

  2. absolutely glorious

  3. Dan in WI says:

    I have to say these anniversary numbers are just getting ridiculous. 40 years since A House Divided and now 42 years since the debut! Can this be right? That would mean I’m about to turn 47 myself and that just can’t be right either. I’m quickly entering my advanced middle age. I blame new math.

    By the way very nice work on the Legos indeed.
    How about a review of episode 201 for old time sake?

  4. Elizabete says:

    Marvelous ! Beautiful!!

  5. Elizabete says:

    Beautiful work!

  6. This is great, and I have fun looking at the photos! The different scene, looking at the figures, and just looking and admiring the work. Remarkable and imaginative. Like a set and scenes from what a “Lego Dallas” movie or show

  7. The_lost_son says:

    Great work as usual and very impressive. As soon as the current Corona crisis is over and flights to the US are possible I’ll visit Dallas only because of Southfork.

    Your website has been and still is a true inspiration. I have been visiting your website for years on frequent basis. It’s such a treat to read your positive approach to our beloved series. The interviews, specials and especially the critiques are Dallas’ Almanach.

    Thanks for your work, effort and continuous dedication. It’s a real treat.

  8. Emili Cvetkovic says:

    Is there any way to buy some of the scenes?

  9. Joann Kinsey says:

    I love the lego set! I think you should market it. l know you would have a lot of buyers.

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