The Miss Ellie Rule

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Miss Ellie Ewing

Mama rules

Dallas Decoder welcomes comments from readers. Just be nice.

Rude comments won’t be approved, so don’t bother leaving them. When in doubt, remember the Miss Ellie Rule: If you wouldn’t want Mama to read what you’ve written, don’t hit the “post” button.

Otherwise, have at it. Help make Dallas Decoder a forum for fun, lively and insightful conversations about the show we all love.

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  1. “Family is like making a cake from scratch, Real messy!” -Miss Ellie (quoted by Bobby)

  2. I only just discovered the Miss Ellie Rule. Excellent idea! The LAST thing I would want to hear is: “Miss Ellie would be ASHAMED of you.”

  3. Miss Ellie would have said a lot about today’s Dallas, especially all that went on in Mexico surrounding JR’s motives. The first thing is admiration for the loyalty to the Ewing Family, but the second would be the dangers in Mexico.

  4. Blue bull says:

    Dallas season 8 was not bad, infact it’s among the best, Donna Reed was great as the new Miss Ellie! Phillip Capice was still the executive producer! Janilee Harrison and Dack Rambo was added to the series! which I thought was cool, also what happened between Jenna and Marchetta was worth looking at again! season 8 is definitely great.

  5. Thank you for this site! I found which season the episode, “Rock Bottom,” was in and can watch it on IMDB.

  6. Sober Sallly says:

    Thank you for this website. I was able to find which season that “Rock Bottom” was in and can now watch on IMDB.

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