The Art of Dallas: ‘Barbecue’

Jock and Miss Ellie (Jim Davis, Barbara Bel Geddes) are seen in this 1978 publicity shot from “Barbecue,” “Dallas’s” first-season finale.

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘She’s On the Nest — Digger’s Girl’

In “Barbecue,” “Dallas’s” first-season finale, Tilly (Irma P. Hall) is filling drinks at the bar when Sam (Haskel Craver) approaches with a tray and motions toward Jock (Jim Davis), who is smoking and drinking out of the view of his guests. SAM: He’s sneaking his cigarettes early today. TILLY: He ’s snuck three of ’em […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 5 – ‘Barbecue’

“Barbecue,” the final entry in “Dallas’s” too-brief first season, is probably best remembered as the episode where J.R. accidentally causes a pregnant Pam to fall from the hayloft and lose her baby, but I think it’s notable for other reasons. This is one of the few “Dallas” installments set during a single day. (“Winds of […]