Critique: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Episode 8 – ‘No Good Deed’

In “No Good Deed,” John Ross is jailed for a murder he didn’t commit and then savagely beaten by a couple of inmates who are connected to the real killers. The Ewings respond to this crisis by rallying around their tarnished golden boy, making this the first time the characters on TNT’s “Dallas” begin to […]

‘Dallas’s’ Grand Opening

Here’s how I know “Dallas’s” opening credits are special: My husband Andrew never fast-forwards through them. Andrew watches “Dallas” on DVD, which is how he has consumed a lot of other classic television over the years. With those other shows, whether it’s “Star Trek” or “Sex and the City,” Andrew almost never sits through the […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 2 – ‘Lessons’

For a teenager on television in the 1970s, Lucy manages to find herself in an awful lot of sexual situations. “Dallas” is surprisingly cavalier about this. In “Lessons,” Pam is the only Ewing who knows Lucy is sexually active, but when she takes it upon herself to straighten out her rebellious niece, Pam’s priority is […]