Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 98 – ‘The Prodigal’

“The Prodigal” marks the triumphant return of Pam Ewing. What’s that you say? You didn’t realize she had gone away? Well, consider this: The Pam who emerges during “Dallas’s” third season – the one who cries a lot and obsesses over having children – doesn’t bear much resemblance to the strong-willed, independent-minded heroine we meet […]

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 1

“Dallas’s” first season is comprised of just five episodes, but there’s no shortage of things to cheer and jeer. Performances Sorry Mr. Hagman, but Victoria Principal owns Season 1. The actress makes Pam confident and charming, with a laugh that would make Julia Roberts envious. Pam is also unapologetically sexual, making her one of television’s […]

The Art of Dallas: ‘Lessons’

Hal (Larry Tanner), a Southfork ranch hand, and Ray (Steve Kanaly) are seen in this 1978 publicity shot from “Lessons,” a first-season “Dallas” episode.

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Of Course We’re Not Enemies’

In “Lessons,” a first-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) sits on his office sofa and chats with Bobby (Patrick Duffy). J.R.: I want to tell you how you filled your daddy’s heart with joy when you decided to settle down and come into the business with me. BOBBY: Well, that’s just it. I’m in the […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 2 – ‘Lessons’

For a teenager on television in the 1970s, Lucy manages to find herself in an awful lot of sexual situations. “Dallas” is surprisingly cavalier about this. In “Lessons,” Pam is the only Ewing who knows Lucy is sexually active, but when she takes it upon herself to straighten out her rebellious niece, Pam’s priority is […]