Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 189 — ‘Deeds and Misdeeds’

Sue Ellen’s scenes in “Deeds and Misdeeds” aren’t easy to watch. The previous episode ended with her taking her first drink in almost two years, and in this hour, she continues slipping back into her old habits. Sue Ellen leads everyone to believe her relapse was only temporary, yet she swipes a bottle of vodka […]

‘Dallas’ 2014: Remembering Those We Lost

Several people who contributed to “Dallas” died during the past 12 months. Here’s a list of those we lost, along with notable deaths that occurred among the show’s extended family. Click on each person’s name to learn more about his or her career at   James Avery December 31, 2013 (age 68) Avery, who […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 138 — ‘Ray’s Trial’

I always remembered the mystery surrounding Mickey Trotter’s death as boiling down to a single question: Did Ray or Lil pull the plug on him? Last week, when I re-watched “Ray’s Trial” for the first time in a few years, I realized “Dallas” also poses a second, more complicated question: Did Mickey want to live […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Don’t Want You to Be Alone’

In “My Brother’s Keeper,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, Cliff and Pam (Ken Kercheval, Victoria Principal) walk down a busy street together. CLIFF: I tell you, there is nothing better than some good Mexican food to clear the cobwebs out of your hair. PAM: Ugh. Just the thought of Mexican food right now is enough to […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 135 — ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

J.R. goes through “My Brother’s Keeper” trying to buck up Bobby, who’s feeling down as his divorce date approaches. In a memorable scene, the brothers go out for a night on the town, where J.R. arranges for Bobby to bump into a call girl he hired to take Bobby’s mind off his troubles. Does it […]