Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘What Happened, J.R.?’

In “Dallas’s” fourth-season episode “New Beginnings,” J.R. and Sue Ellen (Larry Hagman, Linda Gray) put John Ross (Tyler Banks) to sleep in his crib. J.R.: Handsome little devil, isn’t he? SUE ELLEN: He has eyes exactly like yours, J.R. That’s the first thing that attracted me to you. J.R.: Is that right? I thought it […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 75 – ‘New Beginnings’

Sometimes “Dallas” is more than entertaining – it’s damn near magical. This happens when everything that goes into making the show – the writing, the acting, the music and so on – comes together in ways that are so pitch-perfect, you can’t help but feel you’re witnessing something special. The final scene in “New Beginnings” […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 74 – ‘Ewing vs. Ewing’

Jim Davis makes his last appearance as Jock in “Dallas’s” 75th hour, “New Beginnings,” but it’s more of a cameo than anything else. His final, “real” performance comes at the end of “Ewing vs. Ewing,” and no matter how many times I watch it, it never fails to move me. Davis was diagnosed with inoperable cancer […]