Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Miss Her Too’

In “Trial and Error,” an eighth-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) enters Christopher’s darkened bedroom at Southfork, where the child (Eric Farlow) sits on the bed. CHRISTOPHER: Mommy? BOBBY: Hi. [Sits on the bed, turns on a lamp] Come here, come here. [Picks him up, embraces him] Oh, there we go. Mama’s not here right […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 184 — ‘Trial and Error’

Jenna Wade has her day in court in “Trial and Error,” although I’m not sure why we should care. Now that Pam’s search for Mark Graison has come up empty, “Dallas” clearly is paving the way for her to reunite with Bobby. This episode is full of hints: J.R. tells Sly he’s worried “that Barnes […]