Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘… Or the Secrets We Share’

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Julie Grey, Larry Hagman, Red File Part 1, Tina Louise

Twice upon a mistress

In “The Red File, Part 1,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. and Julie (Larry Hagman, Tina Louise) stroll along a pier while drinking champagne.

J.R.: Three days down here, and what do we get? We get rain, sleet, sun. I tell you, this Gulf weather’s enough to drive you crazy.

JULIE: [Laughs] Well, darling, one thing you don’t have is power over the weather.

J.R.: I use my powers in other ways.

JULIE: Yes, I’ve noticed. I’m constantly amazed. [Giggles]

J.R.: Never underestimate your charms, my sweet. [Kisses her]

JULIE: Thank you, darling. I never know if it’s me or the secrets we share that makes me so appealing to you. [He pours more champagne in her glass.] Thank you. Honey, does it ever bother you that I betrayed you once with Cliff Barnes?

J.R.: Now, I’m hungry. What do you want for lunch?

JULIE: Now, J.R., we never talk about it. You know, I could’ve given him the whole red file instead of just those tidbits on the payoffs to Senator Orloff.

J.R.: Well, that’s water under the bridge, or over the dam, or however the saying goes. I don’t know.

JULIE: I gotta know how you feel about me.

J.R.: [Playfully] Well, I like that. I cancel every appointment I got in Dallas. [Motions toward the water] We’re supposed to be out inspecting the Ewing Oil platforms. Now I ask you, what have we been inspecting here? [She laughs and kisses him.]

JULIE: I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make demands. I’m having a wonderful time.

J.R.: But?

JULIE: But sometimes I wanna know what you’re feeling. I wanna know what you’re thinking.

J.R.: All right. That affair with Cliff Barnes. Now, how does he rate on a scale of 1 to 10? [Julie playfully tosses the champagne in her glass at him. He ducks and laughs, and then they kiss passionately.]

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